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Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The Drama Starts Adity lays down Zoya's bed, she says to Him that She can understand His pain because She goes through the same pain. She says that You just think that She(Pooja) just not signatures the DIVORCED papers but YESH divorced me. He says that it would be better than She signatures the papers so I will be not in the state of confusion that what is right and what is wrong. If She Loves Me or not! After some time he sleeps on Zoya's bed. And she sleeps on the sofa.
Next morning Noor come to Zoya room and knock on the door and asks that why? She locks the doorZoya and Aditya are still sleeping. Noor constantly knocks on the door. Aditya stands up in the state of sleeping and comes to open the door .his eyes are still closed. He opens the door and stands with the help of it. Noor shouts to see Him. What are You doing here at this time?

Aditya opens His eyes and when He looks, Noor, He realized that He is not His own house. Zoya also gets up and see them. she stands up in hurry and pull them into the room and trying to explain the situation that He got allergy last night He took the extra dose of medicine and after that, He comes into my room through the window please speak in a low voice. She says to Aditya you go now at this moment because if Mami gi or Mahi saw you We will be in trouble so please go. He looks at Her with soft eyes and says thank you. She asks for what? That you did not through me out of the house last night and if I said something wrong which hurt you for that I am sorry. She answers no You said nothing wrong so does not say sorry and the answer to your thankyou is You are not Welcome now go, She pulls Him to the window. He says okay okay I am going be patient

Aditya,  get out from the house through the window so Mrs. Madhu and Mahi will not come to know about His presence in Their House. But Rajveer sees Him and takes His pictures when he gets out through the window and says that huum then They Both spend the whole night together. I am the end of Your LOVE story. Mahi also sees Him. She comes back from jogging and sees the whole scene and Her mode spoiled and mumbling Adity was in the Zoya's room for the whole night? But for what, what He was doing in Her room?

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mahi comes into the house and comes to Zoya, Zoya, and her Sister Noor about to come breakfast, Noor says to Her if She does not come on time Aditya disgrace for sure. Mahi comes and pulls Her arm and says come with me I have something important to talk about, Her mother says where you are going Your breakfast is read. She says We are coming back in just five minutes. Mahi brings Her out of the house and asks Aditya was in your room? when I and Mom come to your room Aditya was there and you hide Him from Us right! Whats going on in between both of you? Zoya says nothing and teel the whole story and say now come or Mami gi will be angry with Us.

Aditya is going on the road and try for the taxi. Rajveer comes with His car and asks Him You are here at this time? He answers yes for jogging, He asks again in this clothes? Yes, when I have to reach office early I causally wear office clothes. He asks so You live here? Yes, so you and Zoya do not live together? Aditya says nothing, I mean together with Your PARENTS? Why you always ask Me so many questions? I just want to know you, After some Rajveer asks why you are looking so tested? Let's go for some tea. He stops the car before a small tea stall and says to Him Lets go for some tea the tea of this hotel is very famous, And to see you I think you need a cup of tea very badly because I think that Last night was very hard for you. He says all these things to see in His eyes and in a very taunting way. Aditya asks him in a very relaxing tone I will not ask you the single question and you made a lot of assumption about Him and Zoya!. You said that You come from London but your anxiety is not like that you also know about the ways of Mumbai while You nor use any GPS nither you ask the way from anyone. So I have so many reasons to doubt you!.

Rajveer answers Who said to You that I was born in London? I live in London for some time. I was born in India in Mumbai, Aditya asks so then You completed Your study here? Rajveer says yes! In which college? I do not understand! Aditya says there is no college in Mumbai in this name. Rajveer thinks you are trying to be smart with Me but do not worry You can not chase Me at all! Aditya again asks in which college? Rajveer says K.T college Mumbai.

Rajveer asks from Aditya you do not complete your LOVE story. Aditya asks that why you are so interested in His LOVE story? Rajveer says True LOVE stories are not listing nowadays. Rajveer asks for some biscuits from the shop for Him. Aditya asks Him  You are looking at me like I am a serial killer. My one friend was told me about you in Bayla's marriage

Harsh Huda says to His employer that I said you that this case must be closed but this is still open why? Punish says, sir, someone wants and tries to open this case. I do not know who that Person He has a high approach that is for sure. We can not do anything.

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Zoya is on the call and says They need some time then Aditya comes in hurry and hold her hand and says that He have something to tell You. He brings her into the room. Mahi is seeing everything and funs She wants about to follow them but at the same moment, Shawn tells Her that Her Mother wants to talk to Her at the landline so She has to go to pick the call of Her Mom. Aditya says to Zoya that today when come out from Your house guess Who I meet with? She asks who, Rajveer!, and this contract will not award us guess then how we got it? She asks how? Just because of Rajveer! what? what are you saying? Aditya says I am telling You this person is not right! He is hiding something from Us. He is not that what He pretends to be. But Zoya says You can not trust anyone, At the same moment Mahi comes in hurry in the room and asks everything is alright? Zoya tells Her that He thinks that Rajveer is not a good guy, Mahi suddenly asks oh so this is about Rajveer? Both look at Her as do not understand what She is saying. Aditya says to Her Zoya not want to listen to Me now You listen to Me I have a doubt on Rajveer! Mahi asks so You have any reason or any proof against Him? He tells Her everything. Mahi gives Him idea no Problem K.T college data is available online so We can check is He was telling lie or not! Aditya says to Her You are so intelligent! Both looks K.T college data but there is Rajveer name is listed. Zoya looks at them and says now what I am telling You and goes. Aditya is amazed to see it.
Episode Ends.


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