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21 june

21 june

He want to drive the car but all past memories came back  so He is hazitated
Hars Hudda asks from Arjun that He looks Aditya? He says You know better then Me
Noor comes
Harsh comes on the stage and announces that now You gay will see the Dance performance of Soraj and Chkoor All Men and Women are seeing Thir dancen performance

On the other side Aditya drivevery rushly and wants to reach Zoya

Aditya sees that white Bus and overtake His
He says both eyes are same

Aditya is able to chase Rajveer and pulls Him from the vane and asks where is Zoya while Rajveer friend who already are in the same vane holds Aditya from behind and try to stay away Him from Rajvver and pulls Him back.Rajveer says Him to leave Aditya and says Our LOVER wants eagerly wants to meet His Lover but You can either save Zoya or Your Family
and You Zoya will die drown in  Her teers
He says that this salybration You will remeber forever
Aditya is in the shock and says where would be Zoya
whil Zoya is in the whater tanki

Harshveerdan Hudda says very lovely performance
Aditya calls Arjun and says do not react

He sees where a word prient ROSHNI He says Zoya will be here

Harsh says music is very laoud Anjna says yes I  will off the Music

Aditya is looking for Zoya and reaches at the same place where
Waseem Sadiqi reachs at Police station and repots

Rajveer says its the time to be puniched Hudda's and says that day He is looking into His pc

Noor asks Arjun that if He know any thing about My Sister? He says no Noor says Him to call  Aditya He says yes I call Him. He calls Aditya and asks Brother if You found Zoya? He says no! I reached one place but She is not here I am still searching Her then Noor snachs Arjun cell and says to Aditya that You would have to find Her

Zoya is cring Aditya
Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Harsh stands on the stairs and asks from Aditya Why haven't the Siddiqui's arrived yet? He says I don't know, dad. I guess Zoya forbade them from coming. Then Harsh looks at the main door and says Here they come. One lady sees Zoya and says She's Zoya, right? She asks from another Man Are these people invited for the party, too? Anjna and whole Hudda Family come to receive Sadiqi's Anjna say Welcome! Happy Eid to You all, first of all. Zoya’s Mother says Thank you and wish you the same. Anjna says I was thinking, we should forget everything that ever happened. You are all here and I'm feeling very happy about that. Zoya’s Mother says You invited us so affectionately. We are very glad to come here. Anjna says with smile Thank you. Please come. Please come inside. All sadiqi Family goes inside but Noor is still stood there when Arjun wants to talk to Her and says Noor, I need to...But Noor avoids Him and goes. Anjna says them Please sit. Harsh Hudda comes to Aditya and mumbling in Aditya's ear Just keep Zoya busy in conversation. Meanwhile, I'll meet Mr.Siddiqui in private. Aditya nods and goes to Zoya but She also avoids Him. Zoya's Mother says Listen. Aren't the arrangements really nice over here? He says Yes, the arrangements are indeed nice. At least, we got a chance to witness an Eid party in Mumbai.

 Noor is talking Her self loudly”It's just a matter of a few more minutes. This party will be over and I won't even need to see Arjun again. He follows Her and chases Her at the place where the bomb is implanted, He looks her and asks Noor, listen. Noor! Zoya’s Mother asks Where did Noor go? Zoya looks randomly here and there then She noticed that Aditya is looking at Her constantly She wants to avoid Him and says Her parents I'll just go and check on Noor. Her Mother says Okay, dear. Zoya wants to go when Aditya comes into Her way so She has to stop now Zoya and Aditya are in front of each other. Some People are talking and say The Hoodas didn't cancel the party despite everything that happened this year. Aditya is listing them and says You're absolutely right. He constantly sees at Zoya and answers that Lady That's because someone explained to me that Ramzan teaches us to be patient. Then Zoya also remembers Her words which She tells to Him in Uncle Waseem Alam house'This month teaches us to be patient.'

Aditya again repeats Her words teaches us to believe in honesty and goodness.' And Zoya again remembers Her words again It teaches us to believe in honesty, goodness and in God. Zoya avoids to Make eye contact with Him. But He is still seeing at Her and asks from Her What does Eid teach us? But Zoya says nothing and looks another side Then He answers Himself It teaches us to forget about the past and move on in our lives. She is about to go but Aditya comes in Her way She looks at Her with anger. Aditya says in soft tone Zoya, listen to me. I want the betterment of my family, in the same way, you want the betterment of your family. That's why a compromise between our families is necessary and it will happen today. One Man come to Him and hugs Him and says, Aditya! Happy Eid. Aditya turns to hug Him and Zoya goes from there when Aditya turns back there is no Zoya standing He starts searching for Her. Zoya’s Mother thinks 'Where's Mr.Hooda going along with Wasim?' She looks upstairs. Arjun follows Noor and asks Her, listen! Noor! Noor, listen. She says I don't want to listen to you at all! He says Noor, I didn't know that you're Zoya's sister. I swear I wouldn't have any idea! She says I don't want to listen to anything. Aditya thinks it seems like I'll have to do something myself. He goes on the stage and says  Good evening, everyone! You all are heartily welcome to the Eid party of the Hoodas. Many of you might be thinking that despite everything that happened the Hoodas have organized an Eid party. He constantly looks at Zoya and She feels embarrassed. Aditya says That's because we Hoodas believe in celebrating happiness and not sorrows. And on this happy occasion, we're not alone. The Siddiquis are with us! Then He asks Her Zoya Siddiqui, will you please come up on stage?

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

 Every one clape so Zoya cannot avoid all people because everyone is seeing at Her Her Mother is also seeing at Her and want to says something to Her but Zoya comes on stage with hesitation. Aditya stands in front of Her and says On this holy occasion of Eid, I would like to express my wish to befriend Zoya, in your presence. He gives His hand for hand shack She looks hesitation but then She makes hand shack with Him. He looks at Her with the naughty smile tpullsShe pull Her hand From His hand and He says What are you doing? Everyone is watching us. We must behave as if we're innocent at least in front of people. And we are. She says with anger  Listen to me. I don't care what people think or say. All I care about is that you all proved that Yash killed Pooja. And that he committed suicide. That is not true. Zoya’s Mother is looking that Harsh takes Her Husband on the upstairs. She tries to stop Him but is notable because the music volume is so high She asks for Him and says once one song plays and Aditya starts dancing and tries to involve Zoya also in dance. Zoya’s Mother asks Her Zoya. Zoya! Zoya. But She cannot hear.

