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Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts with Zoya tries to convince Aditya that We have no other choice. We will have to marry. She says that I am going but I know that You will come. I will wait for You.

Kalpaysh and Sagarika talk about Zoya and Adity that where they are? Sagarika sees Her and asks  Aditya is not coming? Kalpaysh also asks and says I know My Father wants this Marriage to have to happen. I know this is little awkward for Both of You. But you should understand that My Father is an old thought Man. And You guys already Husband and Wife so this little thing should not bother You! Zoya nods and leaves the place.

Mahi is seeing at Zoya She is about to go when Rajveer sees Her and pull her arm and says that You said to me that You can do this but I think that You are not able to do so, She answers angerly I told you this is very important to me so you will have to wait and see!

Arjun comes to Aditya's room and asks why Zoya came? He says I do not want to talk about it! Arjun says whats wrong with You? you always think about Your self! Aditya says that I have faced a lot of things today I have no Patience to make things right okay! Arjun asks again angerly, Aditya wants to slap Him but hold Himself. His hand is in the air He asks what you want that I slap You? Arjun looks shocked, He says this would remain, Brother, you keep staying awayYour Love ones in your anger and saysYou can share to Me whats wrong whatever You want and leave His room.

Mr. Verani asks for that where is Aditya? why He did not come? Mr. Verani Says that why He did not come What He does not want to work with Us? or He is not punctual as He should be? His Son Kalpaysh calm down Him and lie to Him that now He calls Him. He stucks in the traffic jam, and will come as soon as possible.
Harsh calls Anjna and says that making sure that Aditya stays at home Anjna says okay I take Your call to Him. She comes to Aditya's room and calls Him, She tries to find Him and call His name but He is not in the room. She tells Harshwardeen that Adi is not at home.

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Mr.Verani is worrying about there marriage when Rajveer comes and says Him to calm down He will arrive soon! Kalpaysh  His little brother and Sagarika is worrying about then Sagarika says that I have a plan We all start dance so Aditya seeks some time to arrive here and Papa Ji will not ask for Him, again and again, Kalpysh says okay. Mahi and Sagarika start the dance. Zoya is in bridle dress and constantly seeing at the main door as She is waiting for Aditya.

Aditya comes at the end. He looks lost in thoughts then He sees Zoya every one see Him. Mr. Verani sees Him and says You are not looking punctual now let's go and change so the marriage will start as soon as possible! Aditya comes to Zoya, She holds His hand and says that I know that you face something bad today but to come here I am really thankful to you. Aditya says that this marriage is fake do not be emotional this is our work so take it as work to complete it and go.

Mahi sees them from distance with anger and pain and says that happy marriage Zoya and Adi, Aditya.

Marriage starts Both looks each other with hesitation they complete all the process as not wanting but they have no choice they start their rounds Aditya and Zoya both continuously think their partners and keeps round after round. They even not realize what is going on around them. Then Pundit says now bride will be at front of the groom. Then They see each other and look like they are lost. Pandit says again. Aditya looks at Zoya and nods, She starts crying and says I cant do this, please.Mr. Verani also asks you are getting late, do what pandit is saying. Zoya weepingly comes at front of Him.

Rajver says 5 4 3 2 1 boom and then Mr. Verani's House main doors open and Media comes. All cameramen start taking pics and men and women come to them start asking questions and reporting. One woman asks from Zoya, Mam is this true that You and Aditya had a long time  LOVE affair and you Both had murdered Your Life Partners? They both look shocked to see Media there. One woman starts reporting and says that look this is the couple. Their Live partners died some days ago and They are getting Married. They are from it this is clear that they murdered Their partners because of each other.

They both try to avoid press but The media surrounds them and asks questions repeatedly.Mr. Verani and Their Sons also seem angry to see media into their house.Mr. Verani looks very angry and asks what You both are not Husband and Wife? You both have separate partners? So how You are getting married to each other? He put His hand on His chest as He is not able to breathe. He also says that that's why I was thinking that Why has he did not say a word to Her?

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

when Zoya and Aditya about to leave the place then Zoya's MIL comes with Mahi and slaps Her. She says that this marriage is fake. Her Mother-In-Law says do not say a word. I know what you will say, You will say that You did all this to save the company but now you can not make me fool I saw You and Him together and that's why He always came to Our house used to be different excuses? I allowed you to stay at My home only because my son loved you and you are also responsible for his death. My son did not cheat on You whether You cheat Him. And He died because of You. I don't want to see Your face again. Zoya sees at Mahi and says that She knows everything She asks from Mahi tell Her Mother that this is not the truth tries to stop Her. She asks from Mahi why you are doing this to me why you do this cheat on me? Mahi says to Her Mother this is Her true personality.  She and Her Mother goes.

Aditya comes to Zoya and wants to calm down Her. Then Zoya weeps badly and puts Her Face on Aditya's shoulder and hugs Him but after some moments She realized what She is doing, She apart from Him. And says now where will I go? She repeats again and again in shock. Aditya says to Her You will go with Me in My house. He stands up and picks Her and help Her to stand up. Then they both leave the place. Arjun and Anjna see Television where Aditya and Zoya's fake marriage news is telecasting. Anjna and Arjun in shock to see them. Anjna sits with grief and says what Adi is doing?
Harsh is drinking and soliloquy Aditya does not make mistake now.

Wasem Sadiqi and His wife are also seeing tv
Harsh Hooda's servant comes and gives Him tablet to see what is happening. He sees the video of Aditya and Zoya's marriage, He stops the video at Rajveer photo and asks from His servant that Who is this Man ? his servant answers that He is the Person whom We come to meet this the Special police Agent. Harsh says if He is in Mumbai then why He avoided to meet  Us and why He is present in this marriage? He instantly calls Anjna and asks what Aditya come home or not She says no He has not come yet. He says that when He came to tell me instantly okay she is about to answer when the main door opens.

Aditya and Zoya come home Saksi is on the call with Harsh. He asks that what Aditya come home?
Rajveer comes to His home with police and says CBI special investigator officer Rajveer Khana.I come here to caught two Killers I told You before You ask. I come here to caught two KILLERS.
Episode Ends.