Bepanah 04 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 04 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Aditya and Zoya are sleeping together. The tempo driver stops the tempo and they wake up because of a jerk. Zoya is surprised to see Him by her side. He tells her head was about to fall while sleeping so he had to come here. He shifts his previous place. He sees that tempo driver went aside to relieve himself and asks her to escape. She isn’t ready and says what We will be here on road, but he tells her We cannot stop here. She wears her Hijab again and they escape from the tempo.
All the staff members are sitting before the police and tell everything honestly. Shawn says they belong to super-rich families so Why would they do this for money? Inspector tells him not try to be smart with Us. Answer the questions which are asked only!. Rajveer calls Inspector to know that what did He find, but he says that all members are Their loyal and not ready to say something against Theirs. Rajveer says him to keep everyone there till morning and no one will go home. They should receive Their Loylite gift! He says okay Sir.

Zoya is scared to spend the whole night in this deserted type place. He says that he only knows that they are outside of Mumbai Maybe Badlapur!. He also says that Mr. Hooda will be back tomorrow and he will handle everything. But today we have to stay here. 

Rajveer and Mahi are at the shop, He asks Mahi who else Zoya knows in Mumbai. She tells him, Me Mom and few office people. She asks Him If they manage to escape from Mumbai then what? He says it isn’t possible. We have been observing all the exits points from Mumbai. I only wait for the permission to tap all the calls to Hooda House. Once Aditya calls his influence on father for help, once he calls, he will be trapped.

Arjun is contacting every possible person to seek help on the case. He asks someone on the phone and says that He knows that the warrant is not baled able but there might be any loop whole that He can use and save Aditya Life.

Zoya and Aditya hear some strange sounds like some animal is there. She is scared but he tries to calm down her by saying that it cannot be a big animal because they are near the city. She asks him to switch on His phone torch but he says His phone is switched off because its battery is very low. Tomorrow morning will be switched on so we will be able to contact My Father for help. She is concerned for Her Father and Mother and says I don’t know how Ammi Abbu will be managing everything. 

Bepanah 04 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Wasim sadiqi opens the main door of His house for going to Mumbai and finds all the Media Persons stand there and start asking questioning them every nonsense stuff. He closes the door on their face. His wife cries that they lost their hard earned respect in just a second. Wasim  Sadiqi wonders what their daughters would be going through in Mumbai! if We can not handle how They would manage all this nonsense.

Zoya feels pain in her leg and says  I cannot walk anymore. He tries looking at her leg when she notices the blood on Aditya's hand. You are also injured? we should wash it with water or it will become infectious. She asks Him to pluck a leaf, She crushes it and rubs it on His wound. He asks how You know? She says Abbu had taught me in my childhood. It will hurt a little though. He tries not to react when she applies it. She blows also on His wound. He looks at Her. Did it hurt? He nods. A little bit. Hurry up. Aditya says  Not bad. They continue walking when they hear the roar again. Aditya says it cannot be a small animal. Their eyes stretch (out)  in shock seeing a tiger before them. He asks her to run but she says him not to move. Give me your phone quietly. He does such. She switches on the torch and aims at tiger’s eyes. She continues throws the light in His eyes so he is not able to see them and turns in opposite direction.

 They take a sigh of relief. Aditya asks How You know?  She shares that this happens often in Mussoorie because there are jungle and mountains. They often pay us a visit even our garden. We have been taught this since childhood that how to handle the situation. He is surprised. Whenever I think I have begun to know you, you always surprise me! You are afraid of humans!. You start to cry when someone speaks in a loud voice but you aren’t scared to face a tiger! She says that animals are not scarier than humans.  Animals are just looking for food while humans hurt Human for no reason. Animals attack you only when They have no option to survive but people can heart at any level for just their own benefit. That's why I am afraid of humans more than animals. At once She sees at His wound and says You are still bleeding. We must leave this place. She notices a hut nearby. She points out Let’s go there and see if we can find some help. She winces in pain when she tries to walk. Aditya offers to lift her. She nods as no.

Noor comes and looks at Madhu Ji. Mahi asks her if she has packed her stuff or not? Noor again tries to defend Her Sister by saying Anti(Madhu Ji)there must be a reason behind her Sister decision. Madhu ji asks her if she knew what Zoya was doing. Noor insists it was a misunderstanding. Madhu ji says Zoya is not loyal to anyone, neither her father nor her husband and not us! Noor apologizes to her on the behalf of Her Sister. I am leaving. She begins to go when Madhu ji says to Her stop. She looks at Her with the hope she asks You call Your Abbu first. Noor denies and starts crying but Madhu Ji says She wants to talk to him before She leaves Her home. Noor calls her father. Madhu ji takes the phone. She talks to Her Father and taunts Him by saying,

" Congratulations. Your daughter took revenge from my son! why are you quiet now? Your silence is telling us that you also know how your daughter has cheated us!"

 He is upset and ends the call. Madhu ji walks away. Mahi looks at Noor but She has gone.

Bepanah 04 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Zoya sees that Aditya shaking his hand. Your hand is still bleeding. Sit down. She tears Her dupatta. He looks at her. She says sorry but there is no other option as your wound needs to be covered. He says with alas feeling, the one who is supposed to be wearing it isn’t there anymore. Pooja did not like these kinds of dresses at all. He shares Her memories with teary eyes. Zoya tells Him that she loves these dresses especially suits. Wasn’t Kajol wearing the same suit in "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"? He is pleasantly surprised to hear her speak of it. Yes, that is my favorite film. Pooja did not like that movie at all whereas I saw it 25 times! She laughs. I also forced to Yash see it so many times. They go quietly realizing it. Aditya suggests taking rest. Both are lost in Their Husband and Wife memories.

Zoya lies down on the cot while Aditya uses his shirt as his pillow on the ground. He lies down and sees at the sky, He laughs. Pooja loved camping. She enjoyed watching the stars all night but I didn't like them at all! See at Me now I am doing the same thing! He speaks pottery
                                         Waqat nay qeya ya Hasen Situm
                                     Tum Rahay Na Tum Hum rhay Na Hum
 she sees Him and says You know today there is no hint of hatred in Your voice as You speaks about Pooja. this is the first time. Yash was also fond of camping but I wasn’t! We had different tastes. He likes ghazals, Shayari whereas I loved films. Aditya sees Her as He is surprised to know about Her and says the same. Zoya says that maybe Yash and Pooja had such similar choices That is why maybe they....! She goes quiet seeing him. He also looking at her. Music starts. He tells her he wants to sleep. They both look in opposite direction. One tear drops from Zoya's eye. Aditya says to Her without seeing Her face I promise I will sort every thin tomorrow to talk with Arjun.

Episode Ends.

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