Bepanah 15 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 15 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts both are sitting in the jail and Harvvedan Huda is in His house Anjna is praying and Zoya's parents

Aditya comes to see Harshveeran, He says You ask Me to chose! I have chosen. That is obvious that I will defend You but now I will also protect Zoya but I have a condition that You will do not ask me any question. I complete My work. Aditya says if Zoya will save I will not ask anything, His Father says okay Son and goes.

The proceedings in court start the representative of court says Defense Lawer can put His avoidance
Mr. Harsh says what was the reason behind this Murder? Public prosecutor interprets and says this, not a playground this is a court and You are just joking! Harsh says no I really want to know and also says that there was no affair betweenYeash Arora and Pooja Hudda and I can prove it right now.

Harsh says that I want to call on the rostrum the shopkeeper of that shop where Aditya and Zoya meet and asks Him. He talks auth that I will say the truth. Harsh asks from Him that 15 March Zoya and Aditya came to Your shop? He says yes. Harsh asks that what had happened that day? He says Zoya and this Man(Aditya)came to My shop! They both want to the buy same gramophone and that was the only piece that is why They quarrel with each other. Harsh asks You now Both of them? He says I know Zoya because She is Our regular customer but I saw this Man first time that day and He points finger at Aditya. Harsh asks to Him that what You think that They meet before or they knew each other before? He says no because Zoya wants to buy for His Husband Yesh and that Man wanted to buy someone special. Harsh says it means They did know each other before? He says I do not think so. Harsh says to Him to go. And says now talk to the second thing Public Prosecutor said
that why Aditya land the airplane in Mumbai instead of Katmandu? And He asked a question that Aditya is a piolet, not Doctor so how He assume that that was a gas problem or a heart attack? Yes that is why He lands the airplane

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