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Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts with Adity and Zoya are in Aditya's room Zoya is ready to run with Aditya and does not want to be arrested. But Police is spread all over Aditya's house, She asks Him how will they able to run? Aditya says I have a plan.
Vaseem Sadiqi and His Wife are sitting Waseem are regretted that He is not able to protect His daughters.
Noor comes into Riksha and wants to go into Aditya's house, there is police all over the house and they hold Her. She is amazed by this situation and thinks whats wrong here? Noor constantly tries to come in Aditya home. Rajveer listen to Her noise and comes to see what wrong! Arjun also comes to see what is going on. At once Rajveer sees that Aditya and Zoya are run from the house from the roof side He shouts dame Aditya and Zoya stop and runs to stops them. Arjun also sees them and also runs. Noor is still standing at the gate of Aditya's house She does not see Arjun but She sees Zoya and Aditya and thinks worryingly about Zoya.

Harsh Hooda tries to call His house. Arjun receives His call. He says that  Aditya and Zoya ran from the house. Harsh tells Him that You know if Police arrives at Him before them it is impossible to save Him because now He made it's obvious that He is guilty and therefore He ran! and says to Arjun try to find Him before Police. He says okay and ends the call

Aditya and Zoya reach His friend Boby's house. He asks Him that They can spend this night at His home? He looks hesitate to answer. He does not call them to inside the house. He looks at His Wife. She needs Her head as no. Aditya says to Him this is Just for Tonight. Tomorrow morning We will go. Boby tells Him that He sees the news. Aditya says He did nothing. I am innocent. It's a trap. Someone want to trap Me. Boby decides to Shelter them. He says come inside the house or Someone can see them.

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Mahi receives the call from a media person, She says thanks to giving the photos of Aditya and Zoya to Her.Mahi says don't say thanks if You need more pictures of Them She can ask Her.she ends the call then News on TV starts where is telling that Zoya and Aditya have Ran from the house. Mahi says got damn it. How its even happen and pulls Her hairs.

one woman asks from Sakshi that Adi's LOVE  His wife, what You think that He is the killer of His Wife Pooja? They both are seeing the news. Sakshi says no I know Aditya He cannot do this. Some One wants to trap Him. That Woman goes Sakshi Ji thinks what You are doing Adi? It was better to run you came to me! Maybe I can help You.

Aditya and Zoya are sitting inside the Boby's house alone, Zoya says to him what happened it? We are not guilty. Why Someone wants to trape Us? She also says that You saw Mahi? How She can do this to Me? She was My Friend, Why She did this to me? Aditya sees Her with anger and says When You will open Your eyes? She was never Your Friend. She was with You just to grab the insurance money. She was always against You.

Zosh's event member is talking about Zoya and Adity. Methilash says that why Rajveer call Us here? Rajveer comes and tells them that its time to choose police or runners. He tries o threaten them by saying that if You guys try to help them I will put You in jail. He says to one policeman to check their mobile phones and asks from them who knows about this that They are not Husband and Wife and just pretend? Everybody is quite. Rajveer comes to Methelash Ji and asks You knew that They are no Husband and Wife? Methlash Ji tries to answer and says no then Rajveer holds His collar and misbehave with Him Shown try to interfere but Rajveer slaps at His face and says give the answer when I will ask You.

Bepanah 31 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Ranveer comes out from Zosh's office and Mahi sits on the Rajveer's car taunts Him that what You were said? You are a CBI officer but You constantly fail to catch them, They always one step ahead of You. What are You doing? Rajveer is already in angry mood He also threatens Her to stay away from Him and says They will not be able to go from Mumbai and I will catch them very soon You will see Me then His phone bell rings He picks the call and says I am coming, He is in hurry. Mahi asks Him if They caught? Answer Me got dame! He says with a little smile I want to work alone and goes from there.
Episode Ends.

Boby comes says them sorry and tells them that His Wife call the Police So They have to run. Both are running. Zoya asks from Aditya for how long They have to run? He answers that there is a taxi stand We can pick a taxi. At the same moment light of a car looks at their Faces. Aditya shouts Taxi. Car Stops from a little distance
Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts with Zoya tries to convince Aditya that We have no other choice. We will have to marry. She says that I am going but I know that You will come. I will wait for You.

Kalpaysh and Sagarika talk about Zoya and Adity that where they are? Sagarika sees Her and asks  Aditya is not coming? Kalpaysh also asks and says I know My Father wants this Marriage to have to happen. I know this is little awkward for Both of You. But you should understand that My Father is an old thought Man. And You guys already Husband and Wife so this little thing should not bother You! Zoya nods and leaves the place.

Mahi is seeing at Zoya She is about to go when Rajveer sees Her and pull her arm and says that You said to me that You can do this but I think that You are not able to do so, She answers angerly I told you this is very important to me so you will have to wait and see!

Arjun comes to Aditya's room and asks why Zoya came? He says I do not want to talk about it! Arjun says whats wrong with You? you always think about Your self! Aditya says that I have faced a lot of things today I have no Patience to make things right okay! Arjun asks again angerly, Aditya wants to slap Him but hold Himself. His hand is in the air He asks what you want that I slap You? Arjun looks shocked, He says this would remain, Brother, you keep staying awayYour Love ones in your anger and saysYou can share to Me whats wrong whatever You want and leave His room.

Mr. Verani asks for that where is Aditya? why He did not come? Mr. Verani Says that why He did not come What He does not want to work with Us? or He is not punctual as He should be? His Son Kalpaysh calm down Him and lie to Him that now He calls Him. He stucks in the traffic jam, and will come as soon as possible.
Harsh calls Anjna and says that making sure that Aditya stays at home Anjna says okay I take Your call to Him. She comes to Aditya's room and calls Him, She tries to find Him and call His name but He is not in the room. She tells Harshwardeen that Adi is not at home.

