Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Aditya and His Father Harshveerdan Hudda hug each other His Father says Congratulations, my boy! You're a free bird now. I had told you, I'm going to win this case no matter what. Arjun says, Congratulations, brother. Aditya says to His Father I don't know what I would have done without you. His Father says I didn't go anywhere. I was here. You had gone away. Aditya says Sorry. Rajveer comes and says to Them What are you congratulating for? For making fun of the law or for insulting the justice? Believe me, I've never met a deceitful person like you in my entire career. You must be thinking, you will get away with this by using all those legal tricks. But as long as people like me are in the law enforcement I won't let that happen. It was just a small fight, Mr. Hooda. The real battle is yet to start. Rajveer tries to hold Harshveerdan neck When Aditya holds His hand in the air and says Neither is this your lock-up nor am I handcuffed. I dare you to touch my dad. Rajveer asks What are you going to do then? Do you think, I'll accept defeat so easily? Harsh says You must accept defeat, Mr. Rajveer. Accept it now or accept after wasting some more time of both of us. Then He looks at behind Him where Two Police Man come with an envelope in His hand Harsh says Oh! You don't have any time left. A breaking news is coming for you. Those Police Men come to Rajvver and say, Rajveer Khanna, take this. He asks What is this? One Man says A suspension letter! Yes. An inquiry is starting against you from tomorrow. Harsh says Let's go, Aditya. He looks at Rajveer and says in a taunting tone When someone starts to fly too high then it becomes necessary to cut their wings. Let's go home. Rajveer is still standing at that place He looks shocked. 

Madhu Ji comes out of court She is crying badly Zoya follows Her She also crying She tries to satisfy  Her and says Mom, please. Please believe me. I..I didn't know that Aditya's dad was going to say all that. Madhu Ji says Stop it, Zoya. Please leave from here, Zoya. I had accepted son is at fault. He had crossed the boundary of marriage. And I let you stay in the house so that you won't have to pay for the mistake he made. But Zoya, what did you do? You didn't care about Yash even once. Zoya follows Her and says  That's not true, mom. I didn't know, he was going to say all that. Please! I didn't know. Madhu Ji continuously scold Her and says Zoya, how shameless you are! When will you leave us? She again tries to say something and says Mom But Madhu ji says and I'll face the consequences after whatever happened today in the court. People will question us. You've made a joke out of our middle-class family. Both reach at home together Zoya tries to tell Mahi that She is innocent and says to Her That's not true, Mahi. Mahi says Shut up! You know what? Get out of the house. Zoya is crying and asks Where will I go? She says Leave! Zoya looks with Help seekers eyes but Mahi says, I say, get out! And push Her with a jerk at the door Zoya fells down on earth then She sees at the door where Her Father and Her whole Family is standing She says, Dad. Her Father comes to Her and holds Her and stand Her up. She says, Dad. Her Father asks from Mahi Who are you asking to leave? Zoya says Dad, please! Her father says Hold on, Zoya. And asks again from Mahi Get out from where? Mahi says From my house. From our house. 

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Waseem Sadiqi asks Since when is this house yours? Zoya tries to stop talking Her Father like this but He says Huh! This house belongs to my daughter Zoya. Zoya asks in shock What? Her Father tells Her This house belongs to you, Zoya. Both mother and daughter knew this very well. You are still ousting her, right? Yash had borrowed money from me to buy this house. But I had made a condition that this house will be on my daughter Zoya's name. So! Both Mahi and Madhu ji looks shocked to listen this Waseem Sadiqi asks Why are you shocked after hearing that? And Mrs. Madhu I didn't expect this at least from you. Madhu Ji starts crying and looks ashamed Zoya’s Father says Madhu Ji, you are just like your children. Or should I say, your children have taken after you? Because the fruit never falls far away from the tree. 

He also says  I will request you to pack your bags and get out of this house! Zoya comes out of Her shock and asks Why didn't you tell me, dad? She talks about Mahi and Her Mother and says They didn't tell me. They did the right thing. They were so unjust to me, but this house was in my name why didn't you tell me? Neither did Yash tell me nor you told me. What could I do? Her Father says  I was helpless, that's the reason I couldn't tell you. I had promised Yash. That I will keep it a secret. Her Father asks from Her Did you ever think why did Yash hide everything from you? That's because he wanted to prove his capability. He is not here so I can't ask him all this. But I can ask you, right? Zoya says in shock I didn't have the slightest thinking as to what was happening in my life? She says to Her Father You hid the truth from me. Yash hid the truth from me. And because of you, I turned into a weak girl. Who feels the fairy tales are still true. I don't have the slightest knowledge of the world outside. Her Father says  It is not true! Her Mother interests and says Stop it both of you! For God's sake, please stop it! You know what's the problem between you both? You both feel that only you both are right in the entire world. And the entire world is wrong. But the truth is you both are wrong. Mahi smiles to listen to this. Her Mother says to Her Father Wasim Zoya is right. You protected her so much till now that she is facing problems at every step when she has grown up.

