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Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The Drama Starts Zoya and Aditya both are on the Dance Stage. Zoya says that she knows nothing about Dance, but Rajver keeps an Eye at them, so they have to dance. But when Announcer announces that who's couple loses the dance they have to KISS Each Other. Zoya wants to quite but Aditya stops Her His eye indication then Zoya starts dancing and says that I can dance but cant KISS .they dance after five minutes man says that now fold the paper. Mahi comes with BURQA wearing and says in mind that she want to make Her Love story with Aditya but this Zoya comes from where.

ADITYA PUT ZOYA UP AT His LAP and starts dancing. Kalpysh also woke up Sagrika. But they cant dance for a long time and outs Zoya and Aditya WINS. Rajver is looking for them. He thinks that They will lose but disappoints to see that they win.ALL couples outs One after One but Zoya and Aditya win the Dance. Rajveer says Them that You prove me wrong. This never happened to me. He also taunts by saying what a loving couple. Everything for LOVE hum? Aditya wants to say something but hold Himself and does not say anything
Harsh Huda asks his servant why this meeting is today and where? He says in a Hotel. he says okay you can go.

After dancing they start Dinner Sagarika says why you both eating alone feed each other with LOVE. But Aditya says he comes back from the bathroom. When he goes to the bathroom he collides with Mahi and says Sorry SISTER. Mahi angry at calling Sister.

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mahi goes to a waiter and order for a strawberry cake. After some time waiter come back with a cake. Mahi says him to give this cake to Zoya, He asks but what I will say? She says that You take this cake to her and I will call her and wish her for her birthday. At the same moment Aditya comes into hall room but there he sees His Father, HARSH Huda. He thinks if His father saw Him with Zoya, their secret will be disclosed and they lose the deal. He sees the cake and put His face in the cake because in this way His father will not be able to recognize Him and Comes to Zoya pic Her hand and pull Her and goes outside with Her.

They sit in a taxi. Aditya starts sneezing Zoya asks what happened. He tells her that His Father was There if He saw Him They will be caught, So He had to do this. He sneezes constantly. Zoya asks Him that He have some allergy? He tells Her yes I have allergy from strawberry and that cake was full of strawberries. Zoya gives Him Medicine and tissue paper. Aditya comes home and sneezes constantly. He takes the medicine which Zoya gave Him. But He feels that two teaspoons will not work for Him. So He takes the whole bottle and after some time He seems like the unconscious

Zoya seems to sleep when she hears some noise from her room's window. She asks who is at the window and picks a showpiece from her side table? suddenly Aditya comes into her from Her rooms window. Zoya shouts loudly. When She sees Aditya She beets Him with that showpiece and asks You are drunk? Why you come here? What you want? He answers that he did not drunk. He just takes the Medicine which She gives him.

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mrs. Arora and Mahi come into Her room Mrs. Arora knocking at Her room door continuously and asks what happened why you shout? She hides Aditya behind Her bed and opens the door. Mrs. Arora asks her what happened she says that she saw a bad dream so that's why she shouts. Mahi also asks that everything is okay .she says yes and close the door in the hurry. When They Both goes Aditya comes out behind the bed.

She asks again that why you come here please go if someone saw Him They Both will be in trouble. She says to him growing up don't behave like a child. He recalls and says She (Pooja)also said this grown-up Adi!. But I was a child from always, and she Loves this child He points out Himself. Zoya says why You always bring a wrong meaning of Her words? She did not mean that Why He always point a finger at Her even for his actions!.

 Aditya hold her both arms and says as He is requesting "please Let me know why She did this to me? What was my fault? He says His actions are wrong. To fell in LOVE with someone is wrong? My actions were wrong that I trust her blindly? He says if She Liked someone She should have to tell Me. If She fell in LOVE with Somebody She should have to know Me. I was Her Husband may be it would be hard for me but I leave Her. But cheat like this? This is not done.
 Episode ends.
POOJA did this to me? what was wrong? If She liked someone She should have told me. if She fell in LOVE with Someone She should have to talk with me about that.But She cheets me.Zoya says