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Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Zoya and Mahi both enter the home. Mahi says we tend to cannot perceive cash thus presently. Adi's arranged is ideal. nobody would apprehend the reality. Your drama of being honest can solely destroy the company! She calms down a trifle seeing Zoya eyeing her sadly. Mahi says I'm solely speech that this honesty factor is obtaining a trifle an excessive amount of. Company very desires us to grab this chance or we tend to won't get food to survive! I feel we must always abide by Adi’s arrange. Mahi’s mother switches on the sunshine and appears at them.

On the other hand, Sakshi wonders however she's going to organize cash in such short span of your time. What ought to I do? it's solely Adi, I might tell everything however I actually have to cover this truth from him solely. He won't forgive me in State if he finds out the reality. I have to pay cash to his malefactor. Arjun comes simply then. Sakshi appearance at the envelope finite.

Arjun asks her if she is ok. You don’t start off of your space thus usually currently. You don’t even react these days once mamma says one thing to you. are you ok? She nods. it's simply because of BP. He suggests her to urge her tests done. Aditay calls resolute Arjun goes out upon Sakshi’s request.
Sakshi appearance at the envelope pic. Anjana watches her like she is lost from the window. She wasn’t like this. She is acting weird since some days. there's for sure one thing that she is hiding something.

Arjun says I swear I'm making an attempt however one large integer isn’t a little quantity. I don’t apprehend why everybody feels Arjun contains a magic power and will fix anything! Aditay watches him fix his hair and helps him. Arjun thanks him. Aditay says I conjointly assist you generally. Arjun asks him if he's making an attempt to showing emotion blackmail him. Aditay nods. A bit. Arjun agrees to repair it in it slow. Aditya asks him wherever he goes to at this hour nightly. Arjun lies regarding conferences. Work is worship. Aditay teases him somewhat a lot of. Aditay thinks you're my last hope. organize cash, please.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mahi’s mother demands to understand what’s change of state between them. Zoya is getting ready to tell her once Mahi says it's between us we are friends. does one ought to apprehend everything? You each ought to decide the way to sit down with anyone and what to say! I  am going! Mahi’s mother asks Zoya once more.

Noor gets prepared in her new garments. She is clicking a selfie once she notices Arjun observation her. He runs within together with her following him.

Zoya tells her MIL regarding bank deciding to seal the corporate if they won't repay the loan. we tend to were talking this solely. Mahi’s mother says this family has been through most. I cannot bear any longer pain. I do know you're doing everything for the welfare of the corporate, however, do rely on Pine Tree State once. I actually have the responsibility of all three of you. Noor is functioning in the dark. individuals will still gossip tho'. you're the best one here. Please notice an answer for this. Zoya guarantees to require care of everybody.

Noor thinks I saw that Langoor on the primary day itself. Allah, save me! Arjun hears everything that she says. Arjun says that this Langoor is functioning with RJ AJ whereas you may manage the table. She refuses to go while not meeting RJ AJ. Chirag points out that she came later that is why Arjun got the duty. Noor goes to her table upset. Chirag asks Arjun until once he can trouble Noor like this. Arjun tells him to relax.

Zoya thinks of bank’s warning and of Aditya’s words. Radio is taking part in within the background. RJ AJ’s(ARJUN'S) show is on. I don’t realize your day however my day goes nice Arjun says. I feel as if life is finally on the proper track. Zoya, Noor, and Aditay smile hearing him. Arjun says we must always conjointly hear our heart once we get an inexperienced signal from God. we should {always|we must always} always chase our happiness. If {you are|you're} smiling for no reason then perceive that you simply are on right track. He plays a song. All four of them smile because the song plays. Mahi is irked by the song whereas Zoya and Aditay say right away that they love this song.

