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Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The Drama Starts Zoya and Aditya stand up and see at Rajver. Rajver says out. Then He introduces himself to Aditya and Zoya and says that they Both should remember His name. By mistake catches make matches and asks that if he makes spoiled their game. Aditya says no this is just a match. Kalpysh introduces Rajver that he comes from London and also says that he refer Zosh company to Verani's. Aditya amazed to listen to this he asks Rajver where he saw their work. He answers that They Both are very famous. Everyone talks about them. Suddenly Rajwer asks Zoya and Aditya how long Their Marriage is? Zoya says Five and Aditya say Three. Rajver sees them surprisingly and says They should decide first. Then  Zoya says that they meet before five years and they are married from last Three years. Aditya nods. Zoya's finger hurts so she goes for some Medication and Aditya asks her for help both leave the place.

Sakshi thinks where I put myself into the trouble. for how long will be Black male from this blackmailer. Sakshi looks at Pooja's and Yesh's photo. Anjna knocks her room door. Sakshi suddenly hides the photo under the pillow. Anjna suspected about her that she is hiding something from them .she also says that She want to go today and want to hide her. Sakshi says that She goes for walk. Anjna asks at 2.00pm? She warns her and says that she knows she is hiding something but Anjna will dig the Truth and will never let her son heart

Zoya's finger hearts so much. Aditya comes and holds her finger and pulls it Zoya shouts. Mahi sees this from distance and feels jealous. Sagarika comes and says that Aditya is so good Husband. Zoya you are so Lucky that You have Him. She looks at Mahi also Mahi sees her with anger. She also says that if He hurts You the reason is that He wants to save You from a big trouble. Aditya leaves the place. Mahi comes to him and asks him for dinner. At the same moment, Kalpysh and Rajver come to Rajver asks Zoya and Aditya for Dinner. They Both look each other and says no with their eyes moment. Aditya says there is no need for this formality. But Rajver insists for dinner. And to them that they should know each other in a better way. Aditya thinks that something is not right with Rajver but what? He can not understands.
Noor comes to RJ AJ room and then Arjun comes and tells that today RJ AJ show is off today so why not we go outside for some coffee? Noor wants to say no but she says yes why not? They Both go for coffee.

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Kalpysh, Sagrika, Rajver Zoya and Aditya come for dinner. Rajveer starts questioning that where they meet the first time Zoya says Masuri and Aditya say Mumbai. Rajver says decide first. Aditya says why not anyone is ordering for dinner? He takes the menu card. Rajver again asks that how they get married? Aditya says our marriage was arranged and Zoya says we ran from the house and got married. Rajveer asks whom I should believe? Aditya answers that we want to be arranged but had to run. Aditya takes a menu card and holds it before his face so Rajver cant sees his face. He asks Zoya You ran from the house and to got married? But you look so innocent. Zoya says We should Discuss our marriage details before, He wants to answer but Zoya tells him to look strat because Rajver constantly seeing Him.

Every time they want to answer they create mistakes and fumbles. Suddenly Rajver asks Aditya that will you fall in love with her at first sight? Both answer at the same time Aditya says NO but Zoya says YES. Every one sees at their faces. Zoya explains that I mean it was first sight love for me not for him. Rajver says with smiling really? He asks Him I thought you say yes because Zoya is pretty.

Aditya goes into a flashback of her wife POOJA and says with thinking actually we know each other from OUR childhood we live together we were good friends then. Rajver catches HIS word WERE. He says you were? Means not now? Zoya says His means We were good friends but now we are Husband and Wife.

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Rajver asks Zoya and Aditya where they meet each other Aditya says they Meet in Colledge. Rajveer asks in which place? Zoya says Missouri Aditya says nothing
Rajveer says to Kalpysh that he should be thankful to Rajveer because His Love Marriage with Sagarika would be possible just because of him.

Rajveer says that one thing is visible that I trust now more in love after seeing them.he says he can see the love in their eyes for each other. At that moment there is an announcement arises that this song is for all love couples. Rajver says that from our side Zoya and Aditya will come to dance. Sagarika says to Kalpysh that they both should go dancing also. Zoya says no to Dance because she can not dance because She does not about Dance. one club Member set a small piece of carpet and tell them that they have to dance on this piece of carpet and if they can't they will lose the game.
And who couple loses the game they have to KISS each other.


Rambler and Mahi are such a bad 🙅 characters Han.