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Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts with Adity and Zoya are in Aditya's room Zoya is ready to run with Aditya and does not want to be arrested. But Police is spread all over Aditya's house, She asks Him how will they able to run? Aditya says I have a plan.
Vaseem Sadiqi and His Wife are sitting Waseem are regretted that He is not able to protect His daughters.
Noor comes into Riksha and wants to go into Aditya's house, there is police all over the house and they hold Her. She is amazed by this situation and thinks whats wrong here? Noor constantly tries to come in Aditya home. Rajveer listen to Her noise and comes to see what wrong! Arjun also comes to see what is going on. At once Rajveer sees that Aditya and Zoya are run from the house from the roof side He shouts dame Aditya and Zoya stop and runs to stops them. Arjun also sees them and also runs. Noor is still standing at the gate of Aditya's house She does not see Arjun but She sees Zoya and Aditya and thinks worryingly about Zoya.

Harsh Hooda tries to call His house. Arjun receives His call. He says that  Aditya and Zoya ran from the house. Harsh tells Him that You know if Police arrives at Him before them it is impossible to save Him because now He made it's obvious that He is guilty and therefore He ran! and says to Arjun try to find Him before Police. He says okay and ends the call

Aditya and Zoya reach His friend Boby's house. He asks Him that They can spend this night at His home? He looks hesitate to answer. He does not call them to inside the house. He looks at His Wife. She needs Her head as no. Aditya says to Him this is Just for Tonight. Tomorrow morning We will go. Boby tells Him that He sees the news. Aditya says He did nothing. I am innocent. It's a trap. Someone want to trap Me. Boby decides to Shelter them. He says come inside the house or Someone can see them.

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Mahi receives the call from a media person, She says thanks to giving the photos of Aditya and Zoya to Her.Mahi says don't say thanks if You need more pictures of Them She can ask Her.she ends the call then News on TV starts where is telling that Zoya and Aditya have Ran from the house. Mahi says got damn it. How its even happen and pulls Her hairs.

one woman asks from Sakshi that Adi's LOVE  His wife, what You think that He is the killer of His Wife Pooja? They both are seeing the news. Sakshi says no I know Aditya He cannot do this. Some One wants to trap Him. That Woman goes Sakshi Ji thinks what You are doing Adi? It was better to run you came to me! Maybe I can help You.

Aditya and Zoya are sitting inside the Boby's house alone, Zoya says to him what happened it? We are not guilty. Why Someone wants to trape Us? She also says that You saw Mahi? How She can do this to Me? She was My Friend, Why She did this to me? Aditya sees Her with anger and says When You will open Your eyes? She was never Your Friend. She was with You just to grab the insurance money. She was always against You.

Zosh's event member is talking about Zoya and Adity. Methilash says that why Rajveer call Us here? Rajveer comes and tells them that its time to choose police or runners. He tries o threaten them by saying that if You guys try to help them I will put You in jail. He says to one policeman to check their mobile phones and asks from them who knows about this that They are not Husband and Wife and just pretend? Everybody is quite. Rajveer comes to Methelash Ji and asks You knew that They are no Husband and Wife? Methlash Ji tries to answer and says no then Rajveer holds His collar and misbehave with Him Shown try to interfere but Rajveer slaps at His face and says give the answer when I will ask You.

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Ranveer comes out from Zosh's office and Mahi sits on the Rajveer's car taunts Him that what You were said? You are a CBI officer but You constantly fail to catch them, They always one step ahead of You. What are You doing? Rajveer is already in angry mood He also threatens Her to stay away from Him and says They will not be able to go from Mumbai and I will catch them very soon You will see Me then His phone bell rings He picks the call and says I am coming, He is in hurry. Mahi asks Him if They caught? Answer Me got dame! He says with a little smile I want to work alone and goes from there.
Episode Ends.

Boby comes says them sorry and tells them that His Wife call the Police So They have to run. Both are running. Zoya asks from Aditya for how long They have to run? He answers that there is a taxi stand We can pick a taxi. At the same moment light of a car looks at their Faces. Aditya shouts Taxi. Car Stops from a little distance