Bepanah 19 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 19 June2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts Rajveer is drinking and remembers all things some Police officers say with tauntingly about Him He will work against Mr. Harshveerdan Hudda! One Man laughs at Him. He also recalls His last conversation with Harshverdan Hudda Officer You said that
You will prove My Son wrong but I think You have not enough time to do so and looks at behind Him where two People are coming and there is an envelope on one of that Man's handsZoyaand are in hospital room Zoya is about to go when Mahi holds Zoya's hand and says please listen to Me one time Please I admit that I am selfish and I am a very bad girl. This is a day of Eid Zoya, Noor and Their Parents are hugging each other and says Happy Eid then the doorbell rings Zoya comes to open the door and Aditya is at Her home door Zoya sees at Aditya and says You? They both see at each other with anger when Harsh Hooda comes and says, Eid Mubarak, Harsh says if You will come We will be happy! Aditya willingly drops His spun on His pants and says where the bathroom is Zoya's Mother says Her to show Him bathroom so He can clean His pants, She goes with Him unwillingly.

Zoya says I know that You did deliberately Aditya says then You would know why I did do this
Zoya says what You think that what Your Father said in the court after that I will be Your Friend 
Aditya says that 

Rajveer meets a man a Man that Man gives Him a black big bag Rajveer asks Him all stuff is in this? he says yes He again asks that house will be demolished with this He answers not should stay away from That house because not only that house will demolish but the whole that place will demolish. Rajveer smiles and says now the countdown is beginning. 

Arjun is on the phone and says someone please hurry up all things should be here as soon as possible. Then Her Mother comes and asks to Him all arrangements are okay He says Yes! Arjun asks from Anjna that why His Father call Sidiqi's on Eid party? She looks upset but do not shows and tells Him with the smile that Sadiqi's went through a lot of bad things We thing to invite so They will be happy for some time do not worry and please check all the arrangments and turn in the hurry. Arjun thinks something is wrong. Rajveer is in a get up so no one can recognize Him. He is listing all Arjun and His Mom's talking when They go He smiles and says now it will be double fun as not only Hudda's but Sidiqi's will also here.

Zoya says to His Parents that I will not come to Their home why You admit Their offer to come there? His Father says I know that Huuda's are smarter and I know one thing that Hudda's are dangerous people nither Their friendship nor Their rivalry is good. And as We do not know many People in this city We need to be aware of them and We will go There because it's also very important to know what They are planning! But Zoya insists that I do not know why but I am feeling not good to go there. I have a feeling that something wrong will happen there but Her Mother says why You are thinking all this bad stuff on the blessing day of Eid? She also says with the smile where is My Daughter Zoya who always thinks in a positive way? She says Zoya You are here just because of Harshveerdan Hudda Noor also says that I agree with Zoya but Her Mother says Who asked You? Zoya tries to say something but Her Mother says that I decide that We all will go there.

Harsh comes to Aditya and says You will tackle  Arjun He is very emotional take care of Him Aditya says You are right Paa I will take care of Him and You are right if this case will open this will prove that We lied Somewhere if this proves that We are murder then what I know Zoya She is very emotion Girl please Dad talk to Her Father He will understand what We are saying because in this Zoya's benefit is also 

Zoya ,Noor and Her Parents are ready for Eid serimony Their Father comes 

Harhrsveerdan Hudda is going to upstairs when
Anjna is seeing all arangments of Eid party 
Rajveer comes and set a big black color bag in the place when Arjun comes to Him He turns

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