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Mr.Verani is worrying about there marriage when Rajveer comes and says Him to calm down He will arrive soon! Kalpaysh  His little brother and Sagarika is worrying about then Sagarika says that I have a plan We all start dance so Aditya seeks some time to arrive here and Papa Ji will not ask for Him, again and again, Kalpysh says okay. Mahi and Sagarika start the dance. Zoya is in bridle dress and constantly seeing at the main door as She is waiting for Aditya.

Aditya comes at the end. He looks lost in thoughts then He sees Zoya every one see Him. Mr. Verani sees Him and says You are not looking punctual now let's go and change so the marriage will start as soon as possible! Aditya comes to Zoya, She holds His hand and says that I know that you face something bad today but to come here I am really thankful to you. Aditya says that this marriage is fake do not be emotional this is our work so take it as work to complete it and go.

Mahi sees them from distance with anger and pain and says that happy marriage Zoya and Adi, Aditya.

Marriage starts Both looks each other with hesitation they complete all the process as not wanting but they have no choice they start their rounds Aditya and Zoya both continuously think their partners and keeps round after round. They even not realize what is going on around them. Then Pundit says now bride will be at front of the groom. Then They see each other and look like they are lost. Pandit says again. Aditya looks at Zoya and nods, She starts crying and says I cant do this, please.Mr. Verani also asks you are getting late, do what pandit is saying. Zoya weepingly comes at front of Him.

Rajver says 5 4 3 2 1 boom and then Mr. Verani's House main doors open and Media comes. All cameramen start taking pics and men and women come to them start asking questions and reporting. One woman asks from Zoya, Mam is this true that You and Aditya had a long time  LOVE affair and you Both had murdered Your Life Partners? They both look shocked to see Media there. One woman starts reporting and says that look this is the couple. Their Live partners died some days ago and They are getting Married. They are from it this is clear that they murdered Their partners because of each other.

They both try to avoid press but The media surrounds them and asks questions repeatedly.Mr. Verani and Their Sons also seem angry to see media into their house.Mr. Verani looks very angry and asks what You both are not Husband and Wife? You both have separate partners? So how You are getting married to each other? He put His hand on His chest as He is not able to breathe. He also says that that's why I was thinking that Why has he did not say a word to Her?

Bepanah 29 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

when Zoya and Aditya about to leave the place then Zoya's MIL comes with Mahi and slaps Her. She says that this marriage is fake. Her Mother-In-Law says do not say a word. I know what you will say, You will say that You did all this to save the company but now you can not make me fool I saw You and Him together and that's why He always came to Our house used to be different excuses? I allowed you to stay at My home only because my son loved you and you are also responsible for his death. My son did not cheat on You whether You cheat Him. And He died because of You. I don't want to see Your face again. Zoya sees at Mahi and says that She knows everything She asks from Mahi tell Her Mother that this is not the truth tries to stop Her. She asks from Mahi why you are doing this to me why you do this cheat on me? Mahi says to Her Mother this is Her true personality.  She and Her Mother goes.

Aditya comes to Zoya and wants to calm down Her. Then Zoya weeps badly and puts Her Face on Aditya's shoulder and hugs Him but after some moments She realized what She is doing, She apart from Him. And says now where will I go? She repeats again and again in shock. Aditya says to Her You will go with Me in My house. He stands up and picks Her and help Her to stand up. Then they both leave the place. Arjun and Anjna see Television where Aditya and Zoya's fake marriage news is telecasting. Anjna and Arjun in shock to see them. Anjna sits with grief and says what Adi is doing?
Harsh is drinking and soliloquy Aditya does not make mistake now.

Wasem Sadiqi and His wife are also seeing tv
Harsh Hooda's servant comes and gives Him tablet to see what is happening. He sees the video of Aditya and Zoya's marriage, He stops the video at Rajveer photo and asks from His servant that Who is this Man ? his servant answers that He is the Person whom We come to meet this the Special police Agent. Harsh says if He is in Mumbai then why He avoided to meet  Us and why He is present in this marriage? He instantly calls Anjna and asks what Aditya come home or not She says no He has not come yet. He says that when He came to tell me instantly okay she is about to answer when the main door opens.

Aditya and Zoya come home Saksi is on the call with Harsh. He asks that what Aditya come home?
Rajveer comes to His home with police and says CBI special investigator officer Rajveer Khana.I come here to caught two Killers I told You before You ask. I come here to caught two KILLERS.
Episode Ends.

Bepanah Drama Written Updates 30 MAY 2018

Bepanah Drama Written Updates 30 MAY 2018

Bepanah Drama Written Updates 30 MAY 2018

The drama starts with Rajveer says to them that Rajveeer says that You both are Under arrest for the murder of Their Husband and Wife now come. He asks lady Police to arrest Zoya. She sees to Aditya. Rajveer tries to wear a hand cough to Aditya but Anjna comes between Aditya and Rajveer and says how You can be caught Him? He is innocent, He is not a murderer, But this Girls(Zoya)is not innocent You should be caught Her, Everything is going to happen just because of Her. Aditya seems anxious and says to His Mother You know nothing, I will tell You what happened but not now.

Arjun comes and says that our Servants now about APC conditions how You can come and arrest them have You an arrest warrant? Without warrants, You can not arrest them. Rajveer sees Him arrest warrants, He sees the papers and pull Aditya's arm and says to Him in whispering that these papers are NOT BAILABLE, because of them I can not help You!but I can help Zoya because according to law Pollice cannot arrest a Girl in the night time.

