Bepanah 07 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 07 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Zoya and Aditya is sitting in the Waseem Alim house some Ladies comes into His home They are looking for Waseem but when they enter in His house and see Zoya and Aditya. One woman asks from Her who are you? Zoya trying to say something when Waseem Alim comes and tells them that She is my niece and He points out at Aditya and tell them He is Her Husband Adil. One Boy comes to Uncle Waseem and tells Him that Someone is asking for Him. He goes, One Lady asks that We never saw You Who is Your Mother Saira or Naseem? She again tries to answer Suddenly She says that She is the Daughter of His cousin Sister. They look satisfied.
She tries to open the flour box then suddenly cover of the box opens and all flour poor at Her all Ladies start taunting Her that it seems that You do not know cooking and Adil always make!
Mahi asks for how much time We have to wait for them? Rajveer says some time more then we will catch them.

Zoya and Aditya prepare for Iftar. them. Aditya arranges for the sheets and them lay them down on the floor. Zoya helps Aditya in wearing a cap and then he sits down on the floor.  They start with Iftaari. Zoya gives Aditya a date and slightly nods as says pray and She says BISMILLAH. He also says BISMILA.and eat the day He revises Her the same. Rajveer is still waiting outside along with the police force to arrest them and worries.
Aditya says to Her Since You has kept fast for Roza, You hadn’t eaten anything. Now You breaks Your fast and please eat something please She picks fruit. Aditya looks at Her and smiles.
Harsh Hooda is driving car Arjun and Anjna is also with Him. Arjun says please Dad keep slow the speed Anjna interrupts and says no We have to reach there fast to save Aditya. Harsh says if today He has to fly the car He will do this for His Son.

Waseem is sitting in Police station Her Wife says Him this is the time of Iftar let go aside. He says no. At the same moment, Police Man comes and asks You are still here but you vain Your time here. It's better than You go home If Your Daughter will find We will inform You. He sees Him with anger and says I know how You are working! Noor comes to His Father and says Its the time of Iftar please eat something and gives Him a Date. They all break Their fast.

One boy constantly sees at Them Aditya sees at His side but that Uncle is not there He asks from Zoya where Uncle went? She nodes as She have no idea. That Boy comes to Aditya and asks to follow Him because Uncle is calling them, They both follow Him, That Boy took them into a separate room, Both go inside and asks for Uncle Waseem. That Boy shuts them in the room and locks the room. They both start shooting, Aditya says to Zoya it is a trap.

Bepanah 07 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepana: Aditya and Zoya try to run under the nose of Rajveer

Harsh Hudda is asking from Arjun what location is showing Aditya's phone? Arjun says He is close to Us. Harsh speed up the car. That Uncle comes to them and tells them that They do not worry I ask for You where that Uncle comes They are not able to see. That Uncle opens the secret door of the tunnel and says this way will bring You at Highway road. They both escaped from that way.
At the same moment, Rajveer sees at His watch and says the time is over and says His cops to cover the hose and arrest them. That Boy who had to look after them He goes to Rajveer and tells Him that He knows where They are? And also says that I can tell You where They Are! Rajveer follows Him and reaches the same room where Aditya and Zoya were. Rajveer looks for them but there is no one but Uncle Waseem. He asks Him where They are? He says maybe they ran! Rajveer understands it is a trick to give them time for run He orders His cops to follow Him.

Bepanah 07 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Aditya and Zoya are at the Hiway Aditya says what s now signal is gone, Harsh Hodda asks Arjun what the location of Aditya is now, Arjun also tells His Father that Signal is gone, Harsh says got dame it and speed up the car. Zoya and Aditya see a cat coming close to them. Adity understands and tells Zoya that this is Arjun's car. Both are exited Aditya on the torch of His phone and signals Them, Harsh see the signal and says to Arjun now how Is that? Anjna also sees and says its Adi. Harsh Hooda stops the car near them.
Harsh and Aditya are before each other Aditya's Mother comes to Him and His Father also, He says to them I knew that You will come Rajveer comes in between them and says Yes Rajveer says let go and see at Aditya! Harsh says what You think that will be easy for You to bring My Son with You? Rajveer says I know that You do not like easy thing so let's make things complicated and He aims at Aditya's head with His gun.
Episode Ends.

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