Rajveer is standing there where music system is placed and says to Himself The coast is clear and this is the right time. He increases the volume the red light starts blinking The bomb has triggered. He says Now, someone will turn it down and it will go boom. Zoya!Zoya!Zoya!Zoya. Zoya, Her Mother says to Her I have been calling you for so long. Mr. Hooda took your dad upstairs. Zoya looks worried and goes to upstairs to see Her Dad but Aditya is away from Her and not able to stop Her but He follows Her in hurry. Wassem Sadiqi says to Harsh Hudda I knew that your invitation for the Eid celebration was not to be friends. What do you want? Harsh smiles and says Mr. Siddiqui, you have come straight to the point. Believe me, I respect people like you a lot. That is why I called you here. Because I know that only you can understand what I am about to say. Waseem Sadiqi remains quite Harsh says Mr, Siddiqui, please convince your daughter Zoya. What is the use of reopening this case? What is the need for Zoya to prove Yash's innocence? Mr. Siddiqui because of our kids' foolishness both our families have suffered enough already. He asks You tell me, will you like it if the case is in the court again and your daughter's reputation will be questioned once again? If it is about insurance money and Zosh Events' future then I am ready to take on all the liabilities. I will give how as much money is needed. After all, money is nothing compared to our kids' future. Waseem Sadiqi says yes Then Harsh Hudda asks Is 50 million enough? He signatures a check and gives it to Him but Zoya picks from Harsh’s hand and tore the check and says with anger and grief

Mr. Hooda, thank you for your hospitality. If you think you can give us this cheque and buy my conscience then you are wrong. You will never succeed in doing this, Mr. Hooda. Aditya comes to Her and asks  Are you crazy, Zoya? What is this nonsense? She asks with anger Am I talking nonsense, Aditya? Your dad is...She asks Why did you call us all here? So that you can convince my dad that I shouldn't reopen this case? No matter how much you all try but, I will not change my decision. I have promised Yash’s mother. And I am not one of those who will make fake promises for her own good. Then She says to Her Father Now you know that some people can't even celebrate a festival unless there's an ulterior motive. Then She holds Her Father's hand and says Let's go, dad. Aditya says to His Father Sorry, dad. Zoya is very stubborn. She's adamant. She wants to reopen the case and that is it now. Zoya looks in hurry She says Her Mother and Sister Let's go. Her Mother asks But what happened, dear? She does not answer and says Let's go, Noor. Arjun sees them and understands what happened in His Father room and says to Himself 'Now, I know. This year, Eid was celebrated for the Siddiqui family.' 'Dad was always like this.' 'But I didn't expect this from you, Adi.' Aditya and His Father comes out from the room and are stand on the balcony and see all people Aditya says to Him I will try to convince her once again. Aditya is in anger and wants to come down but His Father holds Him and says No, wait, Adi. Listen to me. Adi. Not like this. Explain it to her, but nicely. There are many people downstairs. They are looking at us. He nods and tries to calm Himself. Whole Sadiqi Family have come out from Hudda’s House Noor says I had already said that I am with Zoya. The Hoodas are very selfish.

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Aditya and...Then Arjun asks Zoya! Zoya. But She says Listen, Arjun if you are here to speak for your brother, then please go back. I don't want to hear a thing. He says  Zoya, I am not here to talk about Aditya. Zoya, please. Zoya, I want to help you. I thought the Eid celebrations were meant for our families to be friends. Even that day in the court I knew nothing about Yash's defamation. Noor looks at Him with anger. Arjuna says I think, what he did wasn't right. Zoya, I became a lawyer so that I could stand by the truth. I want to help you. Noor cut into and says Really? This could also be another trick of the Hoodas. How can we believe you? Zoya says Her One minute, Noor. She asks from Him What kind of help? Arjun says I have something that will help you in court. Please wait for five minutes. I'll go and get it. Arjun goes. Noor says to Her Family He won't do anything. He won't have any evidence. This is who the Hoodas are! Come on. But Zoya says Listen, dad......Arjun, his brother is not like their father. I know him. He helped me before as well. Look, you all take a taxi and go ahead while I have a word with him and join you. Please believe me. Her Father says As you wish. We'll wait. She says Thank you. Her Father says Come on and the whole Family goes from there. One Man comes to Harsh and asks Mr. Hooda, is everything fine? He says with fake smile Oh, yes! Everything's fine there was a misunderstanding with the caterers. Have you all eaten the food? We've specially called for a chef from Lucknow. He is still searching for Zoya and Her Family. Harsh comes to Aditya who is now downstairs and also looking for Zoya and says to Him I hope you can make Zoya understand that not re-opening the case is best for everyone...especially for her. He nods and starts searching for Her. 

Rajveer is stand in the Hudda’s garden and talking on phone Just think that good is going to prevail over evil. As soon as the volume of the music lowers there will be a blast in there. Mr. Hooda and his family's his evil deeds will be abolished as well with that! But we have to be careful...Then Rajveer turns and sees Zoya is standing behind Him. He gets upset as He knew that Zoya has listened to everything that He said He asks her Zoya, what are you doing here? She also looks Him and tries to shouts then Rajveer put His hand on Zoya’s mouth and pulls Her then Arjun asks Her and takes Her name Zoya! Zoya? She tries to free Herself from Rajveer but She fails. Waseem Sadiqi looks at His watch and says Where is Zoya? And says to His wife Forget about Arjun, I don't feel like believing any member of the Hooda family. Noor says Dad, don't worry. I'll go and check. His Father says Where are you going, now? But She has gone to find Her. His wife says Let her go and check. Aditya come out from His house and sees Arjun He asks from Him Arjun, did you see where Zoya went? He answers What's the use of asking this now? After what you and dad did...Aditya cut into and angerly says Arjun, don't lecture me. Tell me if you know where she is. He says I don't know. Aditya asks She was outside? He says No! Noor is asking Her name and tries to find Her Sister? Then Aditya comes there for searching Her then both looks each other Aditya asks Her Where is your crazy sister? I've been looking for her since a while. Noor says I'm asking the same question. Where is my sister? What have you planned for now? Is that why you stopped my sister? Aditya asks Who stopped her? She tells Your brother. He asks Arjun? She says Yes. Zoya is running then She sees from distances Aditya and Noor are talking with each other. Zoya shouts Aditya! He looks at Her and feels something is wrong He comes to Her but at the same moment, A white bus comes between them and Zoya. He shouts Zoya. Zoya is also shouting Aditya! He says  Hey! Stop! Zoya! Wait! Zoya! Noor is also shouting Sister! Then She asks from Aditya 'What is happening? Why did they take Zoya...But He says nothing.
Episode Ends.

