Bepanah 5 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 5 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama Starts with Aditya and Zoya are walking in the forest and Aditya says I am very thirsty please I want to drink water. They both look for some water and they find a little pond finally. Aditya’s is not able to drink water with one hand because His right arm is injured. Zoya sees Aditya is struggling to drink water with one hand. She herself brings water in her both hands for Him and He drinks that from Zoya's hands. They start walking again Zoya says Him to on His phone so we can use GPS and we will able to know where we are! He says no They will be recording Our calls if We will on the phone They came to know Our location. We should find some phone booth first! let's go. 
APerson from the bank who gives the lone to Zosh event company comes and says to all Zoysh events members I am sorry We are here to seal the office. Every one looks Each other, Methilash Ji says please sir give Us some more time Akanksha says please sir wait for Adity and Zoya! Mona says We will not go from here That Person says no and says to Inspector to seel the office. Police push them outside of their office. They seal the office, all members stand there.

Bepanah 5 June 2018 written update – Aditya and Arjun's code language

Zoya and Aditya finally Successful to find the phone booth. Zoya asks Him how You know that Arjun will receive Your phone? He answers because I know My little Brother, At the moment when He will not talk to Me, He will not rest in peace. Zoya says but there is police at Your home how You will talk to Him? He says this is Our childhood game We will play today again. He calls Arjun, Arjun is walking near the phone as is waiting for phone bell rings He pic the cradle at once. A Police officer takes an eye at Him As He picks the call that Police officer on the speaker at once and Indicates to keep talking, He feels hesitation to talk. Aditya understands that the speaker is on.

 Arjun says Hello! Aditya also says Hello! and says Aslam U Alaykum Arjun, Aditya says I am talking from Kooet Mr. Adduh Ali Aytida, Arjun smile slightly as He understands that this is Aditya on the call He says Walykum Slam Mr. Aytida, I was waiting for Your phone! Actually, Your address had changed so the courier returns here. As You send Me the new address I will send You again! He also says You know better that Hooda and Sons never leave a work incomplete. Aditya smiles and says yes I know and tells Him about His location in pin codes, He notes down and ends the call. Zoya looks amazed when He ends the call She asks what was this, what kind of codes that was how Arjun will understand? Why did not You tell Him our location? He says this is codes for You for our this is a language and we played this game in our childhood and He must have solved the code till now! let's go.

Rajveer and Mahi are in the car both have wear headphones when They have heard their call Rajveer smiles but Mahi angerly says how many call Arjun have received today why not Aditya is calling Him, when will He call Him? Rajveer looks at Him and says I thought You are intelligent but You are not! She asks what do you mean? He says this call was from Aditya! How You know? He says Aytida means Aditya and Adduh means Hudda and what He was saying these are digital pin codes of the area and that pin codes are of Badlapur it means They are in Badlapur, Mahi looks at Him as impressed and says waoo Let's go then,

Aditya and Zoya go to a little restaurant Aditya feels hunger and pick some food for Him. Both sit that little restaurant Aditya asks Zoya to eat She says I am at FAST, I will eat after Eftar, Aditya says to Her She should tell Him before at least  He does not eat ahead of Her and turns, She asks when I tell You? When Rajveer was after us or when Tiger was? Aditya says nothing. After some time They see a car is coming to them, Zoya is excited to see that car and says ALLAH Tyra shukar Arjun came! She about to go to that car when Aditya holds Her hand and says no this is not Arjun and pulls Her to the jangle side, Both are running.

Rajveer stops His car near that restaurant and asks a Man two people were here where They are? He says they go to the jungle side. Rajveer and Mahi enter the jungle to find Aditya and Zoya. Rajveer sees blood on earth, Mahi asks who's Blood is this? Rajveer sites on earth and examine thoroughly and says maybe someone of them is wounded if blood is here its means some small village also be here .let go find them! They both start searching and police team also

Mahi angerly says You are really in the CBI? I have doubt on You, How do they always live one step ahead of You? Rajveer says Her to be quite and tries to listen to some noise but Mahi continuously taunts Him, He says I said quite and pull Her arm and push Her at the tree Rajveer points gon at Mahi's head, and says I have a doubt on You may be You inform them,She says no You..You have to, believe me, I am at Your side, He says to keep quiet or I will shoot You. He asks from Police officers at walkie talkie

Both Aditya and Zoya run away fast. Zoya gets injured while running. Her foot is trapped in a metal and she starts bleeding. Aditya tries to help her out. Zoya sAdityaitya to leave her and run away. She says him to at least save himself. Aditya doesn’t leave Her and helps her out and picks her in his arms because she cannot run by herself and Her foot is bleeding. They reach in a small town. Zoya notices so many people around her and They are seeing them. she feels awkward in Aditya's arms. She says Aditya to put her down and she will manage. She sees a house with its door open.

Bepanah 5 June 2018 written update – Rajvir finds Zoya

Rajveer asks the police that They check that house? they say no Rajveer says Adity and Zoya now its over! He and all policemen move toward that house which seems vacant, Now They are at the door of the house Rajveer is at the forefront when azan starts and ALLAHA HU AKBAR voice starts, but Rajveer enters into House. He sees that one Girl is offering Her prayer(Namaz)He tries to see Her but can not sees Her face because Her face is on the wall side. He tries to see Her face at once He sees a mirror before Her. When She complete Her sajda She sits and start prayer then He can see Her face into that mirror.

Aditya can see Him that He points a gun at Her, He is in much tension but He is still hidden

Rajveer says that it's amazing Zoya that You are praying here and God full fill My pray and points a gun at Her head. He says if You are here its mean Adity will also be here, Now its time to go to jail.
Episode ends.

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