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Bepanah 08 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 08 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Rajveer points His gun at Aditya, Anjna tries to come to Her Son but Rajveer pushes Her. Aditya slaps Him to push His Mother Rajveer says I can shoot You now. It looks that He wants to shoot Him eagerly but holds Himself. He says to Police constables to bring them in the jail.
Harshverdan did not want that Aditya slaps Rajveer as He is a CBI Officer but He can not stop Aditya. Rajveer sees at Harshverdan Hudda and says to Him section 383? Harshverdan says nothing and looks worried. Police bring Them  Both into the car and go to Jail. Anjna comes before Aditya and calls His name Adi...Adi, Harshverdan holds Her hand and try to calm down Her.

 Both Aditya and Zoya are in the jail in front of each other. Aditya angerly says I want to talk to My lawyer now and You will come to me to talk to My Lawer and He never lose a single case! And My Lawer is My Father Harshverdan Hudda. Rajveer says to Him You are a corrupted Son of UnPrinciple Man He says nothing, Rajveer asks Him so You want to call Your Father? He gives Him His phone Aditya feel hesitation to pick His cell, he again says to pick the phone and talk to Your Father I want to see what will Your Father do! Aditya about to pick His phone when Rajveer hits on His neck with those handcuffs which Aditya"s was wearing when He came to Jail. Aditya looks at Him with anger and pain and says this a crime which You are committed and consider as custodial violence. My Father will take the Revenge from You even a single bloodshed of Me    Rajveer says You will be beaten, You will be bleeding and no One even can touch Me. Rajveer goes.

Bepanah 08 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Zoya is crying and says what I did wrong? Aditya says to Her do not lose hope My Father will come soon and We will be out of it. She nods. Ladies and jants Police come and wear them handcuffs Both are worried about what is going to happen? Aditya looks at Zoya and wants to say something to Her but says nothing. Because Rajveer comes with some criminals.

 Aditya is beaten very badly by that criminal kind of people. But He is looking at Zoya where some criminal ladies torcher Her. She also sees at Him and when They beet Him She says His name, Aditya. Rajveer abuses Aditya and says You both bloody Your marriage was fake but Her sympathy for You looking real. Somewhere so that Married was fake but You both are in Love with really? and hits Him.

 Rajveer comes with some criminals Men and Women and says to them that I have a treat for You which I will Give You after completing this task. They are looks so ugly and some kind of criminal. They all Men and Women beaten Aditya and Zoya very badly Aditya is bleeding from His forehead and nose when they are beaten by Them They also are looking each other when Aditya is beaten by them Zoya shouts and says please do not beet Him He did nothing, in fact, We did nothing! Rajveer asks Aditya 

Bepanah 08 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Harshverdan comes into Police station with Anjna and Arjun and says I am the Lawer of Aditya where is My Clint? I want to meet Him now, One constable comes to Rajveer and tells Him about Harshverdan Rajveer nods and come to see Him. Rajveer enters the room and says what You want to take some coffee or Tea. He says there is some time to Aditya come out of Jail so that is why I am asking. Harsh Hooda asks Him till now Your interrogation should be complete. Rajveer says to Him in a taunting mode that in Your courts A Person becomes Kid to Old and You upset to be this little late? Then suddenly He changes His tone and try to behave normal and says to Him I see why Aditya does not come! 

They call all that Criminals out of the Jail. Zoya feels that She cannot breathe! Aditya says to Her to be strong and try to get up But She cannot breathe, Aditya tries to calm her down and asks for pizza so she will come out of shock and is able to bring out of Her pain.
Episode Ends.


I love zoya and adi.