Bepanah 19 june 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 19 June2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts Rajveer is drinking and remembers all things some Police officers say with tauntingly about Him He will work against Mr. Harshveerdan Hudda! One Man laughs at Him. He also recalls His last conversation with Harshverdan Hudda Officer You said that
You will prove My Son wrong but I think You have not enough time to do so and looks at behind Him where two People are coming and there is an envelope on one of that Man's handsZoyaand are in hospital room Zoya is about to go when Mahi holds Zoya's hand and says please listen to Me one time Please I admit that I am selfish and I am a very bad girl. This is a day of Eid Zoya, Noor and Their Parents are hugging each other and says Happy Eid then the doorbell rings Zoya comes to open the door and Aditya is at Her home door Zoya sees at Aditya and says You? They both see at each other with anger when Harsh Hooda comes and says, Eid Mubarak, Harsh says if You will come We will be happy! Aditya willingly drops His spun on His pants and says where the bathroom is Zoya's Mother says Her to show Him bathroom so He can clean His pants, She goes with Him unwillingly.

Zoya says I know that You did deliberately Aditya says then You would know why I did do this
Zoya says what You think that what Your Father said in the court after that I will be Your Friend 
Aditya says that 

Rajveer meets a man a Man that Man gives Him a black big bag Rajveer asks Him all stuff is in this? he says yes He again asks that house will be demolished with this He answers not should stay away from That house because not only that house will demolish but the whole that place will demolish. Rajveer smiles and says now the countdown is beginning. 

Arjun is on the phone and says someone please hurry up all things should be here as soon as possible. Then Her Mother comes and asks to Him all arrangements are okay He says Yes! Arjun asks from Anjna that why His Father call Sidiqi's on Eid party? She looks upset but do not shows and tells Him with the smile that Sadiqi's went through a lot of bad things We thing to invite so They will be happy for some time do not worry and please check all the arrangments and turn in the hurry. Arjun thinks something is wrong. Rajveer is in a get up so no one can recognize Him. He is listing all Arjun and His Mom's talking when They go He smiles and says now it will be double fun as not only Hudda's but Sidiqi's will also here.

Zoya says to His Parents that I will not come to Their home why You admit Their offer to come there? His Father says I know that Huuda's are smarter and I know one thing that Hudda's are dangerous people nither Their friendship nor Their rivalry is good. And as We do not know many People in this city We need to be aware of them and We will go There because it's also very important to know what They are planning! But Zoya insists that I do not know why but I am feeling not good to go there. I have a feeling that something wrong will happen there but Her Mother says why You are thinking all this bad stuff on the blessing day of Eid? She also says with the smile where is My Daughter Zoya who always thinks in a positive way? She says Zoya You are here just because of Harshveerdan Hudda Noor also says that I agree with Zoya but Her Mother says Who asked You? Zoya tries to say something but Her Mother says that I decide that We all will go there.

Harsh comes to Aditya and says You will tackle  Arjun He is very emotional take care of Him Aditya says You are right Paa I will take care of Him and You are right if this case will open this will prove that We lied Somewhere if this proves that We are murder then what I know Zoya She is very emotion Girl please Dad talk to Her Father He will understand what We are saying because in this Zoya's benefit is also 

Zoya, Noor, and Her Parents are ready for Eid ceremony Their Father comes 

Harhrsveerdan Hudda is going to upstairs when
Anjna is seeing all arrangements of Eid party 
Rajveer comes and sets a big black color bag in the place when Arjun comes to Him He turns 

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Aditya and His Father Harshveerdan Hudda hug each other His Father says Congratulations, my boy! You're a free bird now. I had told you, I'm going to win this case no matter what. Arjun says, Congratulations, brother. Aditya says to His Father I don't know what I would have done without you. His Father says I didn't go anywhere. I was here. You had gone away. Aditya says Sorry. Rajveer comes and says to Them What are you congratulating for? For making fun of the law or for insulting the justice? Believe me, I've never met a deceitful person like you in my entire career. You must be thinking, you will get away with this by using all those legal tricks. But as long as people like me are in the law enforcement I won't let that happen. It was just a small fight, Mr. Hooda. The real battle is yet to start. Rajveer tries to hold Harshveerdan neck When Aditya holds His hand in the air and says Neither is this your lock-up nor am I handcuffed. I dare you to touch my dad. Rajveer asks What are you going to do then? Do you think, I'll accept defeat so easily? Harsh says You must accept defeat, Mr. Rajveer. Accept it now or accept after wasting some more time of both of us. Then He looks at behind Him where Two Police Man come with an envelope in His hand Harsh says Oh! You don't have any time left. A breaking news is coming for you. Those Police Men come to Rajvver and say, Rajveer Khanna, take this. He asks What is this? One Man says A suspension letter! Yes. An inquiry is starting against you from tomorrow. Harsh says Let's go, Aditya. He looks at Rajveer and says in a taunting tone When someone starts to fly too high then it becomes necessary to cut their wings. Let's go home. Rajveer is still standing at that place He looks shocked. 

Madhu Ji comes out of court She is crying badly Zoya follows Her She also crying She tries to satisfy  Her and says Mom, please. Please believe me. I..I didn't know that Aditya's dad was going to say all that. Madhu Ji says Stop it, Zoya. Please leave from here, Zoya. I had accepted son is at fault. He had crossed the boundary of marriage. And I let you stay in the house so that you won't have to pay for the mistake he made. But Zoya, what did you do? You didn't care about Yash even once. Zoya follows Her and says  That's not true, mom. I didn't know, he was going to say all that. Please! I didn't know. Madhu Ji continuously scold Her and says Zoya, how shameless you are! When will you leave us? She again tries to say something and says Mom But Madhu ji says and I'll face the consequences after whatever happened today in the court. People will question us. You've made a joke out of our middle-class family. Both reach at home together Zoya tries to tell Mahi that She is innocent and says to Her That's not true, Mahi. Mahi says Shut up! You know what? Get out of the house. Zoya is crying and asks Where will I go? She says Leave! Zoya looks with Help seekers eyes but Mahi says, I say, get out! And push Her with a jerk at the door Zoya fells down on earth then She sees at the door where Her Father and Her whole Family is standing She says, Dad. Her Father comes to Her and holds Her and stand Her up. She says, Dad. Her Father asks from Mahi Who are you asking to leave? Zoya says Dad, please! Her father says Hold on, Zoya. And asks again from Mahi Get out from where? Mahi says From my house. From our house. 

