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Showing posts with label Bepanah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update Aditya and Zoya success were able to hide their lies. Show all posts

Bepanah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update Aditya and Zoya success were able to hide their lies

Bepanah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update Aditya and Zoya success were able to hide their lies

The Drama starts with Aditya says to Zoya that you are just like the session of Mumbai when she will be angry, no one knows. what's happening to You? Zoya says I just want to say nothing. Aditya asks her what happened to you? have not You gone to tell to Virani's the truth that we are not husband and wife, but you said that we not only husband and wife but we are business partners as well? She asks him if his drama for today isn’t over. He demands to know the answer. Aditya says whats going on in your mind I want to know really!. Zoya wants to go but Aditya stops her way and keeps his hand on the door's handle then Zoya have to answer him

Zoya says to him that most of the things are more important than our fighting and conflicts. I told you that I won't let our personal issues come from our professional life. I was married earlier I had to full fill the promise that I would not let this company be drowned Zoya says that I was married before. When I was in the original marriage I lived a fake life that was a fake love the marriage was taken out of the original, so this is a fake marriage in real, so it does not effects me. And at the same time, Zoya and Aditya goes into flashback and remembers both their husband and wife. Zoya's come back from her memories after a moment and says there is a lot of work to be done Aditya also gets out of his wife's memories. Zoya says if one lie can benefit the company then I am ready to do this just for company. Aditya says I don’t care who I pretend to be married to. I just want to clarify that the decision is yours and so you will face the consequences.

 Sakshi is talking with herself, and feel sorry for Aditya "I will have to hide this from Aditya, I have no other option" Anjana watches her keep her jewelry in her bag and her room and starts keep following her out of the house. Anjna mumbling that what Sakshi is hiding from every one the Sakshi goes to the jewelry shop, and she wants to sell Pooja’s jewelry, and she says to the weight that Jeweler asks who is the owner of this jewelry? She says that she is from My daughter, Jewlar tells her that she has taken five lacks of money from the shop.

A few miles away from the shop, Anjna reaches with Her car. The car window rush quickly after the Sakshi comes out from the shop, Anjna enters the shop and sees Pooja's bangles and asks Jeweler to the bill. If my sister had just come, forgot to take the bill, on which Jeweler says I had given her but Anjna insists for a duplicate bill.

Arjun calls Noor and asks that she is coming today on the job.she says that I am just leaving home. Arjun says come quickly. I have a lot of work for you. She excitedly says I am also very eager to work with you. You won't think of hiring anyone else after seeing my work. He says you are so confident. There is another guy who is working along with you he is also working very well
he says just want to teas Noor. It works as if the name is forgotten, Noor says, whose name is not remembered, how his work will be remembered? Arjun smiles and cuts the call while at the same time Noor sees Mrs.Arora Zoya's mother-in-law who's seeing at her looks very angry and says that you are flirting in your office? let come Zoya's today, she will talk to you today and goes away from there. Where does this Shashi Kala anti come from? why she does not focus on her daughter?

Bepannaah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update Aditya and Zoya success were able to hide their lies

 Aditya does not pick Kalpesh's call so he has to go to Zoysh's Office asking Wherever Aditya or Zoya is where peon tells him that its the time of night, everyone has gone to their homes, Kalpesh asks him about their house address. Peon asks him who's address he wants Zoya's or Aditya'? He wonders and says they both would live together? but (Murli)peon does not understand what he is saying. He quickly tells him Zoya's address.

Aditya returns to the office just when Kalpesh is leaving office and going in his car. He checks with Murli (peon). Murli tells him that he was asking for their address. Aditya asks what did you say? I gave Zoya Madam’s address. Aditya scolds him a little. Don’t you love your job? Murli gets confused but Aditya worries what happened if Kalpesh finds out the truth.

Zoya and Mahi reach home. Zoya tells Mahi to make sure Mom won't find out anything whats going on in office. She is removing her mangalsutr when her Mrs.Arora calls out to them. Mahi asks her to hurry to remove the mangalsutr or they will be in trouble. Zoya manages to take it off by the time her Mother-in-law walks up to her. The doorbell rings in the meanwhile. Mahi’s mother sends the girls to their rooms. I will open the door. Aditya sees Kalpesh from a distance and thinks how to stop Kalpesh from going inside. Mahi’s mother slips near the door at the carpet. Mahi helps her to get up and brings Her in Her room and says Zoya to open the door.

Bepanah 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update Aditya and Zoya success were able to hide their lies

Aditya calls Zoya but she is taking care of her Mother-in-law and Her phone in Her room so She cannot pick the call. Aditya tries Mahi’s number but it is off. Someone should pick the phone or Kalpesh will find out everything! Aditya speaking in low volume. Kalpesh keeps ringing the bell. Mahi asks Zoya to check the door. She takes her mother inside. Zoya opens the door and is in shock to see Kalpesh. He apologizes her for coming so late. I wanted to give you the pen drive as I couldn’t give you the entire data in the morning Kalpesh says. She says you could have called me. I would have sent someone to collect it. She tries to send him off but he asks her if she does not even offer water to guests. She welcomes him inside within the state of shock. Kalpesh asks about Aditya. Zoya is at a loss of words. Kalpesh asks her about Aditya again. She lies that he is taking bath. I bring water for you!. Mahi’s mother wonders who would have come at this hour. Mahi advises her to worry for herself. Why do you care about the world Mahi asks her mother with anger?

Kalpesh decides to wait for Aditya for some more time. I will tell you and your husband at the same time about the pen drive data when he will come out. Zoya offers him that she will do it. I will come to you in case I have any questions. You might be getting later Zoys insists and want that he should go. He says it is fine. Zoya is worried. She thinks how can I bring Aditya at this hour? Aditya comes just then holding a towel. Who is here Zoya Baby? Zoya looks at him in shock. He acts surprised to see Kalpesh there at this hour. Kalpesh gives him the pen drive. Mahi hears Aditya’s voice. Her mother hears too many voices as well. I must go down and check. Mahi offers to check. I will bring ice pack too she says and goes down.

Aditya says you could have just called me. I would have sent someone. You don’t need to worry about anything. This event will be talked for years Aditya says with the smile. Aditya hides Zoya and Yash’s photo from the side table before Kalpesh can see it. Mahi comes downstairs and looks at them. Kalpesh takes their leave. Aditya offers to drop him till the door. we will meet in the office next time. Kalpesh says yes with a smile.

Zoya collides with Aditya when he is coming back. He holds her. Mahi fumes seeing them thus. Mahi’s mother asks them who was there. She goes quiet noticing Aditya there.
Episode Ends.