Anjna comes to them and says what are You saying? She will not go to jail but My Son will go, and no one knows for how many days? I call Your Father He will handle this matter. She tries Harsh Hooda's phone but His phone is Unreachable. She scaried most Arjun take the phone from Her and tries again but the answer is the same

Ranveer tells them the storm came in Mumbai and Mysore You guys did not see the news? Neither did he pick the call nor He will be able to come. Mahi report to media with crying in Her house that She did not know about Zoya and Aditya's romance. She even does not know that they have any relation. Some days ago I saw Aditya was coming out from Zoya's room window hiding.

Mr. Madu comes from stairs and media start asking questions that You know that Your Daughter in Law had a LOVE AFFAIR with Aditya Hooda? Madhu Je shoots leave us. Please leave My home. Mahi apologies to media and says She is in shocked so that is why She is upset. When media go Madhu Ji asks Mahi everything was before Your eyes and You did nothing? Mahi tries to clear herself Mom you saw Her before with Aditya and I was mush bussy in My work and You also know how She is? Madhu ji sees Her and says angerly media Has gone now stop this drama

Zoya being unconscious Rajveer says to Adity to come. He says what a timing when we caught her

Noor comes to Mr. Madhu homes and asks how Media came there, where is My Sister Zoya? Madhu ji says that I saw with My eyes. When I reached there Zoya and Aditya was in bride and groom dresses and  was keeps rounds of marriage

Harsh's servant tells Him
Zoya comes in continuous and Aditya sits beside Her. Aditya is seeing at Zoya. When She comes to conscious She asks where am I? Aditya asks are You okay, what happened? You are in My room. She asks Police? He says outside of My room but They are still in My house. She asks They will arrest You and Tomorrow morning also I will be caught? Aditya thinks very fastly and starts walking

He says to Zoya that They have to run to protect There Selves.
He asks to Her will She

Bepanah 28 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 28 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 28 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

The Drama starts Aditya says Mahi I never thought of you like that You are my Friend but it does not mean that I LOVE YOU. Mahi feels and looks awkward and says with a painful smile, how stupid am I.How I think about You like this way I do not even know. Aditya says Her please do not break Their friendship and asks what will She not end their friendship. She says no now our friendship is stronger than before. When Mahi return and about to go Zoya comes and asks what happened she says nothing and see her with anger and goes from there.

Hursh Hooda meets with a police inspector and asks that who the person want to open this case? He says that you can even take me the phone number or photo of Him. Inspector tells Him that someone from CBI. He says this case must not be opened. He says that I personally see Him.

Zoya comes to ADITYA and says that what you are doing with Mahi I told you to stay away from Her but you did not listen to Me. Now You heart Her and broke Her heart.

Mahi comes and shouts at interns she eagerly says then Sagrika come and asks in attentive tone what happened Mahi. Did you get what You want?No?how You can get other's thing

Aditya comes to Mahi and says sorry again. She says She is okay. He goes to Zoya
 Rajveer pic call from His senior officer and tells Him that He has a lot of evidence to prove this that Pooja's and Yash's death was not an accident that was murder then He sees Mahi. She asks You are a police officer right?

Mahi thinks that She will be Zoya a
Mahi and Rajveer are into a car She asks Him that He is sure that who's the person we are meeting will help us? He says that I am a

A MAN from the bank come and says them that they have only 48 hours to pay the Bank lone. Aditya says angerly yes that is I am saying that We have  48 hours yet so why you come before? Zoya comes and says let Me handle, He goes. Zoya says to that Person that we will take back you lone do not be worry! We have a project from which we will be getting paid today so we will back your money Zoya says to Mahi that He will not listen to Her so Mahi should keep him at the event

Anjana comes into Sakshi's room and go to her wardrobe  and check the Almera there She sees a envelope when she pick and want to about to open it when Sakshi sees Her and come to Her and says that She is there just because of Aditya but it doesn't mean that She can check Her like this She answers that and when you can go outside of the home with hiding that is okay, listen to me this time I will not let you cheat my family

Zosh events members come to Verinay house where a Pundit is present  He sys to Veranis that there is something wrong in there horoscopes then He asks Zoya to come here and see me Your hand then He asks something going wrong with  Her.Then He asks How you and your Husband to be getting married? She answers in court

Arjun calls Aditya and tells Him that mom and Sakshi are fighting and he can not Handel the situation so He has to come.
Mahi comes to Aditya and asks to come at vanu He again apologies for broken Her heart.she says its okay

Saksi is going from home when Aditya comes and says to His Mother that Sakshi Ant will not leave home. It's Her house also. Anjna says to Him ask Her what She is trying to He sees that photo He asks Sakshi that She knows about this?

Aditya put Sakshi's bag and try to put it into Her home when bag opens and the Pooja and Yash's photo envelop comes out of the bag Aditya pic that envelops and opens it and asks from Sakshi that you knew about it? Aditya shouts and says yes or no Sakshi says yes I knew Aditya says don't touch me. I trust you before my Mother but You pic Your cheater Daughter. I was amazed that Pooja was cheated on me and how I did not come to know now I have the answer that She had you. you knew that She had a LOVE affair but You did not tell me why. You also cheat on Me.