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Waseem Sadiqi asks Since when is this house yours? Zoya tries to stop talking Her Father like this but He says Huh! This house belongs to my daughter Zoya. Zoya asks in shock What? Her Father tells Her This house belongs to you, Zoya. Both mother and daughter knew this very well. You are still ousting her, right? Yash had borrowed money from me to buy this house. But I had made a condition that this house will be on my daughter Zoya's name. So! Both Mahi and Madhu ji looks shocked to listen this Waseem Sadiqi asks Why are you shocked after hearing that? And Mrs. Madhu I didn't expect this at least from you. Madhu Ji starts crying and looks ashamed Zoya’s Father says Madhu Ji, you are just like your children. Or should I say, your children have taken after you? Because the fruit never falls far away from the tree. 

He also says  I will request you to pack your bags and get out of this house! Zoya comes out of Her shock and asks Why didn't you tell me, dad? She talks about Mahi and Her Mother and says They didn't tell me. They did the right thing. They were so unjust to me, but this house was in my name why didn't you tell me? Neither did Yash tell me nor you told me. What could I do? Her Father says  I was helpless, that's the reason I couldn't tell you. I had promised Yash. That I will keep it a secret. Her Father asks from Her Did you ever think why did Yash hide everything from you? That's because he wanted to prove his capability. He is not here so I can't ask him all this. But I can ask you, right? Zoya says in shock I didn't have the slightest thinking as to what was happening in my life? She says to Her Father You hid the truth from me. Yash hid the truth from me. And because of you, I turned into a weak girl. Who feels the fairy tales are still true. I don't have the slightest knowledge of the world outside. Her Father says  It is not true! Her Mother interests and says Stop it both of you! For God's sake, please stop it! You know what's the problem between you both? You both feel that only you both are right in the entire world. And the entire world is wrong. But the truth is you both are wrong. Mahi smiles to listen to this. Her Mother says to Her Father Wasim Zoya is right. You protected her so much till now that she is facing problems at every step when she has grown up.

Her Mother says to Her Dear you had out of your own will and happiness married Yash. Dear, you got married. But the saddest part is you failed to become an ideal wife. Yash provided you with all the luxuries. Did you even think once where is all the money coming from? Think. How burdened that guy must be that he asked money from your father. In spite of knowing the fact that he dislikes him completely. Zoya, my child. The relation that a wife and a husband share is really strong. They are the biggest support for each other. Just think was it entirely Yash's fault? Weren't you at fault? Madhu Ji now looks in shocked and grief She goes to Yash’s photo and picks it and starts talking to His picture and says This is not our this is not our house. Mahi comes to Her and says, Mom? Mom... This Don't say such things, please. Mahi looks at Her Mom Mrs. Madhu just collapsed Mahi shouts Mom Zoya also shouts Mom Mom! Mom! Mom! Zoya looks Her Father and says  Call the doctor. Aditya His Father and little Brother Arjun come at Their home door and laughing Aditya looks his father and touches Her feet Her Mother asks Adi, you are paying respects? I am getting emotional watching mom. That's the reason I did this. Anjna says Welcome home. Come. Aditya says Thank you. Aditya is waiting for Zoya...He looks restless without Her He Messages Her 'Zoya, where are you?' 'You didn't even congratulate me?' 'You know mom has thrown a big party at home.' 'Listen, come quickly if possible.'Zoya is sitting in the hospital and looking at Her Mother In Law when She sees the message of Aditya and looks very angry to read His message and stand up to go His home Anjna calls Him Adi, you come here. What's this? Come on. Anjna is happy to serve a lot of food to His Son and says You be seated here. Aditya says So much food?! Arjun asks from Her Mother Will he be able to eat all this up, alone? She says Yes. Adi again says So much food? I've cooked all your favorite delicacies. He says They're my favorite, but a little too much. You will have to finish everything. He says Got it? But How will I eat all this? She smiles and says You will. He says Okay, you help me in finishing everything. Both feed each other.

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

 Zoya comes to His home She sees that Aditya is dancing and when He looks at Her he says I am searching for you for so long. Where are you? I called you up so many times. Aditya tries to hug Her and says Congratulations. Zoya angerly asks You are celebrating Yash's defamation with great pomp. Aditya asks Zoya what's the problem? She asks from Him What is the problem? You all are celebrating your son's freedom. And Yash's mom has suffered a heart attack. You know why? Because your dad has defamed her son. She was not able to tolerate that defamation. Your dad proved that you are innocent I agree, he even proved my innocence. Even Pooja wasn't accused. But who was defamed and accused in the end? It was Yash. You had promised me your dad will set things right. He will save us. But at what cost? In order to save yourselves, you ruined Yash's dignity and fame his family's trust and everything. Anjna comes with anger and says This girl is here again? Aditya holds Her hand and stops Her to say anything bad to Zoya and says, Mom! And He Himself asks from Her What could have been done? Are you unhappy getting away with life imprisonment? Will you be happy if you are put behind the bars for the next 14 years? Your husband wasn't innocent. He betrayed you. And still, You and We would have to bear if we were punished he can't even be punished.

Zoya shouted says To save you if any lawyer proved that Pooja was a characterless girl she had affairs with many people for a little money, she would spend a nightAditya shouts Zoya!and want to slap Her when Harshveerdan Hudda says Adi!and He holds Himself His hand is in the air and says Shut up. Zoya looks shocked with grief and asks You felt bad, right Aditya? It was painful, right? I was also pained. I agree that our partners were cheating on us. But were they so bad that they deserve this? Yash did not deceive Pooja. They loved each other and even you know this very well. Aditya is trying to control Himself. Zoya says Yash didn't marry me for money. What did you all say? You all said that he is clinically depressed suicidal and even he is the murderer of Pooja? You didn't even think about what would that mother go through who lost her son just a months ago. All Hudda’s looks each other and tries to avoid Zoya but She says I'll never forget this, Aditya. And I won't even let you forget it.

