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Bepanah Drama Written Updates 30 MAY 2018

Bepanah Drama Written Updates 30 MAY 2018

The drama starts with Rajveer says to them that Rajveeer says that You both are Under arrest for the murder of Their Husband and Wife now come. He asks lady Police to arrest Zoya. She sees to Aditya. Rajveer tries to wear a hand cough to Aditya but Anjna comes between Aditya and Rajveer and says how You can be caught Him? He is innocent, He is not a murderer, But this Girls(Zoya)is not innocent You should be caught Her, Everything is going to happen just because of Her. Aditya seems anxious and says to His Mother You know nothing, I will tell You what happened but not now.

Arjun comes and says that our Servants now about APC conditions how You can come and arrest them have You an arrest warrant? Without warrants, You can not arrest them. Rajveer sees Him arrest warrants, He sees the papers and pull Aditya's arm and says to Him in whispering that these papers are NOT BAILABLE, because of them I can not help You!but I can help Zoya because according to law Pollice cannot arrest a Girl in the night time.

Anjna comes to them and says what are You saying? She will not go to jail but My Son will go, and no one knows for how many days? I call Your Father He will handle this matter. She tries Harsh Hooda's phone but His phone is Unreachable. She scaried most Arjun take the phone from Her and tries again but the answer is the same

Ranveer tells them the storm came in Mumbai and Mysore You guys did not see the news? Neither did he pick the call nor He will be able to come. Mahi report to media with crying in Her house that She did not know about Zoya and Aditya's romance. She even does not know that they have any relation. Some days ago I saw Aditya was coming out from Zoya's room window hiding.

Mr. Madu comes from stairs and media start asking questions that You know that Your Daughter in Law had a LOVE AFFAIR with Aditya Hooda? Madhu Je shoots leave us. Please leave My home. Mahi apologies to media and says She is in shocked so that is why She is upset. When media go Madhu Ji asks Mahi everything was before Your eyes and You did nothing? Mahi tries to clear herself Mom you saw Her before with Aditya and I was mush bussy in My work and You also know how She is? Madhu ji sees Her and says angerly media Has gone now stop this drama

Zoya being unconscious Rajveer says to Adity to come. He says what a timing when we caught her

Noor comes to Mr. Madhu homes and asks how Media came there, where is My Sister Zoya? Madhu ji says that I saw with My eyes. When I reached there Zoya and Aditya was in bride and groom dresses and  was keeps rounds of marriage

Harsh's servant tells Him
Zoya comes in continuous and Aditya sits beside Her. Aditya is seeing at Zoya. When She comes to conscious She asks where am I? Aditya asks are You okay, what happened? You are in My room. She asks Police? He says outside of My room but They are still in My house. She asks They will arrest You and Tomorrow morning also I will be caught? Aditya thinks very fastly and starts walking

He says to Zoya that They have to run to protect There Selves.
He asks to Her will She