 Sakshi says She can explain which is on the cover is not the true story

 Zoya tries to call Aditya but He does not pick the call. Mahi comes and try to convince Zoya and taunts Her and says that you cant take the burden of responsibilities so that's okay because You always thinks about Your self. She wants to say something but Mahi cut into and taunts Her that is why Yeash discous His problems with Pooja

Someone calls Ranveer and tells Him that Harsh Hooda come to His office and want to meet Him. He says to Him tell him that I will meet Him tomorrow, He asks but you are in Mombi so why I say Him? Rajveer answers because for the He will stay away from Him it would be better for this case and ends the call. His college tells Harsh Hooda that Rajveer will meet Him tomorrow

Zoya sits and thinks about how it is possible when Sagarika comes and asks what did she call Her parents? Zoya goes into the flashback in which Her Father says He will never accept Yesh as His Son-in-Law. Her Mother tries to convince Him that Zoya is grown up Girl and right to choose Her life partner, Sagarika asks Her what happened. She answers that Her parents do not like Aditya that's why they have to court marriage. They will never come. Sagarika says its okay We all are here for YOU.

Everyone is standing when Sakshi is going to the main door and then She turns and says that it is very easy to blam someone or point a finger to others and when You have no time to listen to other's story. She says that I confess that my Daughter was wrong. Whatever She did was wrong but if you had some time then think why this would have happened? Why She needed Someone else when You were there for Here. Rember in a relationship one Person never responsible for. Adity says now You said that You are at My side but You are still trying to protect Her. Sakshi says if You think this about me then I should leave this house. He says I agree!. Arjun says this is not fair bro you even did not give Her a chance to keep Her side. Anjna says this is in between Aditya and Sakshi. Do not inter fair into their mater

Noor comes and tries to convince her not doing this then Mahi comes and says that if I am and says that You run from home and want freedom now You achieve your goal now You want to bring Zoya Maysuri and says her bad
Zoya asks from Noor that yes or no She says, Sister,

Sakshi comes to Aditya and wants to stay calm down Him, He hugs Her and starts crying and says You always tried to tell me but I never did listen to you. He sleeps into Her mother lap

A Servant comes and tells Sakshi that Zoya come. Sashi comes to Zoya and says that Today was a bad day for My Son so stay away from Him and He weeper badly and now He is sleeping. At the moment Aditya comes. Zoya says to Him that They have to get married. Aditya says to Her YOU have no idea whats going on in My life.I can not play more this drama anymore. Zoya says that this all things start with their both

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The Drama Starts Adity lays down Zoya's bed, she says to Him that She can understand His pain because She goes through the same pain. She says that You just think that She(Pooja) just not signatures the DIVORCED papers but YESH divorced me. He says that it would be better than She signatures the papers so I will be not in the state of confusion that what is right and what is wrong. If She Loves Me or not! After some time he sleeps on Zoya's bed. And she sleeps on the sofa.
Next morning Noor come to Zoya room and knock on the door and asks that why? She locks the doorZoya and Aditya are still sleeping. Noor constantly knocks on the door. Aditya stands up in the state of sleeping and comes to open the door .his eyes are still closed. He opens the door and stands with the help of it. Noor shouts to see Him. What are You doing here at this time?

Aditya opens His eyes and when He looks, Noor, He realized that He is not His own house. Zoya also gets up and see them. she stands up in hurry and pull them into the room and trying to explain the situation that He got allergy last night He took the extra dose of medicine and after that, He comes into my room through the window please speak in a low voice. She says to Aditya you go now at this moment because if Mami gi or Mahi saw you We will be in trouble so please go. He looks at Her with soft eyes and says thank you. She asks for what? That you did not through me out of the house last night and if I said something wrong which hurt you for that I am sorry. She answers no You said nothing wrong so does not say sorry and the answer to your thankyou is You are not Welcome now go, She pulls Him to the window. He says okay okay I am going be patient

Aditya,  get out from the house through the window so Mrs. Madhu and Mahi will not come to know about His presence in Their House. But Rajveer sees Him and takes His pictures when he gets out through the window and says that huum then They Both spend the whole night together. I am the end of Your LOVE story. Mahi also sees Him. She comes back from jogging and sees the whole scene and Her mode spoiled and mumbling Adity was in the Zoya's room for the whole night? But for what, what He was doing in Her room?

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mahi comes into the house and comes to Zoya, Zoya, and her Sister Noor about to come breakfast, Noor says to Her if She does not come on time Aditya disgrace for sure. Mahi comes and pulls Her arm and says come with me I have something important to talk about, Her mother says where you are going Your breakfast is read. She says We are coming back in just five minutes. Mahi brings Her out of the house and asks Aditya was in your room? when I and Mom come to your room Aditya was there and you hide Him from Us right! Whats going on in between both of you? Zoya says nothing and teel the whole story and say now come or Mami gi will be angry with Us.

Aditya is going on the road and try for the taxi. Rajveer comes with His car and asks Him You are here at this time? He answers yes for jogging, He asks again in this clothes? Yes, when I have to reach office early I causally wear office clothes. He asks so You live here? Yes, so you and Zoya do not live together? Aditya says nothing, I mean together with Your PARENTS? Why you always ask Me so many questions? I just want to know you, After some Rajveer asks why you are looking so tested? Let's go for some tea. He stops the car before a small tea stall and says to Him Lets go for some tea the tea of this hotel is very famous, And to see you I think you need a cup of tea very badly because I think that Last night was very hard for you. He says all these things to see in His eyes and in a very taunting way. Aditya asks him in a very relaxing tone I will not ask you the single question and you made a lot of assumption about Him and Zoya!. You said that You come from London but your anxiety is not like that you also know about the ways of Mumbai while You nor use any GPS nither you ask the way from anyone. So I have so many reasons to doubt you!.

Rajveer answers Who said to You that I was born in London? I live in London for some time. I was born in India in Mumbai, Aditya asks so then You completed Your study here? Rajveer says yes! In which college? I do not understand! Aditya says there is no college in Mumbai in this name. Rajveer thinks you are trying to be smart with Me but do not worry You can not chase Me at all! Aditya again asks in which college? Rajveer says K.T college Mumbai.

