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21 june

21 june

He want to drive the car but all past memories came back  so He is hazitated
Hars Hudda asks from Arjun that He looks Aditya? He says You know better then Me
Noor comes
Harsh comes on the stage and announces that now You gay will see the Dance performance of Soraj and Chkoor All Men and Women are seeing Thir dancen performance

On the other side Aditya drivevery rushly and wants to reach Zoya

Aditya sees that white Bus and overtake His
He says both eyes are same

Aditya is able to chase Rajveer and pulls Him from the vane and asks where is Zoya while Rajveer friend who already are in the same vane holds Aditya from behind and try to stay away Him from Rajvver and pulls Him back.Rajveer says Him to leave Aditya and says Our LOVER wants eagerly wants to meet His Lover but You can either save Zoya or Your Family
and You Zoya will die drown in  Her teers
He says that this salybration You will remeber forever
Aditya is in the shock and says where would be Zoya
whil Zoya is in the whater tanki

Harshveerdan Hudda says very lovely performance
Aditya calls Arjun and says do not react

He sees where a word prient ROSHNI He says Zoya will be here

Harsh says music is very laoud Anjna says yes I  will off the Music

Aditya is looking for Zoya and reaches at the same place where
Waseem Sadiqi reachs at Police station and repots

Rajveer says its the time to be puniched Hudda's and says that day He is looking into His pc

Noor asks Arjun that if He know any thing about My Sister? He says no Noor says Him to call  Aditya He says yes I call Him. He calls Aditya and asks Brother if You found Zoya? He says no! I reached one place but She is not here I am still searching Her then Noor snachs Arjun cell and says to Aditya that You would have to find Her

Zoya is cring Aditya