Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full  

Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Public Prosecutor says

Your Honor my next witness is CBI officer
Mr.Rajveer Khanna. Rajveer takes the oath I will say nothing, but the truth.
Public Prosecutor asks So, Mr.Rajveer. Yes. You're following this case quite closely.
Right. He asks So, when did you feel that Mr. Yash Arora and Pooja Hooda were killed by Zoya and Aditya? Rajveer says I was suspicious the day these two lied to me. That they don't know each other. Rajveer says that Our defense lawyer, Mr. Hooda had asked me a question some time back that What proof do we have to prove that Aditya and Zoya were in Mussoorie on 19th March? Rajveer says Your Honour, on the evening of 19th March Aditya and Zoya, was in Mussoorie. Rajveer says that I have a CCTV footage The CCTV footage that we have is the proof about this. I took it from the shop where these two were shopping. You can watch it if you wish. Rajveer sets up a screen there where all court member can see that footage.

Rajveer says Your Honour, you can clearly see that these two are buying gifts together. In fact, one of them is buying a gift and the other is paying for it. Rajveer says Your Honour, two strangers don't behave like this together. Harshvardhan asks from  Aditya What's this, Adi? Aditya wants to tell and says Dad, this... and stands up and tells to judge that Your Honour, nothing of this sort had happened. We had met each other for the first time there. Harshvardhan suddenly stands up and says I'm sorry, Your Honour. I apologize on my client's behalf. Public Prosecutor says to Aditya, Mr. Aditya, at least you admitted that you two had met before the accident. Rajveer says to judge, Your Honour, I've never handled such a controversial case in my career to this day. Never! Public Prosecutor says The truth is that Yash and Pooja were busy romancing each other. Both angry husband and wife were conspiring to murder them. He points at Zoya and Aditya.

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Point to be noted that their romance started as soon as Pooja and Yash
got out of their way. Then Zoya stands up and cringely says Please! Please don't make a joke about my personal life. I can't tolerate that. Please! Harshvardhan stands up wrongly and says I am sorry, Your Honour. I apologize on behalf of my client Zoya Arora. He looks at Zoya and says I'd like to remind her, this is court. It's not right to get emotional here. So control your emotions. Rajveer statement completes and Public Prosecutor says to Him Mr. Rajveer, please take your seat. He smiles to see at the judge and says, Your Honour. Public Prosecutor says Your Honour, Mr. Huda's flight was going to Kathmandu on 19th March. But he made an emergency landing and landed the flight in Dehradun Why he did that to find the answer I want to call My next witness. He will explain it. My next witness is Dheeraj Pandey. He takes the oath I will speak nothing but the truth. Public Prosecutor asks What happened Mr. Dheeraj Pandey, on 19th March you took a flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu? He says Yes. He asks Did you fall ill on the flight all of a sudden? He says Yes.very often The flight's captain Aditya Hooda made an emergency landing in Dehradun. Right? He says Yes. Public Prosecutor asks Mr. Pandey, exactly what happened to you? Harshvardhan stands and interprets Objection, Your Honour! Leading the witness. Mr. Pandey had a heart attack that day. Judge says Sustained.

Public Prosecutor says Thank you, Your Honour. And asks again Dheeraj Pandey, tell me were you immediately taken to the hospital? Mr. Pandey says I didn't have to go to the hospital. The medical staff of the airport did my check-up. They said it's normal gastric problem. No need to worry. Harshvardhan stands and says, Your Honour. It's a known fact. The symptoms of both the conditions are same. Such misunderstanding often happens. And says My client Mr. Aditya Hooda didn't want to jeopardize someone's life, therefore, he landed his flight in Dehradun. Your Honour,

Public Prosecutor says that My next evidence is on that day plane's co-pilot. Mr. Rohit Devdhar. Aditya looks worried. Rohit takes auth I will say nothing, but the truth. Prosecutor asks When Mr. Dheeraj Pandey feel sick in the flight. Could you please tell the court about it in detail? He starts and says That day, the hostess told Aditya that passenger's chest is paining. Prosecutor interrupts and says Just for my information he said that his chest was hurting. And not that he is having an attack, right? Rohit says Right He says This means Mr. Aditya assumed that it was a heart attack. Right? He says Yes. Memories of that day remind air hostess comes and tells Aditya that Seat number 25 D's passenger is having chest pain.'

Aditya says 'Must be a heart attack.'Rohit asks from Aditya So what happened after that? Aditya says After that we landed in Dehradun. Prosecutor asks Whose decision was it to land in Dehradun? Mr. Aditya's or ATC's? Rohit tells with hesitation and reminds the memories again Rohet says to Aditya ’Adi in such conditions, landing between the mountain.'Are you risking other lives in order to save one life?’ But Aditya says 'Nothing will happen, I am here.' Prosecutor asks to Tell me Mr.Roy.I need an answer. He looks at Aditya and says It was Aditya. He asks You mean to say that Aditya took such a big risk by ignoring ATC? Then He says to Him Okay, you make leave now. And says to judge Your Honour is Aditya a certified doctor or a pilot? He assumes that the one with chest pain is having a heart attack. Or was he looking for a reason to reach Mussoorie anyhow from Dehradun and execute his plan with the help of Zoya. Or else, who risks so many lives? Your Honour, let me answer this question. Aditya and Zoya had planned that they have to get Pooja and Yash out of the way. After that, they took over his company.

