75003a5d5ad7135e05e52908a4552c91e402304cd03673bf42 Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts Aditya and Zoya sit in a room Harshveerdan comes and says tell me what happened that day and Your both statements should be the same okay and starts recording in His phone and ask what happened that day? Zoya starts telling, We meet in the market that day. Proceeding starts Zoya sees at Her Mother and hugs Her emotionally. Rajveer says the meeting is over! One Lady pushes Her to the next row. Rajveer comes to see Mrs. Madhu Ji and Mahi and asks from Them that You both are ready Mahi nods. Public Prosecutor says I want to show My first evidence and shows the photocopies of Zoya and Aditya's divorced papers to judge. Both look embrace to hear this. The Public Prosecutor starts to tell the court that They both meet 19 March but they knew each other before. And when They both came to know that Their partners are cheating on them and have an affair with each other They decided to kill them and in the meanwhile, They fell in Love with each other. So they both Kill them. When Prosecutor says this Noor feels hesitation from Her Father then Her Father sees Her and asks that You new about the divorce of Zoya and You both kept this in secret from Me? She says nothing but nods. Waseem Sadiqi says if Yash did not die! I would kill Him and never allowed Zoya to stay here.

Prosecute says and on 19 March they met and kill their husband and wife because they had a forbidden relation with each other. Rajveer smiles and looks at Mahi and nodes. Harsveerdan Hudda stands up and says there is no relationship in between Adity and Zoya! Actually, They meet first time that day. Prosecutor says to Harsh I know you are a very big lawyer but I also I am a lawyer and I have some proof against them and I want to show You something and says I want to ask My first evidence Miss Mahi Yash's little sister Mahi comes and take oath that I will say anything that will be true lawyer of Rajveer side asks from Mahi what kind of relationship is in between You and Your Brother's Wife have? Mahi says that Zoya and My Brother married five years ago. But Zoya never tried to understand Me and My Mom. She even never tried to know Us that who We are! She actually had no concern with Me and My Mom.

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Prosecutor asks from Her that you worked with Zoya and Aditya in the same office and ask what you think that they both have any relation? What You look them? Zoya and Aditya look at Mahi Mahi start saying that in the starting everything was okay but with the passage of time I saw many things and I had no doubt about that they have in a relationship. They both have a Love affair. She says that I feel shy to say that they spend some nights with each other! And one morning I saw Aditya came out from Zoya's room and They spent that whole night together. Zoya and Aditya look shocked, Even They tries to avoid each other and then Aditya's face expressions tells as He knows why Mahi is saying all this bullshit. Mahi, remember all that seems when Zoya and Aditya were closed to each other. Then she leaves the rostrum. Arjun asks from Aditya You want to say something? He says not something I want to say all things and today I will speak! Judge says that we will proceed again after lunch and processing stops.

Aditya tries to convince Zoya and says I will say in court that Mahi is fallen in Love with Me and We are working with each other I said to Her I am not interested in Her so that is why She is just want to take revenge from Me that is why She is saying all these things But Zoya denies and says how You can say this in court? And especially in front of Her Mother what She will think about Her daughter? Aditya says She is trying to push You at hanging in the air and You are still worrying about Her? Aditya asks about Her whats wrong with You? She says that I do not want to hurt Mumy Ji at all.
Harsh comes and asks them please come she says I can't do this. He asks what You mean You cant do this Aditya tells His Father that She is ready to hang but would not say anything against Her. In the meanwhile,e Zoya Mother In Law comes to that room in which They three are. She listens to all their talking and wants to come in but then She returns.

Bepanah 13 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Noor comes to Mahi and says to you are so shameless why You did this with My Sister? From how long You were making things against Her? She is about to Scold and want to hit on Her face when Arjun comes there and asks from Her what You are doing? He holds her hand and pull Her from Mahi and says You can not do this here. This is court can be punished for violence!  she turns at Him with anger and pain and taunts Him I am not like you I have no both faces! I am this which I am in front of You and nothing else behind You like You are! and she goes with anger. Zoya is coming to the courtroom when Aditya hold her hand and says if you have not believed in me you can hire another lawyer She says maybe you have no faith in you but I have faith in you more then everything and smiles. Zoya and Aditya come to the courtroom Mr. Harshveerdan asks from Zoya You know what You are going to do? She nodes. Proceeding of the court starts again. Public Prosecutor says I want to call My second evidence Mrs. Madhu Arora lateYash Arora Mom.

She feels hesitation to come but Mahi encourages her to go Rajveer smiles. She comes into the rostrum and takes oath no I ask you know about your and Pooja is relationship she says no I knew after His accident. Public Prosecutor asks from Madhu Ji she was lived in your home with you! You ever saw them together She say that I only believe my eyes and I saw Aditya and Zoya with each other when They were getting married. But I do not know about that if they have any relationship.

Harshvardhan stands and says that this is seeing much time that every mother in law against her daughter in law but very few people are seeing who stands for truth. Mrs. Madhu leaves the rostrum. Rajveer looks transcend and Mahi also. When Mrs. Madhu sits next to Mahi SheScold Her and says How much time I told You that what the statement You will give but You cheat on Me? Mrs. Madhu says that I do not know that if Aditya and Zoya have any relation or not but I know one thing that Zoya cannot do this. She cannot be the murder of My Son. And She had a true love for my son I am angry with her but it is not mean that I will want Her to punish the crime which She did not Kumite Harshavardhan sees that Rajveer receives an envelope and stands up from his place and goes to his lawyer and say something to him Harshvardhan thinks that what Rajveer is playing now?
Episode Ends.

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