Bepanah 6 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode; Zoya is Hopeful for Justice

Bepanah 6 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The drama starts with Rajveer points at gun at Zoya and says to come with Him and try to touch Her shoulder but an old Muslim Man holds His hands and says how You dare to touch a person Who is in Nemaz! and She has kept a Roza and she is offering namaz. He tells Rajveer that he can’t arrest Muslim girl beforeIftiaari Rajvir gets frustrated as he does not want to leave that place and want to arrest them. Waseem Alim says I am the big Person of this Village I have to go For Namaz. I have to go for prayer, You should leave My home. If You want to arrest Her You have to come after Iftar. Rajveer asks from Waseem Alim what You think You can protect them? I have an order to Stoot  Them at the sight. But Waseem says You are trying to interfere in our Religion Rajveer angerly says that okay but if They try to run I have the order to shoot at a sight so be care full, He leaves that house.

Police Men tries to arrest Arjun and His Mother They wear Handcuffs to Arjun, He shouts I am a lawyer You can not do this to me. I know My rights, Inspector says that I have to do This is an order given by Rajveer at the same moment Anjna comes and asks what is going on Inspector points out to the Lady Police to wear handcuffs to Her. One Lady Constable tries to wear Her but Harsh Hudda holds Her hand and says You can not do this with My Family. Anjna starts crying and says Harsh You came I knew You will come and safe Us.

 Waseem Sadiqi and His wife arrives at Mrs. Madhu's home there Noor opens the door to leave the home but when She sees Her Parents She starts crying and Hugs Her parents. Madhu starts to taunting Zoya's Father and says She ran from Home! She ran with Aditya! She asks, what She was like this from Her childhood or You brought  Her up like this? Waseem Sadiqi angerly answers no She was not like that from Her Childhood, But this is the result of Your Son's company so She became like Your Child. He also says If Your Son full fill all the promises which He said to Her this situation would not have been so worse as it did.

Bepanah 6 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode; Sakshi came back

Sakshi comes to Huuda's home, Anjna is standing before the door and says how You come at My home? Sakshi answers Her I am here just because of Adi.

Waseem  Alim says to them so this is the issue? Zoya says yes someone wants to trap Us. We did nothing wrong Aditya says My Father is a Big Lawer He will come Tomorrow at that time We had to avoid to be arrested. When He will come everything will be sorted out. Waseem Alim says to Them ALLAH send You here if You are still out of to be arrested it means You are innocent whatever it says that in Ramazan if Some One help others ALLAH helps Yours and it is a virtue. I trust You and will help You! Aditya says that We will go before Iftar! Uncle says that no You do not need to go anywhere. He assures them that after Ifaari, he himself will take them through a road which goes outside of the town. Aditya asks for a phone from Uncle as he had to make a call to his father. He gives him the phone and Aditya call His Dad. One Person sees Him be hiding and says that He help the criminals.

Anjna and Harsh are sitting She says that I will come with You Harsh try to calm Her Harsh phone is calling first He ignores that call then He says It would be Aditya. He picks the call immediately and says hello! Aditya says Hello Mr.Hudda, Harsh turn on the speaker of the phone, Anjna says its Adi.
Waseem Sadiqi goes to Police station and asks what are You doing what My Daughter did that the Police do the shoot at sight order He gets emotional.

Bepanah 6 June 2018 Written Update Full Episode; Zoya is Hopeful for Justice

Aditya and Zoya change their clothes. He sees at Her. She comes from a room Her foot is hearting so She cannot walk properly  Aditya sees Her and come to Her fastly and says why You are walking? She says its okay She sits, Aditya angerly says that I do not understand that what Rajveer have a Personal Hostility with Me as He after Me like this. Zoya says to Him calm down. She says to Aditya not to worry and says to Him that God is always there to help them. She assures him that everything will be sorted out. She tells Aditya that she still remembers how god sent Aditya to save her life when she cut her wrist. Both look each other, Aditya thanks Zoya Aditya says that You have no idea that how many times You save me to do something wrong which I am not kind of Person  He apologizes to Zoya because she got hurt because of him. She says to Him to forget everything and believe in god. God always does justice to everyone.
Both look each other and smile.
Episode Ends.

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