Bepanah 11 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 11 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah


The Drama starts with Harshverdan, Anjna and Arjun are in the Police station Harshverdan Hooda says to Inspector that I am here to see My Son where He is? Inspector says at this time You cannot meet Him as  He is interrogated  Arjun says please its very urgent Harsveerdan scrolls Him and says do not beg It's Our right to meet Him. He sends One person toward Rajveer to aware of Their presence there.

Rajveer comes and says at the time when Rajveer comes let's introduce Yourself first and meet each other. Everyone is silent and sees each other. Harshveerdan Hooda and Waseem Sadiqlooksks each other but remain silent   Rajver says let Me introduce Yours. He looks at both and says I thought You would know each other no? So This is Mr. Harshverdan Hooda Your Daughter new Lover's Father and She is Her Mother Anjna Hooda and He has another Son! And asks for Arjun where He is? Then He looks at Him. He is at the door and looks at Noor She is already seeing at Him with anger. She remembers Their meetings.

Mahi says to Zosh company member that Aditya and Zoya are the responsible for that You are jobless today I do not know why They did do with You all Now see if Police comes to interrogate to any one of You do not try to protect Zoya and Aditya, Then She realizes that what She is saying and want to cover it says I mean if You will try to protect Them maybe You also will have to face courts again and again. But Akanksha says that Zoya is a Daughter of a very rich Father and Aditya also Their parents will save them as anyway but the fact is that They had no need to run this company but they did their best only for Us. And We will protect them We could and will not go against them and go from there. Mahi says with anger what magic is Zoya have? Her Mother is listening to all their conversation. She looks angry.

Bepanah 11 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Rajveer says to Aditya drink water. He is Injured and bleeding then Harsh, Anjna and Arjun comes and see Him Anjna shouts Adi Harshverdan Hudda also says shortly how dare You, officer, Rajveer says silence!

Zoya 's Mother comes to see Her also and hugs Her. She asks about Her Father! Her Father comes She says Abu I am sorry please forgive Me, I hurt You! But Her Father says nothing and hugs Her and says to Her no You forgive Me when You were going through a lot I was no there for You! I leave You alone in this city and do not try to contact You. Here is also a Family Hug and family is unites

Harshverdan Huda says I call Doctor Aditya says to Him PAA. I am okay! And asks Him You will protect Us? Harshveerdan is shocked to listen Paa from Aditya and asks what? He says You will protect us Harsh says no what You said before Aditya says PAA. Harsh hugs Him. And says no One can touch You! If Someone wants I will demolish this Police station, of course, I will save You! Aditya says not only me Paa Zoya also please tell me that You will also save Zoya for Me! Paa She is innocent all mistake was mine I always at Her way, That was My decision to join Zosh events I forced Her to run She was in this situation because only of Me please protect Her! Harsh says, of course, I will do what You will say to Me now sit down and drink water. Aditya sits and drinks water. Anjna hugs Him and Arjun and Harshveerdan Hudda also so it becomes a group hug.  One Lawer comes and tells them that He is Zoya's Lawer and to be hired by the court.

Bepanah 11 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Zoya take a glass of water all Her family members are there and Arjun comes and sees at Noor He introduces Himself! Hello, Sidiqi Sahab I am Arjun Hudda Aditya's little Brother. I am a lawyer also Zoya knows Me! Zoya nods. Arjun says to Him that My Father Mr. Harshveerdan Hudda is a top Lawer of this country! He will represent My Brother as a defense Lawer I have a suggestion for You please let My Father handle Zoya case also They become caught Together in this case so My Father can handle in a better way. Zoya's Lawer advises Waseem that if I will at Your place I will defiantly go with Harsh Hudda as He never loses one case in His whole career. Waseem looks at Zoya She remains silent. Arjun gives Him His number to contact further details.

Rajveer and Mahi are talking in Mahi home He tries to convince Her and Her Mother against Zoya and says Her that We need to prove that Zoya is a characterless Girl! Mr. Madhu feels bad for Her. Mahi asks from Her that when They were doing all that They do not feel bad so why You are feeling bad only to listen to it? Mrs. Arora says no I can not do this. Mahi tells Her that one thing I was hiding from You! Once I saw Aditya came from Zoya's room in the early morning and They spent the whole night together. Mrs looks angry to listen this Rajveer asks again so You will give witness against Her? She says Yes! Rajveer says now no one will protect You both to go into jail
Episode Ends.

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