Harsher comes to Aditya and says I was thinking that whether Zoya would make the mistake of reopening this case. If she does this then it would affect our credibility. Aditya nods and looks lost in thinking. Zoya comes to Hospital and looks Her Mother In Law but She angerly turns Her face Zoya says I know that you don't even wish to see my face. For my entire life, I was always dependent on someone. Sometimes dad, sometimes Yash and sometimes Aditya. She is crying and says Now it's enough, mommy Ji. I promise that I will bring back your lost respect. Independently. Harshveerdan Hudda says Don't worry. We are together now. Aditya says to His parents Your elder son is with you now. His eyes are read because He does not want to cry and He holds Himself and says I trusted others a lot.
You are correct that I faced betrayal. I always stumble and I repeat the same mistake again. But, not this time. Now I have understood that when the world leaves us the only family supports us. The entire world may be our enemy but family is family. He looks at His Father and says I'll do whatever you say.

Zoya is sitting at Her Mother5 in Law’s bed in the hospital and tries to hold Her hand then Her MIL opens Her eyes and when She sees at Her She turns Her face with anger but Zoya says Mom, though you may not consider me your family you will always be and forever my family. And for you, I'll be reopening this case. Anjna and Harshveerdan come to Aditya Anjna say to Him Adi! I and your dad have decided something. He looks at them as He is worrying about something he asks what? His Mom tells  We were thinking of inviting Zoya and her family for Eid's party. He looks worried and asks Mom, what's the need for this? His Father says to Him Adi, we were thinking that if we befriend Zoya and her family maybe, she'll have a change of heart. You know that Zoya is a very emotional girl. She's ready to sacrifice her freedom for the mother of that guy who betrayed her. I think we should also create an emotional bond with her. Anjna and Aditya nods but He is still thinking about Zoya, His Father says And to erase anger and to be friendly with everyone no other chance could be better than this, right? He slightly smiles and nods.
Episode Ends.

Bepanah 15 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 15 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 15 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts both are sitting in the jail and Harvvedan Huda is in His house Anjna is praying and Zoya's parents

Aditya comes to see Harshveeran, He says You ask Me to chose! I have chosen. That is obvious that I will defend You but now I will also protect Zoya but I have a condition that You will do not ask me any question. I complete My work. Aditya says if Zoya will save I will not ask anything, His Father says okay Son and goes.

The proceedings in court start the representative of court says Defense Lawer can put His avoidance
Mr. Harsh says what was the reason behind this Murder? Public prosecutor interprets and says this, not a playground this is a court and You are just joking! Harsh says no I really want to know and also says that there was no affair betweenYeash Arora and Pooja Hudda and I can prove it right now.

Harsh says that I want to call on the rostrum the shopkeeper of that shop where Aditya and Zoya meet and asks Him. He talks auth that I will say the truth. Harsh asks from Him that 15 March Zoya and Aditya came to Your shop? He says yes. Harsh asks that what had happened that day? He says Zoya and this Man(Aditya)came to My shop! They both want to the buy same gramophone and that was the only piece that is why They quarrel with each other. Harsh asks You now Both of them? He says I know Zoya because She is Our regular customer but I saw this Man first time that day and He points finger at Aditya. Harsh asks to Him that what You think that They meet before or they knew each other before? He says no because Zoya wants to buy for His Husband Yesh and that Man wanted to buy someone special. Harsh says it means They did know each other before? He says I do not think so. Harsh says to Him to go. And says now talk to the second thing Public Prosecutor said
that why Aditya land the airplane in Mumbai instead of Katmandu? And He asked a question that Aditya is a piolet, not Doctor so how He assume that that was a gas problem or a heart attack? Yes that is why He lands the airplane

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Public Prosecutor says Your Honor my next witness is CBI officer Mr. Rajveer Khanna. Rajveer takes oath I will say nothing,but the truth. Public Prosecutor asks So, Mr.Rajveer. Yes.You're following this case quite closely. Right.He asks So, when did you feel that Mr. Yash Arora and Pooja Hooda were killed by Zoya and Aditya? Rajveer says I was suspicious the day these two lied to me. That they don't know each other. Rajveer says that Our defence lawyer, Mr. Hooda had asked me a question some time back that What proof do we have to prove that Aditya and Zoya were in Mussoorie on 19th March?Rajveer says Your Honour, on the evening of 19th March Aditya and Zoya were in Mussoorie.Rajveer says that I have a CCTV footage The CCTV footage that we have is the proof about this.I took it from the shop where these two were shopping.You can watch it if you wish.Rajveer sets up a screen there where all court member can see that footage.

Rajveer says Your Honour, you can clearly see that these two are buying gifts together. In fact, one of them is buying a gift and the other is paying for it. Rajveer says Your Honour, two strangers don't behave like this together. Harshvardhan asks from  Aditya What's this, Adi? Aditya wants to tell and says Dad, this... and stands up and tells to judge that Your Honour, nothing of this sort had happened. We had met each other for the first time there. Harshvardhan suddenly stands up and says I'm sorry, Your Honour. I apologize on my client's behalf. Public Prosecutor says to Aditya, Mr. Aditya, at least you admitted that you two had met before the accident. Rajveer says to judge, Your Honour, I've never handled such a controversial case in my career to this day. Never! Public Prosecutor says The truth is that Yash and Pooja were busy romancing each other. Both angry husband and wife were conspiring to murder them. He points at Zoya and Aditya.

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Point to be noted that their romance started as soon as Pooja and Yash
got out of their way.Then Zoya stands up and cringely says Please! Please don't make a joke about my personal life. I can't tolerate that. Please! Harshvardhan stands up wrongly and says I am sorry, Your Honour. I apologise on behalf of my client Zoya Arora.He looks at Zoya and says I'd like to remind her, this is court. It's not right to get emotional here. So control your emotions.Rajveer statement completes and Public Prosecutor says to Him Mr. Rajveer, please take your seat. He smiles to see at judge and says Your Honour. Public Prosecutor says Your Honour, Mr. Huda's flight was going to Kathmandu on 19th March. But he made an emergency landing and landed the flight in Dehradun Why he did that to find the answer I want to call My next witness. He will explain it. My next witness is Dheeraj Pandey. He takes oath I will speak nothing but the truth. Public Prosecutor asks What happened Mr. Dheeraj Pandey, on 19th March you took a flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu?He says Yes. He asks Did you fall ill in the flight all of a sudden? He says Yes.very often The flight's captain Aditya Hooda made an emergency landing in Dehradun. Right? He says Yes. Public Prosecutor asks Mr. Pandey, exactly what happened to you? Harshvardhan stands and interprets Objection, Your Honour! Leading the witness. Mr. Pandey had a heart attack that day.Judge says Sustained.