Next morning, Noor enters once everybody else has breakfast. Mahi’s mother says I will perceive {that individuals|that folks|that individuals} work on the night too, however, who will manage the people of the society. Mahi appearance at Noor from high to toe. Your garments modified along with your new job? Mahi asks from Noor. Zoya gestures Noor to stay mum. Noor quietly heads upstairs. Mahi smiles.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Noor says everybody keeps taunting me every time. nobody cares regarding me. Zoya sits next to her. Noor says nobody asks Pine Tree State if I had something. everybody feeds taunts currently. You don’t take my aspect any longer. I came to Bombay thinking that I'll get the freedom to finally live however this can be worst than Mussorie. Zoya calms her down. I trust you quite myself, however, you're my Kohinoor thus I'm troubled. This job! Noor says I add a station and not some center. Why is everybody when my job? Everything could be a lounge that fools anyways. I don’t want to speak to anyone. She lies to all the way down to sleep. Zoya covers her with a quilt and kisses her. I ought to check at Noor’s workplace once. Hope nobody is disturbing her there.

Zoya involves workplace. I cannot consider something. I aforesaid {i can| I will be able to|i'll} fix everything, however, will I face everybody now! Akansha asks her to return. I actually have to indicate you one thing. Vinod asks Mithilesh FTO to speak to Zoya. you're the eldest in the end. Mithilesh FTO nods. He offers a cheque of five lacs to Zoya. we've got set to assist Zosh to repay the loan. I took it out from my PPF. Hindu deity watches them from outside. everybody else conjointly offers a cheque to her. You decision the U.S. your family thus we tend to even have some responsibility towards the corporate. Hindu deity smiles.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 – Zoya Agrees with Aditya For New Business Contract – Bepannah

Aditya is getting ready to say one thing once Zoya tells him that she is in agreement along with his arrange. we'll mislead take the contract, however, I won't let the corporate sink. Aditay appearance at her. Mahi is in seventh heaven. She hugs Zoya with excitement. Finally, you took the right call. She is getting ready to hug Adi, however, stops herself. you're genius. Your plans and concepts are equally genius. we will be husband-wife currently as Zoya united. we will faux, right? there's plenty to try to. She runs out of the area. Zoya returns the cheques to everybody. Your thought is quite enough. everybody goes.Aditay thinks I used to be getting ready to surrender however things modified thus simply here. Zoya asks him if he doesn't have to be compelled to say something. He shakes his head as saying no with a smile on his face.

Mahi comes out sporting a sari, however, Aditay doesn't am fond of it. He makes her attempt three sarees and eventually zeroes in on one. Mona offers her matching jewelry. You look thus wonderful. Aditay appearance at Mahi in confusion. Akansha asks everybody to require their positions however Aditay finds one thing missing. each Zoya and Aditay say mangalsutra right away. Mahi agrees.

Aditya walks towards Mahi with mangalsutra. She smiles imagining him swing it around her neck however the reverie is broken by Zoya and Aditya’s argument. Aditya tells her that he got it for Mahi thus he solely can create her wear it. She tells him against it. it's terribly pious! I'll create her wear it. He insists that the marriage isn’t real. She tells him to clam up. This mangalsutra is real tho'. Aditay says do film stars unify for real. Lack of emotions won't create it come back true. Zoya tells him that people who believe it will solely perceive the emotions behind it. You won't perceive. Virani’s come back there simply then. The oldest guy leading them says I fail to grasp. who Indian wife speaks to their husband like that? Mahi, Zoya, and Aditay check up on one another in confusion. Mr. Kanti says you shouldn’t have taken it off within the initial place and currently, you're the difference of opinion with him! He asks Kalpesh his son if this can be the corporate that he selected. Kalpesh greets them. I solely sent you the e-mail. this is my father, Kanti Virani. He requests his father to allow them an opportunity. Let’s hear their arrange. Kanti(father) agrees. we could name business if you guys are done the fighting? create your wife his means(Zoya) wear that mangalsutra before that! Zoya shakes her head at Aditay and she does not want to mangalsutar whereas Mahi holds her head. Zoya prays to ALLAH to try to one thing. She prays to prevent from this lie. Aditay holds the mangalsutra before her eyes.