Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts with Harshveedan and Aditya are talking about Aditya's case when Anjna comes and says to Harshveerdan I want to talk to You now! But He says He has really important work to do and says We will talk later, But She says no it's really important to all things and I can not wait more You have to listen to Me right now. He says okay and They go into the separate corner. Arjun is interested in Their talking.

Arjun phones ringing He picks the phone Its Sakshi calling Arjun talk to Her She asks who is Aditya is now? Is He okay? He tells yes He is okay now and sees at Harshad and Anjna and thinks what Mom and  Dad are talking about? When Sakshi asks His name Arjun! He says yes I am listening! She asks if You need any help from Me to save Adi from this case please tell Me! He says okay and cut off the call, He is still looking at His Mom and Dad and comes to see them that what They are talking about? When He teaches at the door He listens to His Dad's voice He says to Anjna You do not need to worry I will handle everything it's really good that You tell Me everything! Arjun thinks what Mom told Paa?

Aditya is laying down in the jail He is thinking about how He and Zoya were beaten by Those criminals. He remembers Zoya's pain and looks at Her! She is in the opposite jail of Him and also sees at Him. Both are thinking about each other and then realize about their own pain. Aditya stands up comes to the bars and says to Zoya I am sorry She says its okay it's not Your falt You did not wish for this what happened! He says no I should use My mind that was night and in the night Rajveer could not arrest You and at the next day Paa will come so at this time You are at Your home but I do not know what I was thinking that I force You run with Me! I am really very sorry.

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Zoya smiles and says yes I agree You should use Your Brain but it was not Your falt I am not a child  I ran with You as My own You did not force me to run. At that point, I thought that I have no other choice so I also think about the run. Both look each other and smiles slightly. Zoya feel pain in Her hurt foot Aditya asks what happened is You are feeling pain? She says no so much actually when that Ladies were betting Me my foot sprain. Aditya says to Her to pull Your heel She says its hurting.
Aditya says You remember at the time of cricket match I pull Your finger? She says yes but that was You how can I do this? Aditya says You are delicate, not weak, You face a leopard and this is not big then that come on pull Your heel and think that You can do this. She pulls Her heel pain is on Her face at the same moment Rajveer comes.

Rajveer comes and claps and says waoo I have to say that You both are so cute. You do everything together han? You run a company together, You run together, and You murder together and I want to send You for a date with each other and You know where? Tomorrow in the court! He smiles in a taunting mood.

Arjun studies Zoya and Aditya case when He needs one file He opens the drawer and picks the file suddenly He sees Pooja's diary. He thinks that what this dairy can help Me and starts reading. He reads Pooja wrote" When I see at Aditya's face I register so much what will happen if He knew about Me and Yash's affair? He could not bear it. Arjun thinks what this dairy can help Me because all the case about Zoya and Aditya's relationship what will happen when everyone will know that there was an affair of Pooja and Yash, not Aditya and Zoya! He takes that diary as a proof.

Waseem Sadiqi comes with His wife and Daughter Noor to meet Harshverdan Hudda. Waseem says that You are defending My Daughter in the court and We do not know in this city. Arjun Your little Son came to Me and tell Me that You will also defend Zoya so I thought to come here and say thanks.
One servant comes to Arjun room and tells Him that Mr. Waseem Sadiqi come! He says okay and thinks why They came here then He thinks if He came here its means Noor also came! He comes down in hurry to see Her.

Hashveerdan says I am a Lawer first and after this, a Father and now Zoya Sadiqi is My client You do not need to worry about anything I never lose a single case! Waseem Sadiqi says to Him I am new in this city but I have a lot of respect in My city Masury. Noor and Arjun see at each other but says nothing then Anjna comes and says to them how dare You? How dare You to see Us money!. This all happened because of Your Daughter and why You come here before, Your Son in law then Your Daughter Zoya then Your Daughter Noor and now You why not You invite all Masury in Our house? Harsveerdan tries to stop Her by saying please Anjna stop and then He asks Arjun  She says that Your Daughter is using My Son and My Son is so innocent

Bepanah 12 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Harshveerdan says Sorry to Waseem and says Anjna went through a lot. He says no problem I can understand she is upset so thank you so much that you are helping us no come no goes from  there

Noor goes from there. Waseem's Wife asks from Him You see how much angry Anjana from Noor and Zoya and you really believe that he can help us  Wasim Siddiqui says believe in Allah our daughter is innocent and Allah will help her. she nodes.
Aditya and Zoya comes in the room where Harshveerdan is waiting for Him
Aditya comes into the room and sits Zoya also comes and sits. Harshveerdan Hudda tries to Feed Him that He had to calm in the court or the judge will be thought that You are guilty and if once Rajveer success to prove it. It will really hard to prove that You are innocent! He looks at Zoya She nodes.
Aditya says to His Father Paa I ask one thing? He nods! Aditya asks You do not ask a single time
that whether I murdered Pooja or not.
Episode Ends.

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