Rajveer asks from Aditya you do not complete your LOVE story. Aditya asks that why you are so interested in His LOVE story? Rajveer says True LOVE stories are not listing nowadays. Rajveer asks for some biscuits from the shop for Him. Aditya asks Him  You are looking at me like I am a serial killer. My one friend was told me about you in Bayla's marriage

Harsh Huda says to His employer that I said you that this case must be closed but this is still open why? Punish says, sir, someone wants and tries to open this case. I do not know who that Person He has a high approach that is for sure. We can not do anything.

Bepanah 25 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Zoya is on the call and says They need some time then Aditya comes in hurry and hold her hand and says that He have something to tell You. He brings her into the room. Mahi is seeing everything and funs She wants about to follow them but at the same moment, Shawn tells Her that Her Mother wants to talk to Her at the landline so She has to go to pick the call of Her Mom. Aditya says to Zoya that today when come out from Your house guess Who I meet with? She asks who, Rajveer!, and this contract will not award us guess then how we got it? She asks how? Just because of Rajveer! what? what are you saying? Aditya says I am telling You this person is not right! He is hiding something from Us. He is not that what He pretends to be. But Zoya says You can not trust anyone, At the same moment Mahi comes in hurry in the room and asks everything is alright? Zoya tells Her that He thinks that Rajveer is not a good guy, Mahi suddenly asks oh so this is about Rajveer? Both look at Her as do not understand what She is saying. Aditya says to Her Zoya not want to listen to Me now You listen to Me I have a doubt on Rajveer! Mahi asks so You have any reason or any proof against Him? He tells Her everything. Mahi gives Him idea no Problem K.T college data is available online so We can check is He was telling lie or not! Aditya says to Her You are so intelligent! Both looks K.T college data but there is Rajveer name is listed. Zoya looks at them and says now what I am telling You and goes. Aditya is amazed to see it.
Episode Ends.

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The Drama Starts Zoya and Aditya both are on the Dance Stage. Zoya says that she knows nothing about Dance, but Rajver keeps an Eye at them, so they have to dance. But when Announcer announces that who's couple loses the dance they have to KISS Each Other. Zoya wants to quite but Aditya stops Her His eye indication then Zoya starts dancing and says that I can dance but cant KISS .they dance after five minutes man says that now fold the paper. Mahi comes with BURQA wearing and says in mind that she want to make Her Love story with Aditya but this Zoya comes from where.

ADITYA PUT ZOYA UP AT His LAP and starts dancing. Kalpysh also woke up Sagrika. But they cant dance for a long time and outs Zoya and Aditya WINS. Rajver is looking for them. He thinks that They will lose but disappoints to see that they win.ALL couples outs One after One but Zoya and Aditya win the Dance. Rajveer says Them that You prove me wrong. This never happened to me. He also taunts by saying what a loving couple. Everything for LOVE hum? Aditya wants to say something but hold Himself and does not say anything
Harsh Huda asks his servant why this meeting is today and where? He says in a Hotel. he says okay you can go.

After dancing they start Dinner Sagarika says why you both eating alone feed each other with LOVE. But Aditya says he comes back from the bathroom. When he goes to the bathroom he collides with Mahi and says Sorry SISTER. Mahi angry at calling Sister.

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mahi goes to a waiter and order for a strawberry cake. After some time waiter come back with a cake. Mahi says him to give this cake to Zoya, He asks but what I will say? She says that You take this cake to her and I will call her and wish her for her birthday. At the same moment Aditya comes into hall room but there he sees His Father, HARSH Huda. He thinks if His father saw Him with Zoya, their secret will be disclosed and they lose the deal. He sees the cake and put His face in the cake because in this way His father will not be able to recognize Him and Comes to Zoya pic Her hand and pull Her and goes outside with Her.

They sit in a taxi. Aditya starts sneezing Zoya asks what happened. He tells her that His Father was There if He saw Him They will be caught, So He had to do this. He sneezes constantly. Zoya asks Him that He have some allergy? He tells Her yes I have allergy from strawberry and that cake was full of strawberries. Zoya gives Him Medicine and tissue paper. Aditya comes home and sneezes constantly. He takes the medicine which Zoya gave Him. But He feels that two teaspoons will not work for Him. So He takes the whole bottle and after some time He seems like the unconscious

Zoya seems to sleep when she hears some noise from her room's window. She asks who is at the window and picks a showpiece from her side table? suddenly Aditya comes into her from Her rooms window. Zoya shouts loudly. When She sees Aditya She beets Him with that showpiece and asks You are drunk? Why you come here? What you want? He answers that he did not drunk. He just takes the Medicine which She gives him.

Bepanah 24 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mrs. Arora and Mahi come into Her room Mrs. Arora knocking at Her room door continuously and asks what happened why you shout? She hides Aditya behind Her bed and opens the door. Mrs. Arora asks her what happened she says that she saw a bad dream so that's why she shouts. Mahi also asks that everything is okay .she says yes and close the door in the hurry. When They Both goes Aditya comes out behind the bed.

She asks again that why you come here please go if someone saw Him They Both will be in trouble. She says to him growing up don't behave like a child. He recalls and says She (Pooja)also said this grown-up Adi!. But I was a child from always, and she Loves this child He points out Himself. Zoya says why You always bring a wrong meaning of Her words? She did not mean that Why He always point a finger at Her even for his actions!.