Public Prosecutor says Thank you, Your Honour. And asks again Dheeraj Pandey, tell me were you immediately taken to the hospital? Mr. Pandey says I didn't have to go to the hospital.The medical staff of the airport did my check-up. They said, it's normal gastric problem. No need to worry. Harshvardhan stands and says Your Honour. It's a known fact. The symptoms of both the conditions are same. Such misunderstanding often happens. And says My client Mr. Aditya Hooda didn't want to jeopardize someone's life therefore he landed his flight in Dehradun. Your Honour,

Public Prosecutor says that My next evidence is on that day plane's co-pilot. Mr. Rohit Devdhar. Aditya looks worried. Rohit takes auth I will say nothing, but the truth. Prosecutor asks When Mr. Dheeraj Pandey feel sick in the flight. Could you please tell the court about it in detail? He starts and says That day, the hostess told Aditya that passenger's chest is paining. Prosecutor interrupts and says Just for my information he said that his chest was hurting. And not that he is having an attack, right? Rohit says Right He says This means Mr. Aditya assumed that it was a heart attack. Right?He says Yes.Memories of that day remind air hostes comes and tells Aditya that Seat number 25 D's passenger is having chest pain.'

Aditya says 'Must be a heart attack.'Rohit asks from Aditya So what happened after that? Aditya says After that we landed in Dehradun.
Prosecutor asks Whose decision was it to land in Dehradun? Mr. Aditya's or ATC's? Rohit tells with hesitation and reminds the memories again Rohet says to Aditya ’Adi in such conditions, landing between the mountain.'Are you risking other lives in order to save one life?’ But Aditya says 'Nothing will happen, I am here.' Prosecutor asks Tell me Mr.Roy.I need an answer.He looks at Aditya and says It was Aditya.He asks You mean to say that Aditya took such a big risk by ignoring ATC? Then He says to Him Okay, you make leave now. And says to judge Your Honour is Aditya a certified doctor or a pilot? He assumes that the one with chest pain is having a heart attack. Or was he looking for a reason to reach Mussoorie anyhow from Dehradun and execute his plan with the help of Zoya. Or else, who risks so many lives? Your Honour, let me answer this question. Aditya and Zoya had planned that they have to get Pooja and Yash out of the way. After that they took over his company.

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

They took their lives and then they started to live happily ever after. That's all. Aditya and Zoya looks worried. Arjun says to says to His Father Dad, this Juge... Harsh says I know. He is believing the prosecutor. Arjun looks at His watch and says Luckily today's court timing is over. Harsh nodes. Judge says Today's proceeding is over. The proceeding will continue tomorrow morning at 9am. Defence lawyer can keep his cross tomorrow. Harsh says Yes, sir. Mahi smiles and shows a thumbs up to Rajveer He nodes slightly and smiles Harsh says to Aditya and says Adi! Listen to me no public prosecutor can do anything to you. I will win this case at any cost. Do you trust me?He nodes as yes then a Police Man says to Aditya Come on and hold His rest.He is about to leave courtroom when Rajveer says By the way, you can do nothing else but trust him. Aditya looks at Him with anger then Rajveer says to Police Man Take him away. That Man says Come on. They leave courtroom. Rushna Waseem Siddiqui wife says to Him I pray to God for tomorrow to be better than today. Waseem says I don't why but I feel Zoya might be saved but Aditya Hooda will be in a lot of trouble.

They have damning strong evidence against him. Harshvardhan Hooda will have to perform a miracle. Harsh Hudda is listing Their conversation and says to Himself 'I will do everything possible in order to save my son.''No matter what I have done I will surely perform this miracle.' Both Zoya and Aditya are sitting in jail when Aditya says to Her Zoya, I knew something like this would happen. That is why I was telling you to tell the thing regarding Mahi. The person you're so worried about doesn't care about you one bit. When will you understand that? Zoya asks to Him When will you understand? What do you think I'm worried about myself? Aditya, I'm worried about you. The way they tarnish your reputation there it felt as though you are guilty and behind it all. Aditya says to Her Zoya, don't worry about me. Dad will do something or the other.

Zoya says I hope so, Aditya. One Police Man comes and says Aditya Come out. You have a visitor. Harshvardhan says to Aditya Today, Rajveer .played all his cards in court. Now, the ball is in my court.Aditya says I always kept saying it, dad and also says I told Zoya as well that dad knows we are innocent.We are not at fault and he'll save us Right, dad?and holds His hand. Harsh remembers past memories when Aditya was a little boy and says to Him Dad, will you save me?''I haven't done anything. Harsh says 'Right. and also holds Aditya’s hand with Love. Arjun comes to Harshvardhan and says Dad, maybe this diary can help you a bit.He also says, Look, I know that you know that I stole this diary from Mussoorie. Harshvardhan says to Him Those things don't matter anymore, Arjun. He says Dad, this diary proves that Zoya and Aditya were unaware of Pooja and Yash's affair.Harsh says Yes. Okay, Arjun. Thank you.Arjun is about to leave His study room when Harsh calls Him Arjun, Do one thing.Go and meet Zoya and Adi and ask them what all happened when Rajveer was following them. He says Fine and goes. Harshvardhan close servant comes and see the dairy and says Sir, this is the same...Harsh cut into and says Right.

He says Read it. His servant starts reading. His servant wants to say something and says  But Sir... Harsh says No one should even get a hint of it. Not even Arjun. He says Don't worry, sir. Don't worry at all. He asks But sir, Ms. Zoya...Harsh says I am not running an orphanage. I am only trying to save my son. I have sent Arjun so that he doesn't pose as a hurdle to you. Whatever you have to do, do it now. He says Right, sir. Harsh phone rings He picks the call and says Hello...Arjun says Dad...Come to the police station soon. He asks What happened? Harsh asks Is Adi fine? Arjun tells Him He's very stressed. He wants to talk to you. Please come quickly. He says Fine, I am coming. Arjun tells Aditya Dad is coming. Harsh comes at Police station and asks What happened? Yes? And says to Aditya Don't worry at all, son I will manage everything.

