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Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The drama starts with Sagarika says to Aditya that he is so shy but you do not seem that she insists to hug Zoya. They hug each other to show Sagrika that everything is alright in between them. When they Both hug each other Someone clicks their photo when they are in each other's arms. Sakshi says someone on the phone that she has the money and she is just about to leave her house when she wants to come downstairs she sees Anjna to taking with servent. They Both see each other and Sakshi leave that place.

Zosh Company is manege a Cricket Mach. Akanksha comes and tells that T-Shirts for Cricket Match are ready every one should take a try. Aditya is trying to wear a T-Shirt but by mistake, he wears it ultimate and his head stucks into it. In the meanwhile, Zoya comes into the room but she feels embrace to see him nude. She wants to leave the room but Aditya asks her to help him. She says that she asks someone but he insists her to help him and open his T-Shirt's button. She feels hesitation to open his Shirt's button but she opens and pulls the shirt off him. At the same moment, Mahi comes into the room and she sees that Adity is nude and his Shirt is in Zoya' hands she angerly asks that whats going on there? Aditya pulls his Shirt back from Zoya's hands. Zoya goes from the room. Mahi says to Aditya politely that he should ask her for help. But Aditya says to her that they are getting late.

Noor reaches coffee shop and is waiting for Arjun. Sakshi also comes into the same coffee shop to meet the Person who Blacks male her. After some time Arjun comes. Noor trying to compose her self and trying to be polite with him. Sakshi's phone rings she picks the phone .the another person on the phone says her to go without her bag she asks where he is? He insists her to leave the place and do not put her bag with her. When Sakshi goes to the door. But Noor sees that She leaves her bag. She asks Sakshi that She leaves her bag at the same time Arjun turns to her and looks surprised to see her.
Sakshi looks upset to being caught by Arjun.

Sakshi cleans her sweat from her forehead and looks confused. Arjun wants to put her bag for her but She stops him and bends down to put the bag but she does not want to pick her bag but she picks it at the end.

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

 Mr. Verani family and Zosh company members reach the Club House. Mr. Kanti Verani looks at his Daughter-In-Law Sagarika and says why you wear this dress? His Littel Son take the side of his Bahbi and says his Father that this is a Cricket Match and she is on the team so she has to wear this costume. Mr. Verani says that it's your First and Last time that you wear this kind of dress.

Arjun sees that Sakshi is sweating and looks not okay. He says that he will drop her because her BP is high and she can't go home alone she apologize to Noor. She says its okay. Arjun and Sakshi leave the Coffee Shope. A Person hides behind the wall and sees Arjun he mumbling that where comes this Arjun now and Sakshi do not leave her bag also.

BOTH Verani and Zosh teams are in the Ground.Mr. Verani tosses and says that His Team will Batting First. Aditya bolling first Kalpysh and his elder brother Sumit on the batting. After some bolls Aditya, outs Sumit. Mr. Verani comes for Batting. Aditya asks Zoya that She forget to embrace him after every five minutes as decided? Aditya put a boll to Mr. Verani Zoya starts to embrace him and says JAHPANA is great.Mr. Verani looks happily says to Aditya that it is a very good thing that a Wife embraces her Husband! Aditya put another boll and it's a wide boll but Zoya keeps continuing and says that his bolling is better then Sachen.Mr. Verani does not like this and says to Aditya what kind of your wife is she says that your bolling is so good while your boll is wide. He turns to Zoya and says Her that Sachen is a Bats Man, not a Boller and there is no one who will better than him and I am a big Fan of HIM.!

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

ADITYA gives boll to Zoya and says to Bolling. Mahi looks angry at her and says to Aditya that She does not know about Cricket. She can not even tell the difference between the boll and a shuttle of badminton. Sagarika looks at Mahi and Aditya from a distance. She comes to Zoya and says that She should take care of her husband. She looks at Mahi and says to Zoya that Someone wants to steal Her Husband, Zoya nods. Mahi says to Aditya if Zoya will bolling we will lose the match. Aditya says that the plan. He asks her what You think why we are playing this match? we are playing for losing because if Mr. Verani wins the match He will be happy and if he will be happy we will win this project. Mahi looks at him as she is very impressed She says to Him You are so Intelligent. You think about future. Aditya smiles and nod. Aditya changes his place with Vinod. Zoya put the boll and Mr. Verani hits the ball. It seems that it will be Six.

Zoya and Aditya both try to catch. Both Bump with Each Other and falls down. Zoya falls on Aditya
At the same moment, Rajver arrives there and catch the ball. Zoya and Aditya stand up and Rajver says OUT.
Episode Ends.