Bepanah 14 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

They took their lives and then they started to live happily ever after. That's all. Aditya and Zoya look worried. Arjun says to says to His Father Dad, this Juge... Harsh says I know. He is believing the prosecutor. Arjun looks at His watch and says Luckily today's court timing is over. Harsh nodes. Judge says Today's proceeding is over. The proceeding will continue tomorrow morning at 9am. A defense lawyer can keep his cross tomorrow. Harsh says Yes, sir. Mahi smiles and shows a thumbs up to Rajveer He nodes slightly and smiles Harsh says to Aditya and says, Adi! Listen to me no public prosecutor can do anything to you. I will win this case at any cost. Do you trust me? He nodes as yes then a Police Man says to Aditya Come on and hold His rest. He is about to leave the courtroom when Rajveer says By the way, you can do nothing else but trust him. Aditya looks at Him with anger then Rajveer says to Police Man Take him away. That Man says Come on. They leave the courtroom. Rushna Waseem Siddiqui wife says to Him I pray to God for tomorrow to be better than today. Waseem says I don't why but I feel Zoya might be saved but Aditya Hooda will be in a lot of trouble.

They have damning strong evidence against him. Harshvardhan Hooda will have to perform a miracle. Harsh Hudda is listing Their conversation and says to Himself 'I will do everything possible in order to save my son.''No matter what I have done I will surely perform this miracle.' Both Zoya and Aditya are sitting in jail when Aditya says to Her Zoya, I knew something like this would happen. That is why I was telling you to tell the thing regarding Mahi. The person you're so worried about doesn't care about you one bit. When will you understand that? Zoya asks to Him When will you understand? What do you think I'm worried about myself? Aditya, I'm worried about you. The way they tarnish your reputation there it felt as though you are guilty and behind it all. Aditya says to Her Zoya, don't worry about me. Dad will do something or the other.

Zoya says I hope so, Aditya. One Police Man comes and says Aditya Come out. You have a visitor. Harshvardhan says to Aditya Today, Rajveer .played all his cards in court. Now, the ball is in my court.Aditya says I always kept saying it, dad and also says I told Zoya as well that dad knows we are innocent.We are not at fault and he'll save us Right, dad ?and holds His hand. Harsh remembers past memories when Aditya was a little boy and says to Him Dad, will you save me?''I haven't done anything. Harsh says 'Right. and also holds Aditya’s hand with Love. Arjun comes to Harshvardhan and says Dad, maybe this diary can help you a bit.He also says, Look, I know that you know that I stole this diary from Mussoorie. Harshvardhan says to Him Those things don't matter anymore, Arjun. He says Dad, this diary proves that Zoya and Aditya were unaware of Pooja and Yash's affair.Harsh says Yes. Okay, Arjun. Thank you.Arjun is about to leave His study room when Harsh calls Him Arjun, Do one thing.Go and meet Zoya and Adi and ask them what all happened when Rajveer was following them. He says Fine and goes. Harshvardhan close servant comes and see the dairy and says Sir, this is the same...Harsh cut into and says Right.

He says Read it. His servant starts reading. His servant wants to say something and says  But Sir... Harsh says No one should even get a hint of it. Not even Arjun. He says Don't worry, sir. Don't worry at all. He asks But sir, Ms. Zoya...Harsh says I am not running an orphanage. I am only trying to save my son. I have sent Arjun so that he doesn't pose as a hurdle to you. Whatever you have to do, do it now. He says Right, sir. Harsh phone rings He picks the call and says Hello...Arjun says Dad...Come to the police station soon. He asks What happened? Harsh asks Is Adi fine? Arjun tells Him He's very stressed. He wants to talk to you. Please come quickly. He says Fine, I am coming. Arjun tells Aditya Dad is coming. Harsh comes at Police station and asks What happened? Yes? And says to Aditya Don't worry at all, son I will manage everything.

I have worked out everything. Aditya says I know what you have worked out. Aditya looks at Arjun He says to Him You are withdrawing from Zoya's case. Not only this, you will put the entire blame on her. Harsh looks at Arjun with anger and tries to tell Aditya Try to understand me. Every witness and every proof is against you. I want to save you. I am your father! Aditya says That's the reason I'm telling you. He asks in anger How can you do this You are blinded in your son's love Dad....that you cannot see Even Zoya is someone's daughter. She too is innocent like me. She has also been cheated. Is this what you call justice? Aditya asks Him You tolerate all the wrongdoings, you're accused and you get punished! You said you have no other option. I know my dad very well. He does what he wants to. The problem is you are not thinking about anyone except me. But no... I won't let my dad to do such a huge misdeed. I won't let him impose such a serious accusation on an innocent girl. Harshvardhan shouts Enough! Don't teach me my job.

Harsh asks to Him Tell me one thing Who is this Zoya? Who is she for whom you are staking your life? You know, this is your problem. When you love someone you don't just trust but you have blind faith on them. You stumble, but you repeat the same mistake again. Before, it was Pooja then,it was Sakshi and now it's Zoya. I agree that Pooja was your wife Sakshi was like your mom, but what about Zoya? Who is this Zoya? A friend Sympathiser? Your colleague? Adi, who is she? Aditya remembers His talking with Zoya when He says to Her 'Zoya if you want to hire another lawyer it's okay. I'll talk to my dad.' But Zoya says' I already told you we are together in this.''And I have faith on you, Aditya.' 'And I even have faith on your dad that he will do everything that he can and get us out of this problem. Aditya comes back from His memory and answers His Father No one. Nothing. She's just innocent. And I can't let anything wrong happen to her.He says to Him Dad, you just have two options. The first is, you will save us both. And the second is tomorrow I'll confess in front of the judge that I had murdered those two cheaters. Harsh shouts What?Aditya bout to go when Arjun Holds His way and says Brother, please. Have you gone crazy? Calm down. This is not an option. Aditya says This is the option, Arjun. Either we both will be saved or Zoya will be saved. Episode Ends.

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