I have worked out everything. Aditya says I know what you have worked out. Aditya looks at Arjun He says to Him You are withdrawing from Zoya's case. Not only this, you will put the entire blame on her. Harsh looks at Arjun with anger and tries to tell Aditya Try to understand me. Every witness and every proof is against you. I want to save you. I am your father! Aditya says That's the reason I'm telling you. He asks in anger How can you do this You are blinded in your son's love Dad....that you cannot see Even Zoya is someone's daughter. She too is innocent like me. She has also been cheated. Is this what you call justice? Aditya asks Him You tolerate all the wrongdoings, you're accused and you get punished! You said you have no other option. I know my dad very well. He does what he wants to. The problem is you are not thinking about anyone except me. But no... I won't let my dad to do such a huge misdeed. I won't let him impose such a serious accusation on an innocent girl. Harshvardhan shouts Enough! Don't teach me my job.

Harsh asks to Him Tell me one thing Who is this Zoya? Who is she for whom you are staking your life? You know, this is your problem. When you love someone you don't just trust but you have blind faith on them. You stumble, but you repeat the same mistake again. Before, it was Pooja then,it was Sakshi and now it's Zoya. I agree that Pooja was your wife Sakshi was like your mom, but what about Zoya? Who is this Zoya? A friend Sympathiser? Your colleague? Adi, who is she? Aditya remembers His talking with Zoya when He says to Her 'Zoya if you want to hire another lawyer it's okay. I'll talk to my dad.' But Zoya says' I already told you we are together in this.''And I have faith on you, Aditya.' 'And I even have faith on your dad that he will do everything that he can and get us out of this problem. Aditya comes back from His memory and answers His Father No one. Nothing. She's just innocent. And I can't let anything wrong happen to her.He says to Him Dad, you just have two options. The first is, you will save us both. And the second is tomorrow I'll confess in front of the judge that I had murdered those two cheaters. Harsh shouts What?Aditya bout to go when Arjun Holds His way and says Brother, please. Have you gone crazy? Calm down. This is not an option. Aditya says This is the option, Arjun. Either we both will be saved or Zoya will be saved. Episode Ends.

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts Aditya and Zoya sit in a room Harshveerdan comes and says tell me what happened that day and Your both statements should be the same okay and starts recording in His phone and ask what happened that day? Zoya starts telling, We meet in the market that day. Proceeding starts Zoya sees at Her Mother and hugs Her emotionally. Rajveer says the meeting is over! One Lady pushes Her to the next row. Rajveer comes to see Mrs. Madhu Ji and Mahi and asks from Them that You both are ready Mahi nods. Public Prosecutor says I want to show My first evidence and shows the photocopies of Zoya and Aditya's divorced papers to judge. Both look embrace to hear this. The Public Prosecutor starts to tell the court that They both meet 19 March but they knew each other before. And when They both came to know that Their partners are cheating on them and have an affair with each other They decided to kill them and in the meanwhile, They fell in Love with each other. So they both Kill them. When Prosecutor says this Noor feels hesitation from Her Father then Her Father sees Her and asks that You new about the divorce of Zoya and You both kept this in secret from Me? She says nothing but nods. Waseem Sadiqi says if Yash did not die! I would kill Him and never allowed Zoya to stay here.

Prosecute says and on 19 March they met and kill their husband and wife because they had a forbidden relation with each other. Rajveer smiles and looks at Mahi and nodes. Harsveerdan Hudda stands up and says there is no relationship in between Adity and Zoya! Actually, They meet first time that day. Prosecutor says to Harsh I know you are a very big lawyer but I also I am a lawyer and I have some proof against them and I want to show You something and says I want to ask My first evidence Miss Mahi Yash's little sister Mahi comes and take oath that I will say anything that will be true lawyer of Rajveer side asks from Mahi what kind of relationship is in between You and Your Brother's Wife have? Mahi says that Zoya and My Brother married five years ago. But Zoya never tried to understand Me and My Mom. She even never tried to know Us that who We are! She actually had no concern with Me and My Mom.

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Prosecutor asks from Her that you worked with Zoya and Aditya in the same office and ask what you think that they both have any relation? What You look them? Zoya and Aditya look at Mahi Mahi start saying that in the starting everything was okay but with the passage of time I saw many things and I had no doubt about that they have in a relationship. They both have a Love affair. She says that I feel shy to say that they spend some nights with each other! And one morning I saw Aditya came out from Zoya's room and They spent that whole night together. Zoya and Aditya look shocked, Even They tries to avoid each other and then Aditya's face expressions tells as He knows why Mahi is saying all this bullshit. Mahi, remember all that seems when Zoya and Aditya were closed to each other. Then she leaves the rostrum. Arjun asks from Aditya You want to say something? He says not something I want to say all things and today I will speak! Judge says that we will proceed again after lunch and processing stops.

Aditya tries to convince Zoya and says I will say in court that Mahi is fallen in Love with Me and We are working with each other I said to Her I am not interested in Her so that is why She is just want to take revenge from Me that is why She is saying all these things But Zoya denies and says how You can say this in court? And especially in front of Her Mother what She will think about Her daughter? Aditya says She is trying to push You at hanging in the air and You are still worrying about Her? Aditya asks about Her whats wrong with You? She says that I do not want to hurt Mumy Ji at all.
Harsh comes and asks them please come she says I can't do this. He asks what You mean You cant do this Aditya tells His Father that She is ready to hang but would not say anything against Her. In the meanwhile,e Zoya Mother In Law comes to that room in which They three are. She listens to all their talking and wants to come in but then She returns.

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Noor comes to Mahi and says to you are so shameless why You did this with My Sister? From how long You were making things against Her? She is about to Scold and want to hit on Her face when Arjun comes there and asks from Her what You are doing? He holds her hand and pull Her from Mahi and says You can not do this here. This is court can be punished for violence!  she turns at Him with anger and pain and taunts Him I am not like you I have no both faces! I am this which I am in front of You and nothing else behind You like You are! and she goes with anger. Zoya is coming to the courtroom when Aditya hold her hand and says if you have not believed in me you can hire another lawyer She says maybe you have no faith in you but I have faith in you more then everything and smiles. Zoya and Aditya come to the courtroom Mr. Harshveerdan asks from Zoya You know what You are going to do? She nodes. Proceeding of the court starts again. Public Prosecutor says I want to call My second evidence Mrs. Madhu Arora lateYash Arora Mom.