Her Mother says to Her Dear you had out of your own will and happiness married Yash. Dear, you got married. But the saddest part is you failed to become an ideal wife. Yash provided you with all the luxuries. Did you even think once where is all the money coming from? Think. How burdened that guy must be that he asked money from your father. In spite of knowing the fact that he dislikes him completely. Zoya, my child. The relation that a wife and a husband share is really strong. They are the biggest support for each other. Just think was it entirely Yash's fault? Weren't you at fault? Madhu Ji now looks in shocked and grief She goes to Yash’s photo and picks it and starts talking to His picture and says This is not our this is not our house. Mahi comes to Her and says, Mom? Mom... This Don't say such things, please. Mahi looks at Her Mom Mrs. Madhu just collapsed Mahi shouts Mom Zoya also shouts Mom Mom! Mom! Mom! Zoya looks Her Father and says  Call the doctor. Aditya His Father and little Brother Arjun come at Their home door and laughing Aditya looks his father and touches Her feet Her Mother asks Adi, you are paying respects? I am getting emotional watching mom. That's the reason I did this. Anjna says Welcome home. Come. Aditya says Thank you. Aditya is waiting for Zoya...He looks restless without Her He Messages Her 'Zoya, where are you?' 'You didn't even congratulate me?' 'You know mom has thrown a big party at home.' 'Listen, come quickly if possible.'Zoya is sitting in the hospital and looking at Her Mother In Law when She sees the message of Aditya and looks very angry to read His message and stand up to go His home Anjna calls Him Adi, you come here. What's this? Come on. Anjna is happy to serve a lot of food to His Son and says You be seated here. Aditya says So much food?! Arjun asks from Her Mother Will he be able to eat all this up, alone? She says Yes. Adi again says So much food? I've cooked all your favorite delicacies. He says They're my favorite, but a little too much. You will have to finish everything. He says Got it? But How will I eat all this? She smiles and says You will. He says Okay, you help me in finishing everything. Both feed each other.

Bepanah 18 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

 Zoya comes to His home She sees that Aditya is dancing and when He looks at Her he says I am searching for you for so long. Where are you? I called you up so many times. Aditya tries to hug Her and says Congratulations. Zoya angerly asks You are celebrating Yash's defamation with great pomp. Aditya asks Zoya what's the problem? She asks from Him What is the problem? You all are celebrating your son's freedom. And Yash's mom has suffered a heart attack. You know why? Because your dad has defamed her son. She was not able to tolerate that defamation. Your dad proved that you are innocent I agree, he even proved my innocence. Even Pooja wasn't accused. But who was defamed and accused in the end? It was Yash. You had promised me your dad will set things right. He will save us. But at what cost? In order to save yourselves, you ruined Yash's dignity and fame his family's trust and everything. Anjna comes with anger and says This girl is here again? Aditya holds Her hand and stops Her to say anything bad to Zoya and says, Mom! And He Himself asks from Her What could have been done? Are you unhappy getting away with life imprisonment? Will you be happy if you are put behind the bars for the next 14 years? Your husband wasn't innocent. He betrayed you. And still, You and We would have to bear if we were punished he can't even be punished.

Zoya shouted says To save you if any lawyer proved that Pooja was a characterless girl she had affairs with many people for a little money, she would spend a nightAditya shouts Zoya!and want to slap Her when Harshveerdan Hudda says Adi!and He holds Himself His hand is in the air and says Shut up. Zoya looks shocked with grief and asks You felt bad, right Aditya? It was painful, right? I was also pained. I agree that our partners were cheating on us. But were they so bad that they deserve this? Yash did not deceive Pooja. They loved each other and even you know this very well. Aditya is trying to control Himself. Zoya says Yash didn't marry me for money. What did you all say? You all said that he is clinically depressed suicidal and even he is the murderer of Pooja? You didn't even think about what would that mother go through who lost her son just a months ago. All Hudda’s looks each other and tries to avoid Zoya but She says I'll never forget this, Aditya. And I won't even let you forget it.

Harsher comes to Aditya and says I was thinking that whether Zoya would make the mistake of reopening this case. If she does this then it would affect our credibility. Aditya nods and looks lost in thinking. Zoya comes to Hospital and looks Her Mother In Law but She angerly turns Her face Zoya says I know that you don't even wish to see my face. For my entire life, I was always dependent on someone. Sometimes dad, sometimes Yash and sometimes Aditya. She is crying and says Now it's enough, mommy Ji. I promise that I will bring back your lost respect. Independently. Harshveerdan Hudda says Don't worry. We are together now. Aditya says to His parents Your elder son is with you now. His eyes are read because He does not want to cry and He holds Himself and says I trusted others a lot.
You are correct that I faced betrayal. I always stumble and I repeat the same mistake again. But, not this time. Now I have understood that when the world leaves us the only family supports us. The entire world may be our enemy but family is family. He looks at His Father and says I'll do whatever you say.

Zoya is sitting at Her Mother5 in Law’s bed in the hospital and tries to hold Her hand then Her MIL opens Her eyes and when She sees at Her She turns Her face with anger but Zoya says Mom, though you may not consider me your family you will always be and forever my family. And for you, I'll be reopening this case. Anjna and Harshveerdan come to Aditya Anjna say to Him Adi! I and your dad have decided something. He looks at them as He is worrying about something he asks what? His Mom tells  We were thinking of inviting Zoya and her family for Eid's party. He looks worried and asks Mom, what's the need for this? His Father says to Him Adi, we were thinking that if we befriend Zoya and her family maybe, she'll have a change of heart. You know that Zoya is a very emotional girl. She's ready to sacrifice her freedom for the mother of that guy who betrayed her. I think we should also create an emotional bond with her. Anjna and Aditya nods but He is still thinking about Zoya, His Father says And to erase anger and to be friendly with everyone no other chance could be better than this, right? He slightly smiles and nods.
Episode Ends.

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