 Aditya hold her both arms and says as He is requesting "please Let me know why She did this to me? What was my fault? He says His actions are wrong. To fell in LOVE with someone is wrong? My actions were wrong that I trust her blindly? He says if She Liked someone She should have to tell Me. If She fell in LOVE with Somebody She should have to know Me. I was Her Husband may be it would be hard for me but I leave Her. But cheat like this? This is not done.
 Episode ends.
POOJA did this to me? what was wrong? If She liked someone She should have told me. if She fell in LOVE with Someone She should have to talk with me about that.But She cheets me.Zoya says 

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The Drama Starts Zoya and Aditya stand up and see at Rajver. Rajver says out. Then He introduces himself to Aditya and Zoya and says that they Both should remember His name. By mistake catches make matches and asks that if he makes spoiled their game. Aditya says no this is just a match. Kalpysh introduces Rajver that he comes from London and also says that he refer Zosh company to Verani's. Aditya amazed to listen to this he asks Rajver where he saw their work. He answers that They Both are very famous. Everyone talks about them. Suddenly Rajwer asks Zoya and Aditya how long Their Marriage is? Zoya says Five and Aditya say Three. Rajver sees them surprisingly and says They should decide first. Then  Zoya says that they meet before five years and they are married from last Three years. Aditya nods. Zoya's finger hurts so she goes for some Medication and Aditya asks her for help both leave the place.

Sakshi thinks where I put myself into the trouble. for how long will be Black male from this blackmailer. Sakshi looks at Pooja's and Yesh's photo. Anjna knocks her room door. Sakshi suddenly hides the photo under the pillow. Anjna suspected about her that she is hiding something from them .she also says that She want to go today and want to hide her. Sakshi says that She goes for walk. Anjna asks at 2.00pm? She warns her and says that she knows she is hiding something but Anjna will dig the Truth and will never let her son heart

Zoya's finger hearts so much. Aditya comes and holds her finger and pulls it Zoya shouts. Mahi sees this from distance and feels jealous. Sagarika comes and says that Aditya is so good Husband. Zoya you are so Lucky that You have Him. She looks at Mahi also Mahi sees her with anger. She also says that if He hurts You the reason is that He wants to save You from a big trouble. Aditya leaves the place. Mahi comes to him and asks him for dinner. At the same moment, Kalpysh and Rajver come to Rajver asks Zoya and Aditya for Dinner. They Both look each other and says no with their eyes moment. Aditya says there is no need for this formality. But Rajver insists for dinner. And to them that they should know each other in a better way. Aditya thinks that something is not right with Rajver but what? He can not understands.
Noor comes to RJ AJ room and then Arjun comes and tells that today RJ AJ show is off today so why not we go outside for some coffee? Noor wants to say no but she says yes why not? They Both go for coffee.

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Kalpysh, Sagrika, Rajver Zoya and Aditya come for dinner. Rajveer starts questioning that where they meet the first time Zoya says Masuri and Aditya say Mumbai. Rajver says decide first. Aditya says why not anyone is ordering for dinner? He takes the menu card. Rajver again asks that how they get married? Aditya says our marriage was arranged and Zoya says we ran from the house and got married. Rajveer asks whom I should believe? Aditya answers that we want to be arranged but had to run. Aditya takes a menu card and holds it before his face so Rajver cant sees his face. He asks Zoya You ran from the house and to got married? But you look so innocent. Zoya says We should Discuss our marriage details before, He wants to answer but Zoya tells him to look strat because Rajver constantly seeing Him.

Every time they want to answer they create mistakes and fumbles. Suddenly Rajver asks Aditya that will you fall in love with her at first sight? Both answer at the same time Aditya says NO but Zoya says YES. Every one sees at their faces. Zoya explains that I mean it was first sight love for me not for him. Rajver says with smiling really? He asks Him I thought you say yes because Zoya is pretty.

Aditya goes into a flashback of her wife POOJA and says with thinking actually we know each other from OUR childhood we live together we were good friends then. Rajver catches HIS word WERE. He says you were? Means not now? Zoya says His means We were good friends but now we are Husband and Wife.

Bepanah 23 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Rajver asks Zoya and Aditya where they meet each other Aditya says they Meet in Colledge. Rajveer asks in which place? Zoya says Missouri Aditya says nothing
Rajveer says to Kalpysh that he should be thankful to Rajveer because His Love Marriage with Sagarika would be possible just because of him.

Rajveer says that one thing is visible that I trust now more in love after seeing them.he says he can see the love in their eyes for each other. At that moment there is an announcement arises that this song is for all love couples. Rajver says that from our side Zoya and Aditya will come to dance. Sagarika says to Kalpysh that they both should go dancing also. Zoya says no to Dance because she can not dance because She does not about Dance. one club Member set a small piece of carpet and tell them that they have to dance on this piece of carpet and if they can't they will lose the game.
And who couple loses the game they have to KISS each other.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Zoya and Mahi both enter the home. Mahi says we tend to cannot perceive cash thus presently. Adi's arranged is ideal. nobody would apprehend the reality. Your drama of being honest can solely destroy the company! She calms down a trifle seeing Zoya eyeing her sadly. Mahi says I'm solely speech that this honesty factor is obtaining a trifle an excessive amount of. Company very desires us to grab this chance or we tend to won't get food to survive! I feel we must always abide by Adi’s arrange. Mahi’s mother switches on the sunshine and appears at them.

On the other hand, Sakshi wonders however she's going to organize cash in such short span of your time. What ought to I do? it's solely Adi, I might tell everything however I actually have to cover this truth from him solely. He won't forgive me in State if he finds out the reality. I have to pay cash to his malefactor. Arjun comes simply then. Sakshi appearance at the envelope finite.

Arjun asks her if she is ok. You don’t start off of your space thus usually currently. You don’t even react these days once mamma says one thing to you. are you ok? She nods. it's simply because of BP. He suggests her to urge her tests done. Aditay calls resolute Arjun goes out upon Sakshi’s request.
Sakshi appearance at the envelope pic. Anjana watches her like she is lost from the window. She wasn’t like this. She is acting weird since some days. there's for sure one thing that she is hiding something.