She feels hesitation to come but Mahi encourages her to go Rajveer smiles. She comes into the rostrum and takes oath no I ask you know about your and Pooja is relationship she says no I knew after His accident. Public Prosecutor asks from Madhu Ji she was lived in your home with you! You ever saw them together She say that I only believe my eyes and I saw Aditya and Zoya with each other when They were getting married. But I do not know about that if they have any relationship.

Harshvardhan stands and says that this is seeing much time that every mother in law against her daughter in law but very few people are seeing who stands for truth. Mrs. Madhu leaves the rostrum. Rajveer looks transcend and Mahi also. When Mrs. Madhu sits next to Mahi SheScold Her and says How much time I told You that what the statement You will give but You cheat on Me? Mrs. Madhu says that I do not know that if Aditya and Zoya have any relation or not but I know one thing that Zoya cannot do this. She cannot be the murder of My Son. And She had a true love for my son I am angry with her but it is not mean that I will want Her to punish the crime which She did not Kumite Harshavardhan sees that Rajveer receives an envelope and stands up from his place and goes to his lawyer and say something to him Harshvardhan thinks that what Rajveer is playing now?
Episode Ends.
Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts with Harshveedan and Aditya are talking about Aditya's case when Anjna comes and says to Harshveerdan I want to talk to You now! But He says He has really important work to do and says We will talk later, But She says no it's really important to all things and I can not wait more You have to listen to Me right now. He says okay and They go into the separate corner. Arjun is interested in Their talking.

Arjun phones ringing He picks the phone Its Sakshi calling Arjun talk to Her She asks who is Aditya is now? Is He okay? He tells yes He is okay now and sees at Harshad and Anjna and thinks what Mom and  Dad are talking about? When Sakshi asks His name Arjun! He says yes I am listening! She asks if You need any help from Me to save Adi from this case please tell Me! He says okay and cut off the call, He is still looking at His Mom and Dad and comes to see them that what They are talking about? When He teaches at the door He listens to His Dad's voice He says to Anjna You do not need to worry I will handle everything it's really good that You tell Me everything! Arjun thinks what Mom told Paa?

Aditya is laying down in the jail He is thinking about how He and Zoya were beaten by Those criminals. He remembers Zoya's pain and looks at Her! She is in the opposite jail of Him and also sees at Him. Both are thinking about each other and then realize about their own pain. Aditya stands up comes to the bars and says to Zoya I am sorry She says its okay it's not Your falt You did not wish for this what happened! He says no I should use My mind that was night and in the night Rajveer could not arrest You and at the next day Paa will come so at this time You are at Your home but I do not know what I was thinking that I force You run with Me! I am really very sorry.

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Zoya smiles and says yes I agree You should use Your Brain but it was not Your falt I am not a child  I ran with You as My own You did not force me to run. At that point, I thought that I have no other choice so I also think about the run. Both look each other and smiles slightly. Zoya feel pain in Her hurt foot Aditya asks what happened is You are feeling pain? She says no so much actually when that Ladies were betting Me my foot sprain. Aditya says to Her to pull Your heel She says its hurting.
Aditya says You remember at the time of cricket match I pull Your finger? She says yes but that was You how can I do this? Aditya says You are delicate, not weak, You face a leopard and this is not big then that come on pull Your heel and think that You can do this. She pulls Her heel pain is on Her face at the same moment Rajveer comes.

Rajveer comes and claps and says waoo I have to say that You both are so cute. You do everything together han? You run a company together, You run together, and You murder together and I want to send You for a date with each other and You know where? Tomorrow in the court! He smiles in a taunting mood.

Arjun studies Zoya and Aditya case when He needs one file He opens the drawer and picks the file suddenly He sees Pooja's diary. He thinks that what this dairy can help Me and starts reading. He reads Pooja wrote" When I see at Aditya's face I register so much what will happen if He knew about Me and Yash's affair? He could not bear it. Arjun thinks what this dairy can help Me because all the case about Zoya and Aditya's relationship what will happen when everyone will know that there was an affair of Pooja and Yash, not Aditya and Zoya! He takes that diary as a proof.

Waseem Sadiqi comes with His wife and Daughter Noor to meet Harshverdan Hudda. Waseem says that You are defending My Daughter in the court and We do not know in this city. Arjun Your little Son came to Me and tell Me that You will also defend Zoya so I thought to come here and say thanks.
One servant comes to Arjun room and tells Him that Mr. Waseem Sadiqi come! He says okay and thinks why They came here then He thinks if He came here its means Noor also came! He comes down in hurry to see Her.

Hashveerdan says I am a Lawer first and after this, a Father and now Zoya Sadiqi is My client You do not need to worry about anything I never lose a single case! Waseem Sadiqi says to Him I am new in this city but I have a lot of respect in My city Masury. Noor and Arjun see at each other but says nothing then Anjna comes and says to them how dare You? How dare You to see Us money!. This all happened because of Your Daughter and why You come here before, Your Son in law then Your Daughter Zoya then Your Daughter Noor and now You why not You invite all Masury in Our house? Harsveerdan tries to stop Her by saying please Anjna stop and then He asks Arjun  She says that Your Daughter is using My Son and My Son is so innocent

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Harshveerdan says Sorry to Waseem and says Anjna went through a lot. He says no problem I can understand she is upset so thank you so much that you are helping us no come no goes from  there

Noor goes from there. Waseem's Wife asks from Him You see how much angry Anjana from Noor and Zoya and you really believe that he can help us  Wasim Siddiqui says believe in Allah our daughter is innocent and Allah will help her. she nodes.
Aditya and Zoya comes in the room where Harshveerdan is waiting for Him
Aditya comes into the room and sits Zoya also comes and sits. Harshveerdan Hudda tries to Feed Him that He had to calm in the court or the judge will be thought that You are guilty and if once Rajveer success to prove it. It will really hard to prove that You are innocent! He looks at Zoya She nodes.
Aditya says to His Father Paa I ask one thing? He nods! Aditya asks You do not ask a single time
that whether I murdered Pooja or not.
Episode Ends.