Bepanah 01 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 01 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts Rajveer points Gun on them. At the same moment, Some  Muslim People come to their and Zoya and Aditya mix up in that crowd. Rajveer try to follow them but all the people go in between Rajveer and Them, so Rajveer loses them and they vanished. Both mix up in the crowd and they have to wear hijab, so in this way, no one can recognize them.
Noor is outside of the house of Aditya. She wants to go inside His house to find Her Sister, but Lady and men police are standing there. She wants to go inside but Lady police hold Her and tell Her that She cannot go into the house and this order is given by Rajveer. She constantly tries to get inside. Instantly She shoots Snake Snake, All Police Men and Women attention diverted and She is successful to go inside the house

ANJNA asks from Arjun what You call Aditya, Where He is? He answers that not yet, He comes down from stairs with holding some heavy books, He is in hurry, His Mother follows Him and again asks the same question, and also asks why You do not find Your Brother? He answers that He has to read these case file so He can prepare the reference to protect Aditya when Harsh Hooda will come. The reference will be ready So in this way They may able to protect Aditya's run away

Noor asks from  Anjna that where is Zoya. Anjna asks Her who are You? She answers I am Zoya's elder sister Noor and I am here to find Her because She came here. Anjna starts to Blame Her and Zoya that Since the time Your Sister is in the life of a My  Son(Aditya's), he is arrested for some problem. What You both wants from Us? Noor says Your thinking about My Sister is wrong My Sister is innocent. Police come and bring Her outside of the house.
Both try to leave that place as soon as possible but also they have to behave normally so no one notices them to escape that place but at once Zoya slips and Her foot heart badly, Aditya help Her to stand up but She is not able to stand up, She sees at Him and then sees Rajveer.

Bepanah 01 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Rajveer point the gun at the head of Aditya and says stand up both sees each other Aditya brings His hands over His head Rajveer says just like My Boy, Zoya does the same. Rajveer angerly says come on now stand up, Both stand up Rajveer point the gun at Him constantly and says to keep walking
Rajveer follows them. Suddenly Adity sees a plate with some red color powder. When He reaches that place He instantly throws that powder at Rajveer"s eyes and shoots Zoya run. Rajveer also shouts Zoya, Aditya stops, But He is not able to follow them because His eyes hurt. After some time, He starts to follow them but They are able to escape and hide in a tempo but Rajveer cannot see them.

Noor is on the road, She is crying and says now where I go.where the police officer is talking about Zoya and Aditya that they made a mistake runaway like this! One policeman says yes I did not see Rajveer Sir in as much anger. He may be shot at them. Noor is listing their talking. She selilaqi whats wrong with Aditya? What He is trying to do? And My Sister is also in His influence. What She is doing and now where She is gone with Him? Where I finding Her? Allah help Me She calls Arjun but when He calls Him He does not pick the call. She says why I call Him? She is about to end the call.

Arjun phone is ringing He sees at phone Chakomati calling He instantly pic the call and says yes? Noor says that I just want to tell that I will not come office today, He says same here! She says what? He says nothing and asks are You okay? She answers yes actually I have some problems in my house. He says I also have some problem. He says if She needs anything She can tell Him any time, Then He says that I maybe could not help You this time but You need to be strong and face the problem

Rajveer calls Mahi and says They are smarter then I thought about them .they are still Ran now I need Your help! She taunts Him really? When You went to caught Them You say with a style I can do everything lonely now what? He says I thought maybe You has an interest in this case but I think I was wrong. He is about to cut the call but She says okay I will help You, now listen what should We do now and tells Him the whole plan.

Zoya and Aditya are in the tempo Zoya ask what You think that Yash and Pooja's death was an accident or that was a murder. He answers that I do not know! Ido does not know who should I believe and whom I believe not. At whom Person I believe that cheats me now I doubt My self. He says to Her You asked me to think that Pooja did not signatures at divorced papers I thought a lot about it! But still, I have no answer! He repeats His and Pooja's memories and says We both loved to cooking .which day We cook that day was a holy day for us.

I seriously doubt Myself .he says when They were with each other We bought gifts for them. He asks Her at least have You believe in Me? She answers yes
Both are quite after some time Zoya sleeps and Her head is about to touch the raper but Aditya gives Her His shoulder Aditya thinks about their past and their past meetings after some time He also sleeps at the same place where Zoya is.
Episode Ends.

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