Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Harsh stands on the stairs and asks from Aditya Why haven't the Siddiqui's arrived yet? He says I don't know, dad. I guess Zoya forbade them from coming. Then Harsh looks at the main door and says Here they come. One lady sees Zoya and says She's Zoya, right? She asks from another Man Are these people invited for the party, too? Anjna and whole Hudda Family come to receive Sadiqi's Anjna say Welcome! Happy Eid to You all, first of all. Zoya’s Mother says Thank you and wish you the same. Anjna says I was thinking, we should forget everything that ever happened. You are all here and I'm feeling very happy about that. Zoya’s Mother says You invited us so affectionately. We are very glad to come here. Anjna says with smile Thank you. Please come. Please come inside. All sadiqi Family goes inside but Noor is still stood there when Arjun wants to talk to Her and says Noor, I need to...But Noor avoids Him and goes. Anjna says them Please sit. Harsh Hudda comes to Aditya and mumbling in Aditya's ear Just keep Zoya busy in conversation. Meanwhile, I'll meet Mr.Siddiqui in private. Aditya nods and goes to Zoya but She also avoids Him. Zoya's Mother says Listen. Aren't the arrangements really nice over here? He says Yes, the arrangements are indeed nice. At least, we got a chance to witness an Eid party in Mumbai.

 Noor is talking Her self loudly”It's just a matter of a few more minutes. This party will be over and I won't even need to see Arjun again. He follows Her and chases Her at the place where the bomb is implanted, He looks her and asks Noor, listen. Noor! Zoya’s Mother asks Where did Noor go? Zoya looks randomly here and there then She noticed that Aditya is looking at Her constantly She wants to avoid Him and says Her parents I'll just go and check on Noor. Her Mother says Okay, dear. Zoya wants to go when Aditya comes into Her way so She has to stop now Zoya and Aditya are in front of each other. Some People are talking and say The Hoodas didn't cancel the party despite everything that happened this year. Aditya is listing them and says You're absolutely right. He constantly sees at Zoya and answers that Lady That's because someone explained to me that Ramzan teaches us to be patient. Then Zoya also remembers Her words which She tells to Him in Uncle Waseem Alam house'This month teaches us to be patient.'

Aditya again repeats Her words teaches us to believe in honesty and goodness.' And Zoya again remembers Her words again It teaches us to believe in honesty, goodness and in God. Zoya avoids to Make eye contact with Him. But He is still seeing at Her and asks from Her What does Eid teach us? But Zoya says nothing and looks another side Then He answers Himself It teaches us to forget about the past and move on in our lives. She is about to go but Aditya comes in Her way She looks at Her with anger. Aditya says in soft tone Zoya, listen to me. I want the betterment of my family, in the same way, you want the betterment of your family. That's why a compromise between our families is necessary and it will happen today. One Man come to Him and hugs Him and says, Aditya! Happy Eid. Aditya turns to hug Him and Zoya goes from there when Aditya turns back there is no Zoya standing He starts searching for Her. Zoya’s Mother thinks 'Where's Mr.Hooda going along with Wasim?' She looks upstairs. Arjun follows Noor and asks Her, listen! Noor! Noor, listen. She says I don't want to listen to you at all! He says Noor, I didn't know that you're Zoya's sister. I swear I wouldn't have any idea! She says I don't want to listen to anything. Aditya thinks it seems like I'll have to do something myself. He goes on the stage and says  Good evening, everyone! You all are heartily welcome to the Eid party of the Hoodas. Many of you might be thinking that despite everything that happened the Hoodas have organized an Eid party. He constantly looks at Zoya and She feels embarrassed. Aditya says That's because we Hoodas believe in celebrating happiness and not sorrows. And on this happy occasion, we're not alone. The Siddiquis are with us! Then He asks Her Zoya Siddiqui, will you please come up on stage?

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

 Every one clape so Zoya cannot avoid all people because everyone is seeing at Her Her Mother is also seeing at Her and want to says something to Her but Zoya comes on stage with hesitation. Aditya stands in front of Her and says On this holy occasion of Eid, I would like to express my wish to befriend Zoya, in your presence. He gives His hand for hand shack She looks hesitation but then She makes hand shack with Him. He looks at Her with the naughty smile tpullsShe pull Her hand From His hand and He says What are you doing? Everyone is watching us. We must behave as if we're innocent at least in front of people. And we are. She says with anger  Listen to me. I don't care what people think or say. All I care about is that you all proved that Yash killed Pooja. And that he committed suicide. That is not true. Zoya’s Mother is looking that Harsh takes Her Husband on the upstairs. She tries to stop Him but is notable because the music volume is so high She asks for Him and says once one song plays and Aditya starts dancing and tries to involve Zoya also in dance. Zoya’s Mother asks Her Zoya. Zoya! Zoya. But She cannot hear.

Rajveer is standing there where music system is placed and says to Himself The coast is clear and this is the right time. He increases the volume the red light starts blinking The bomb has triggered. He says Now, someone will turn it down and it will go boom. Zoya!Zoya!Zoya!Zoya. Zoya, Her Mother says to Her I have been calling you for so long. Mr. Hooda took your dad upstairs. Zoya looks worried and goes to upstairs to see Her Dad but Aditya is away from Her and not able to stop Her but He follows Her in hurry. Wassem Sadiqi says to Harsh Hudda I knew that your invitation for the Eid celebration was not to be friends. What do you want? Harsh smiles and says Mr. Siddiqui, you have come straight to the point. Believe me, I respect people like you a lot. That is why I called you here. Because I know that only you can understand what I am about to say. Waseem Sadiqi remains quite Harsh says Mr, Siddiqui, please convince your daughter Zoya. What is the use of reopening this case? What is the need for Zoya to prove Yash's innocence? Mr. Siddiqui because of our kids' foolishness both our families have suffered enough already. He asks You tell me, will you like it if the case is in the court again and your daughter's reputation will be questioned once again? If it is about insurance money and Zosh Events' future then I am ready to take on all the liabilities. I will give how as much money is needed. After all, money is nothing compared to our kids' future. Waseem Sadiqi says yes Then Harsh Hudda asks Is 50 million enough? He signatures a check and gives it to Him but Zoya picks from Harsh’s hand and tore the check and says with anger and grief

