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Bepanah 28 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 28 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 28 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts Aditya says Mahi I never thought of you like that You are my Friend but it does not mean that I LOVE YOU. Mahi feels and looks awkward and says with a painful smile, how stupid am I.How I think about You like this way I do not even know. Aditya says Her please do not break Their friendship and asks what will She not end their friendship. She says no now our friendship is stronger than before. When Mahi return and about to go Zoya comes and asks what happened she says nothing and see her with anger and goes from there.

Hursh Hooda meets with a police inspector and asks that who the person want to open this case? He says that you can even take me the phone number or photo of Him. Inspector tells Him that someone from CBI. He says this case must not be opened. He says that I personally see Him.

Zoya comes to ADITYA and says that what you are doing with Mahi I told you to stay away from Her but you did not listen to Me. Now You heart Her and broke Her heart.

Mahi comes and shouts at interns she eagerly says then Sagrika come and asks in attentive tone what happened Mahi. Did you get what You want?No?how You can get other's thing

Aditya comes to Mahi and says sorry again. She says She is okay. He goes to Zoya
 Rajveer pic call from His senior officer and tells Him that He has a lot of evidence to prove this that Pooja's and Yash's death was not an accident that was murder then He sees Mahi. She asks You are a police officer right?

Mahi thinks that She will be Zoya a
Mahi and Rajveer are into a car She asks Him that He is sure that who's the person we are meeting will help us? He says that I am a

A MAN from the bank come and says them that they have only 48 hours to pay the Bank lone. Aditya says angerly yes that is I am saying that We have  48 hours yet so why you come before? Zoya comes and says let Me handle, He goes. Zoya says to that Person that we will take back you lone do not be worry! We have a project from which we will be getting paid today so we will back your money Zoya says to Mahi that He will not listen to Her so Mahi should keep him at the event

Anjana comes into Sakshi's room and go to her wardrobe  and check the Almera there She sees a envelope when she pick and want to about to open it when Sakshi sees Her and come to Her and says that She is there just because of Aditya but it doesn't mean that She can check Her like this She answers that and when you can go outside of the home with hiding that is okay, listen to me this time I will not let you cheat my family

Zosh events members come to Verinay house where a Pundit is present  He sys to Veranis that there is something wrong in there horoscopes then He asks Zoya to come here and see me Your hand then He asks something going wrong with  Her.Then He asks How you and your Husband to be getting married? She answers in court

Arjun calls Aditya and tells Him that mom and Sakshi are fighting and he can not Handel the situation so He has to come.
Mahi comes to Aditya and asks to come at vanu He again apologies for broken Her heart.she says its okay

Saksi is going from home when Aditya comes and says to His Mother that Sakshi Ant will not leave home. It's Her house also. Anjna says to Him ask Her what She is trying to He sees that photo He asks Sakshi that She knows about this?

Aditya put Sakshi's bag and try to put it into Her home when bag opens and the Pooja and Yash's photo envelop comes out of the bag Aditya pic that envelops and opens it and asks from Sakshi that you knew about it? Aditya shouts and says yes or no Sakshi says yes I knew Aditya says don't touch me. I trust you before my Mother but You pic Your cheater Daughter. I was amazed that Pooja was cheated on me and how I did not come to know now I have the answer that She had you. you knew that She had a LOVE affair but You did not tell me why. You also cheat on Me.

 Sakshi says She can explain which is on the cover is not the true story

 Zoya tries to call Aditya but He does not pick the call. Mahi comes and try to convince Zoya and taunts Her and says that you cant take the burden of responsibilities so that's okay because You always thinks about Your self. She wants to say something but Mahi cut into and taunts Her that is why Yeash discous His problems with Pooja

Someone calls Ranveer and tells Him that Harsh Hooda come to His office and want to meet Him. He says to Him tell him that I will meet Him tomorrow, He asks but you are in Mombi so why I say Him? Rajveer answers because for the He will stay away from Him it would be better for this case and ends the call. His college tells Harsh Hooda that Rajveer will meet Him tomorrow

Zoya sits and thinks about how it is possible when Sagarika comes and asks what did she call Her parents? Zoya goes into the flashback in which Her Father says He will never accept Yesh as His Son-in-Law. Her Mother tries to convince Him that Zoya is grown up Girl and right to choose Her life partner, Sagarika asks Her what happened. She answers that Her parents do not like Aditya that's why they have to court marriage. They will never come. Sagarika says its okay We all are here for YOU.

Everyone is standing when Sakshi is going to the main door and then She turns and says that it is very easy to blam someone or point a finger to others and when You have no time to listen to other's story. She says that I confess that my Daughter was wrong. Whatever She did was wrong but if you had some time then think why this would have happened? Why She needed Someone else when You were there for Here. Rember in a relationship one Person never responsible for. Adity says now You said that You are at My side but You are still trying to protect Her. Sakshi says if You think this about me then I should leave this house. He says I agree!. Arjun says this is not fair bro you even did not give Her a chance to keep Her side. Anjna says this is in between Aditya and Sakshi. Do not inter fair into their mater

Noor comes and tries to convince her not doing this then Mahi comes and says that if I am and says that You run from home and want freedom now You achieve your goal now You want to bring Zoya Maysuri and says her bad
Zoya asks from Noor that yes or no She says, Sister,

Sakshi comes to Aditya and wants to stay calm down Him, He hugs Her and starts crying and says You always tried to tell me but I never did listen to you. He sleeps into Her mother lap

A Servant comes and tells Sakshi that Zoya come. Sashi comes to Zoya and says that Today was a bad day for My Son so stay away from Him and He weeper badly and now He is sleeping. At the moment Aditya comes. Zoya says to Him that They have to get married. Aditya says to Her YOU have no idea whats going on in My life.I can not play more this drama anymore. Zoya says that this all things start with their both