Arjun says I swear I'm making an attempt however one large integer isn’t a little quantity. I don’t apprehend why everybody feels Arjun contains a magic power and will fix anything! Aditay watches him fix his hair and helps him. Arjun thanks him. Aditay says I conjointly assist you generally. Arjun asks him if he's making an attempt to showing emotion blackmail him. Aditay nods. A bit. Arjun agrees to repair it in it slow. Aditya asks him wherever he goes to at this hour nightly. Arjun lies regarding conferences. Work is worship. Aditay teases him somewhat a lot of. Aditay thinks you're my last hope. organize cash, please.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Mahi’s mother demands to understand what’s change of state between them. Zoya is getting ready to tell her once Mahi says it's between us we are friends. does one ought to apprehend everything? You each ought to decide the way to sit down with anyone and what to say! I  am going! Mahi’s mother asks Zoya once more.

Noor gets prepared in her new garments. She is clicking a selfie once she notices Arjun observation her. He runs within together with her following him.

Zoya tells her MIL regarding bank deciding to seal the corporate if they won't repay the loan. we tend to were talking this solely. Mahi’s mother says this family has been through most. I cannot bear any longer pain. I do know you're doing everything for the welfare of the corporate, however, do rely on Pine Tree State once. I actually have the responsibility of all three of you. Noor is functioning in the dark. individuals will still gossip tho'. you're the best one here. Please notice an answer for this. Zoya guarantees to require care of everybody.

Noor thinks I saw that Langoor on the primary day itself. Allah, save me! Arjun hears everything that she says. Arjun says that this Langoor is functioning with RJ AJ whereas you may manage the table. She refuses to go while not meeting RJ AJ. Chirag points out that she came later that is why Arjun got the duty. Noor goes to her table upset. Chirag asks Arjun until once he can trouble Noor like this. Arjun tells him to relax.

Zoya thinks of bank’s warning and of Aditya’s words. Radio is taking part in within the background. RJ AJ’s(ARJUN'S) show is on. I don’t realize your day however my day goes nice Arjun says. I feel as if life is finally on the proper track. Zoya, Noor, and Aditay smile hearing him. Arjun says we must always conjointly hear our heart once we get an inexperienced signal from God. we should {always|we must always} always chase our happiness. If {you are|you're} smiling for no reason then perceive that you simply are on right track. He plays a song. All four of them smile because the song plays. Mahi is irked by the song whereas Zoya and Aditay say right away that they love this song.

Next morning, Noor enters once everybody else has breakfast. Mahi’s mother says I will perceive {that individuals|that folks|that individuals} work on the night too, however, who will manage the people of the society. Mahi appearance at Noor from high to toe. Your garments modified along with your new job? Mahi asks from Noor. Zoya gestures Noor to stay mum. Noor quietly heads upstairs. Mahi smiles.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

Noor says everybody keeps taunting me every time. nobody cares regarding me. Zoya sits next to her. Noor says nobody asks Pine Tree State if I had something. everybody feeds taunts currently. You don’t take my aspect any longer. I came to Bombay thinking that I'll get the freedom to finally live however this can be worst than Mussorie. Zoya calms her down. I trust you quite myself, however, you're my Kohinoor thus I'm troubled. This job! Noor says I add a station and not some center. Why is everybody when my job? Everything could be a lounge that fools anyways. I don’t want to speak to anyone. She lies to all the way down to sleep. Zoya covers her with a quilt and kisses her. I ought to check at Noor’s workplace once. Hope nobody is disturbing her there.

Zoya involves workplace. I cannot consider something. I aforesaid {i can| I will be able to|i'll} fix everything, however, will I face everybody now! Akansha asks her to return. I actually have to indicate you one thing. Vinod asks Mithilesh FTO to speak to Zoya. you're the eldest in the end. Mithilesh FTO nods. He offers a cheque of five lacs to Zoya. we've got set to assist Zosh to repay the loan. I took it out from my PPF. Hindu deity watches them from outside. everybody else conjointly offers a cheque to her. You decision the U.S. your family thus we tend to even have some responsibility towards the corporate. Hindu deity smiles.

Bepanah 16 May 2018 – Zoya Agrees with Aditya For New Business Contract – Bepannah

Aditya is getting ready to say one thing once Zoya tells him that she is in agreement along with his arrange. we'll mislead take the contract, however, I won't let the corporate sink. Aditay appearance at her. Mahi is in seventh heaven. She hugs Zoya with excitement. Finally, you took the right call. She is getting ready to hug Adi, however, stops herself. you're genius. Your plans and concepts are equally genius. we will be husband-wife currently as Zoya united. we will faux, right? there's plenty to try to. She runs out of the area. Zoya returns the cheques to everybody. Your thought is quite enough. everybody goes.Aditay thinks I used to be getting ready to surrender however things modified thus simply here. Zoya asks him if he doesn't have to be compelled to say something. He shakes his head as saying no with a smile on his face.

Mahi comes out sporting a sari, however, Aditay doesn't am fond of it. He makes her attempt three sarees and eventually zeroes in on one. Mona offers her matching jewelry. You look thus wonderful. Aditay appearance at Mahi in confusion. Akansha asks everybody to require their positions however Aditay finds one thing missing. each Zoya and Aditay say mangalsutra right away. Mahi agrees.