Mr. Hooda, thank you for your hospitality. If you think you can give us this cheque and buy my conscience then you are wrong. You will never succeed in doing this, Mr. Hooda. Aditya comes to Her and asks  Are you crazy, Zoya? What is this nonsense? She asks with anger Am I talking nonsense, Aditya? Your dad is...She asks Why did you call us all here? So that you can convince my dad that I shouldn't reopen this case? No matter how much you all try but, I will not change my decision. I have promised Yash’s mother. And I am not one of those who will make fake promises for her own good. Then She says to Her Father Now you know that some people can't even celebrate a festival unless there's an ulterior motive. Then She holds Her Father's hand and says Let's go, dad. Aditya says to His Father Sorry, dad. Zoya is very stubborn. She's adamant. She wants to reopen the case and that is it now. Zoya looks in hurry She says Her Mother and Sister Let's go. Her Mother asks But what happened, dear? She does not answer and says Let's go, Noor. Arjun sees them and understands what happened in His Father room and says to Himself 'Now, I know. This year, Eid was celebrated for the Siddiqui family.' 'Dad was always like this.' 'But I didn't expect this from you, Adi.' Aditya and His Father comes out from the room and are stand on the balcony and see all people Aditya says to Him I will try to convince her once again. Aditya is in anger and wants to come down but His Father holds Him and says No, wait, Adi. Listen to me. Adi. Not like this. Explain it to her, but nicely. There are many people downstairs. They are looking at us. He nods and tries to calm Himself. Whole Sadiqi Family have come out from Hudda’s House Noor says I had already said that I am with Zoya. The Hoodas are very selfish.

Bepanah 20 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Aditya and...Then Arjun asks Zoya! Zoya. But She says Listen, Arjun if you are here to speak for your brother, then please go back. I don't want to hear a thing. He says  Zoya, I am not here to talk about Aditya. Zoya, please. Zoya, I want to help you. I thought the Eid celebrations were meant for our families to be friends. Even that day in the court I knew nothing about Yash's defamation. Noor looks at Him with anger. Arjuna says I think, what he did wasn't right. Zoya, I became a lawyer so that I could stand by the truth. I want to help you. Noor cut into and says Really? This could also be another trick of the Hoodas. How can we believe you? Zoya says Her One minute, Noor. She asks from Him What kind of help? Arjun says I have something that will help you in court. Please wait for five minutes. I'll go and get it. Arjun goes. Noor says to Her Family He won't do anything. He won't have any evidence. This is who the Hoodas are! Come on. But Zoya says Listen, dad......Arjun, his brother is not like their father. I know him. He helped me before as well. Look, you all take a taxi and go ahead while I have a word with him and join you. Please believe me. Her Father says As you wish. We'll wait. She says Thank you. Her Father says Come on and the whole Family goes from there. One Man comes to Harsh and asks Mr. Hooda, is everything fine? He says with fake smile Oh, yes! Everything's fine there was a misunderstanding with the caterers. Have you all eaten the food? We've specially called for a chef from Lucknow. He is still searching for Zoya and Her Family. Harsh comes to Aditya who is now downstairs and also looking for Zoya and says to Him I hope you can make Zoya understand that not re-opening the case is best for everyone...especially for her. He nods and starts searching for Her. 

Rajveer is stand in the Hudda’s garden and talking on phone Just think that good is going to prevail over evil. As soon as the volume of the music lowers there will be a blast in there. Mr. Hooda and his family's his evil deeds will be abolished as well with that! But we have to be careful...Then Rajveer turns and sees Zoya is standing behind Him. He gets upset as He knew that Zoya has listened to everything that He said He asks her Zoya, what are you doing here? She also looks Him and tries to shouts then Rajveer put His hand on Zoya’s mouth and pulls Her then Arjun asks Her and takes Her name Zoya! Zoya? She tries to free Herself from Rajveer but She fails. Waseem Sadiqi looks at His watch and says Where is Zoya? And says to His wife Forget about Arjun, I don't feel like believing any member of the Hooda family. Noor says Dad, don't worry. I'll go and check. His Father says Where are you going, now? But She has gone to find Her. His wife says Let her go and check. Aditya come out from His house and sees Arjun He asks from Him Arjun, did you see where Zoya went? He answers What's the use of asking this now? After what you and dad did...Aditya cut into and angerly says Arjun, don't lecture me. Tell me if you know where she is. He says I don't know. Aditya asks She was outside? He says No! Noor is asking Her name and tries to find Her Sister? Then Aditya comes there for searching Her then both looks each other Aditya asks Her Where is your crazy sister? I've been looking for her since a while. Noor says I'm asking the same question. Where is my sister? What have you planned for now? Is that why you stopped my sister? Aditya asks Who stopped her? She tells Your brother. He asks Arjun? She says Yes. Zoya is running then She sees from distances Aditya and Noor are talking with each other. Zoya shouts Aditya! He looks at Her and feels something is wrong He comes to Her but at the same moment, A white bus comes between them and Zoya. He shouts Zoya. Zoya is also shouting Aditya! He says  Hey! Stop! Zoya! Wait! Zoya! Noor is also shouting Sister! Then She asks from Aditya 'What is happening? Why did they take Zoya...But He says nothing.
Episode Ends.

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