Aditya walks towards Mahi with mangalsutra. She smiles imagining him swing it around her neck however the reverie is broken by Zoya and Aditya’s argument. Aditya tells her that he got it for Mahi thus he solely can create her wear it. She tells him against it. it's terribly pious! I'll create her wear it. He insists that the marriage isn’t real. She tells him to clam up. This mangalsutra is real tho'. Aditay says do film stars unify for real. Lack of emotions won't create it come back true. Zoya tells him that people who believe it will solely perceive the emotions behind it. You won't perceive. Virani’s come back there simply then. The oldest guy leading them says I fail to grasp. who Indian wife speaks to their husband like that? Mahi, Zoya, and Aditay check up on one another in confusion. Mr. Kanti says you shouldn’t have taken it off within the initial place and currently, you're the difference of opinion with him! He asks Kalpesh his son if this can be the corporate that he selected. Kalpesh greets them. I solely sent you the e-mail. this is my father, Kanti Virani. He requests his father to allow them an opportunity. Let’s hear their arrange. Kanti(father) agrees. we could name business if you guys are done the fighting? create your wife his means(Zoya) wear that mangalsutra before that! Zoya shakes her head at Aditay and she does not want to mangalsutar whereas Mahi holds her head. Zoya prays to ALLAH to try to one thing. She prays to prevent from this lie. Aditay holds the mangalsutra before her eyes.

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

The drama starts with Sagarika says to Aditya that he is so shy but you do not seem that she insists to hug Zoya. They hug each other to show Sagrika that everything is alright in between them. When they Both hug each other Someone clicks their photo when they are in each other's arms. Sakshi says someone on the phone that she has the money and she is just about to leave her house when she wants to come downstairs she sees Anjna to taking with servent. They Both see each other and Sakshi leave that place.

Zosh Company is manege a Cricket Mach. Akanksha comes and tells that T-Shirts for Cricket Match are ready every one should take a try. Aditya is trying to wear a T-Shirt but by mistake, he wears it ultimate and his head stucks into it. In the meanwhile, Zoya comes into the room but she feels embrace to see him nude. She wants to leave the room but Aditya asks her to help him. She says that she asks someone but he insists her to help him and open his T-Shirt's button. She feels hesitation to open his Shirt's button but she opens and pulls the shirt off him. At the same moment, Mahi comes into the room and she sees that Adity is nude and his Shirt is in Zoya' hands she angerly asks that whats going on there? Aditya pulls his Shirt back from Zoya's hands. Zoya goes from the room. Mahi says to Aditya politely that he should ask her for help. But Aditya says to her that they are getting late.

Noor reaches coffee shop and is waiting for Arjun. Sakshi also comes into the same coffee shop to meet the Person who Blacks male her. After some time Arjun comes. Noor trying to compose her self and trying to be polite with him. Sakshi's phone rings she picks the phone .the another person on the phone says her to go without her bag she asks where he is? He insists her to leave the place and do not put her bag with her. When Sakshi goes to the door. But Noor sees that She leaves her bag. She asks Sakshi that She leaves her bag at the same time Arjun turns to her and looks surprised to see her.
Sakshi looks upset to being caught by Arjun.

Sakshi cleans her sweat from her forehead and looks confused. Arjun wants to put her bag for her but She stops him and bends down to put the bag but she does not want to pick her bag but she picks it at the end.

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

 Mr. Verani family and Zosh company members reach the Club House. Mr. Kanti Verani looks at his Daughter-In-Law Sagarika and says why you wear this dress? His Littel Son take the side of his Bahbi and says his Father that this is a Cricket Match and she is on the team so she has to wear this costume. Mr. Verani says that it's your First and Last time that you wear this kind of dress.

Arjun sees that Sakshi is sweating and looks not okay. He says that he will drop her because her BP is high and she can't go home alone she apologize to Noor. She says its okay. Arjun and Sakshi leave the Coffee Shope. A Person hides behind the wall and sees Arjun he mumbling that where comes this Arjun now and Sakshi do not leave her bag also.

BOTH Verani and Zosh teams are in the Ground.Mr. Verani tosses and says that His Team will Batting First. Aditya bolling first Kalpysh and his elder brother Sumit on the batting. After some bolls Aditya, outs Sumit. Mr. Verani comes for Batting. Aditya asks Zoya that She forget to embrace him after every five minutes as decided? Aditya put a boll to Mr. Verani Zoya starts to embrace him and says JAHPANA is great.Mr. Verani looks happily says to Aditya that it is a very good thing that a Wife embraces her Husband! Aditya put another boll and it's a wide boll but Zoya keeps continuing and says that his bolling is better then Sachen.Mr. Verani does not like this and says to Aditya what kind of your wife is she says that your bolling is so good while your boll is wide. He turns to Zoya and says Her that Sachen is a Bats Man, not a Boller and there is no one who will better than him and I am a big Fan of HIM.!

Bepanah 22 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Bepanaah 

ADITYA gives boll to Zoya and says to Bolling. Mahi looks angry at her and says to Aditya that She does not know about Cricket. She can not even tell the difference between the boll and a shuttle of badminton. Sagarika looks at Mahi and Aditya from a distance. She comes to Zoya and says that She should take care of her husband. She looks at Mahi and says to Zoya that Someone wants to steal Her Husband, Zoya nods. Mahi says to Aditya if Zoya will bolling we will lose the match. Aditya says that the plan. He asks her what You think why we are playing this match? we are playing for losing because if Mr. Verani wins the match He will be happy and if he will be happy we will win this project. Mahi looks at him as she is very impressed She says to Him You are so Intelligent. You think about future. Aditya smiles and nod. Aditya changes his place with Vinod. Zoya put the boll and Mr. Verani hits the ball. It seems that it will be Six.

Zoya and Aditya both try to catch. Both Bump with Each Other and falls down. Zoya falls on Aditya
At the same moment, Rajver arrives there and catch the ball. Zoya and Aditya stand up and Rajver says OUT.
Episode Ends.